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WIP AU Harry was sent to Azkaban and was later found to be innocent. With the help of Ron, he will find out who his true friends are. Will he forgive those who betrayed him? Will he be able to le...

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Thanks to Nancy for her help as always!


By Marietsy



They strode up the pathway to the castle doors. Harry gazed around the grounds, unable to see much in the darkness. What he could see were immaculate grounds and he thought he could hear water trickling nearby. It looked like someone was taking care of the castle.

They reached the door and Harry stepped forward and raised his hand to knock. He touched the door and to his surprise, the door opened effortlessly. Warily, he stared at the door wondering what was going on. He looked over at Ron who shrugged. "Maybe we should go in now?" Ron asked.

"Might as well. The door's open." Harry put his hand on the door and gently pushed it open. He walked into the castle and stopped, waiting for Ron and Dobby to follow. He was standing in a small foyer that led into a large hallway. He noticed that columns of marble that lined the hallway. A large hallway ended at a staircase, which led to the second floor. The high cathedral ceilings had to be a least twenty-seven feet with wooden rafters. There were large fifteen-foot windows lined on the left side of the hallway, which showed a beautiful garden that was lit with small fairy lights.

On the right side of the hall were several doors that led to other parts of the castle. Harry was in awe at the opulence of the castle. If this was just the hallway, he couldn't imagine what the rest of the castle was going to be like.

"Blimey Harry, it's gorgeous. It's not as large as Hogwarts, but still just as nice," Ron said in awe.

Harry nodded excitedly. "Yes and unlike Hogwarts, this castle is mine." Harry had moved farther into the hall when he heard something.

"Who are you and how did you get in here?" a female voice asked behind them.

Harry and Ron whipped around, wands out, pointing towards the voice. A muted white figure was standing by the door near the foyer. The ghostly figure glided towards Harry. "I ask again, who are you and how did you get in here?" she demanded.

"I am Harry James Potter and I own the castle," Harry replied warily.

The ghost floated up to Harry and looked him up and down. Harry took the opportunity to look over the ghostly figure. The ghost was a woman, with long flowing hair. Harry was unable to discern what color her hair had been since there was no color on the ghost. She was wearing a long flowing gown made from some sort of heavy material. It looked to be a very old dress, possibly from the 1300's.

The ghost smiled at suddenly smiled