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What Naru Knows

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What does it take to make an Uchiha break down?

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The Oracle

Chapter Eleven

What Naru Knows
*Change back*
What Naru Knows

Itachi crossed over to Sasuke’s closet, picking out a dark blue yukata for his brother and pulled on his brother’s favorite baby blue towel, taking it with them as he crossed the halls towards his room. Itachi entered, sliding the shoji open. He locked it from inside, rousing Sasuke’s curiosity.

“Why did you lock it, aniki?” Sasuke felt a little surreal, confused. He wasn’t this young, was he? The question had come automatically, unbidden from his lips. And he looked up at his brother, feeling very… short.

“I locked it because I don’t want anybody disturbing us.”


Itachi planted a soft kiss on Sasuke’s left cheek and silenced him. He placed the yukata and the towel on his desk chair, carried his brother towards the bathroom, and put him down.

They were silent for a while. Sasuke’s giggles and Itachi’s chuckles faded away into a comfortable silence as both of them basked in the heavenly, relaxing feel of the warm tub water. Itachi had submerged himself partially, his upper torso visible, while Sasuke’s head and shoulders were the only things poking out of the green water, wide, somehow confused eyes looking curiously around. Itachi inwardly chuckled as he eyed his innocent, playing brother. Sasuke was still confused when his mouth chose to speak for him again.

“A-aniki… ano…” Sasuke started, twiddling his thumbs. Itachi raised eyebrows. His little brother only did that when he was embarrassed, and he was rarely embarrassed in front of Itachi. “Ano…”

“What’s wrong, otouto?” he asked, reaching out a hand and placing it on top of Sasuke’s head.


“Hn?” Sasuke blushed like a tomato. He mumbled something so completely incoherent that even Itachi’s keen ninja hearing did not catch it.


“Touch me!” Sasuke blurted out. After that, he immediately splashed water on his face, ducking his head under the water. What the hell?!? How old was he to want these things? Sasuke kept his eyes shut underwater, knowing something was completely wrong with him. Itachi chuckled at his brother’s antics. It was natural that he would be shy about these things, he was just a child. He was still learning what was what.

Itachi pulled his little brother towards his chest into a tight, wet embrace that was immediately reciprocated. Itachi lifted Sasuke’s chin and looked him in the eyes. “You love me, otouto?” Surprised, Sasuke looked up at Itachi, amazed that the elder would ask such a thing as though he did not know what the answer was.

“Of course I do!” Sasuke nodded, not an ounce of uncertainty in his eyes.

“Good.” Sasuke’s head spinned and eyes widened as Itachi’s lips crashed against his own, caressing and making the most of the essence that was Sasuke. He felt his mouth being slowly pried open, and a larger tongue brush gently against his own. He immediately returned contact, eager to try and out-do his brother. He would show his Itachi that he was worthy to be his brother. Sasuke wrapped his arms around his aniki’s neck, his back arching in pleasure as his aniki’s larger hand brushed downwards along his spine. Itachi’s hand rested on Sasuke’s lower back, and he pressed the smaller boy against him, maximizing skin contact. Sasuke gasped as Itachi suddenly stood up, taking him as well. He carried his little brother to the bed, regardless of their wet state.

Sasuke landed lightly with an ‘oof’ as the air was forced out of him. Itachi crushed him against the bed with his body, lustfully looking into his eyes before pulling the both of them into another passionate kiss. Itachi’s hand agilely flitted lower down Sasuke’s undulating body. He scratched against Sasuke’s hips as he rolled his nipples in his mouth. He slid even lower, biting down against Sasuke’s inner thigh. Sasuke moaned at the pleasant mixture of pleasure and pain. He never knew any touch like this. He liked this. He wanted this. From his brother. He moaned again as Itachi tested his hips with his teeth and scratched against his inner thighs, his hands inches from where Sasuke wanted, yearned for them to be. Alarms went off in Sasuke’s head. His mind struggled against this. At this age, he should not understand any of this!! He definitely should not want-

“Aniki…” he moaned. “Please…”

“What is it, otouto?”

“Onegai… touch me…”

“I can’t hear you.”

“Touch me, please!” howled Sasuke.

“Much better,” smirked Itachi.

A finger traced down Sasuke’s cock and he gasped in wonder. He was innocent after all.

Itachi smirked.

And I am going to break him. And take him.

Itachi grasped Sasuke’s cock and started pumping in a slow, even tempo, making him moan, plead, and writhe underneath him. He loved the sounds his little brother was making for him and because of him, and he had no intention of making him stop. Sasuke struggled. He was not seven years old. He was not. And even if he were, his mind should not be able to rationalize that he was not, or to enjoy this. Seven-year-olds do not get hard-ons, do not experience sexual pleasure, do not- Oh!!

Itachi abruptly stopped his ministrations, making Sasuke groan in disappointment and pout cutely at Itachi. He was so close. Itachi chuckled and placed a soft kiss on those pouting lips, before slipping two fingers into Sasuke’s mouth. Sasuke gave him a look, before starting to suck tentatively on the fingers. Seeing that Itachi made no move to pull away, he continued sucking and moaning deep in his throat as Itachi’s spare hand flitted across his aroused nipples. His mind let go of reason. This had to be a dream anyway. Itachi would never want Sasuke like this…

He pulled out his fingers when he was satisfied with their wetness and moved downwards, spreading Sasuke’s ass cheeks and pressing against his ass hole. Sasuke let out a strangled gasp.

“Aniki—wh—what…” he stuttered, but his sentence faded off as his brother pushed two fingers into him, scissoring, bending, pumping and stretching the taut flesh and the constricting muscles. Sasuke moaned as Itachi pumped harder and harder, attempting to hit something. Suddenly, a bright white flash sparked across Sasuke’s eyelids, and he gave himself fully to Itachi’s ministrations, moaning. Itachi gave Sasuke another passionate kiss, before pulling out his fingers.

He pulled his otouto’s legs up and positioned his throbbing cock at Sasuke’s entrance. Sasuke moaned, relishing the heat emanating from their coiled bodies.

Itachi kissed his brother’s small, straight nose. “I’m going to take this slow, so you won’t be hurt too much, ok?”

Sasuke nodded and took a deep breath, bracing himself. A hot, searing pain erupted in Sasuke’s ass as he felt himself rip a few millimeters to accommodate his brother’s length. Blood trickled down his ass, tracing his curves, though, there was a strange, white-hot pleasure uncoiling with the pain. He moaned. Itachi groaned. Sasuke’s shut eyes rolled back in pleasure as Itachi began thrusting, slowly. Eventually, the pain, instead of lessening, grew. His eyes opened and he screamed into Orochimaru’s mouth, which closed over his, muffling the sound. That foreign tongue made its way deep into Sasuke’s mouth. It was too thick for Sasuke to bite down on, he could swear her felt it in his stomach, or at least, far down his throat. He was older, much older now, and tears rolled down his cheeks. Even through Itachi’s thrusts on his immature, mental, strange, seven-year-old self that did not exist, he felt his brother care for him. This was simple, cruel, sadistic punishment. Orochimaru laughed as Sasuke cried, withdrawing his tongue to hear the sobbing of the teen even as he moaned with each thrust to his prostate.

“You want your Aniki back?” He asked, tauntingly and Sasuke screamed. He screamed and screamed and screamed…

A hand connected with his face sharply, turning his head with the blow. Sakura stared at her hand, but she had not had another clue of what to do. Sasuke awoke with a start from the strike, to see Sakura’s worried face looking down at him.

“Ano, Sasuke… But I didn’t know what else to do, I-”

“Thank you, Sakura.” He said, cutting her off, and confusing the hell out of her. Naruto’s loud mouth was the next to be heard.

“What the hell were you dreaming about, teme?” Naruto demanded. Sasuke fought the urge to take out his frustrations on the loudmouth, instead pushing his way past all of them to leave the tent. He powered up the Chidori, and for the first time in his life, managed three of them before exhausting himself. Kakashi sighed and watched as Sasuke tumbled to the ground from pure fatigue. His one visible eye gave Sakura’s worried, pretty face a smile before he left to go pick up Sasuke, while Naruto tried to figure out what was wrong with his best friend without leaving the stricken Sakura alone.

Much later, Naruto got up the nerve to ask Sasuke about the nightmare. The only response he received was a blank look, for a long time. Just as Naruto became impatient, however, Sasuke spoke, his voice and tone dead.

“I…” A smirk curved the black-haired boy’s lips, cuing Naruto in to the lie, “Dreamt I saw a million of you. And no Naruto, not just Kage bushin.” Naruto blinked for a second, and then realizing his friend still could not talk about it, gave his customary yelling response. No one really notices, but if there is one thing that Naruto really knows, or thinks he knows, it is the brooding prodigy of the Uchiha clan.

And he knows when Sasuke just needs to vent.

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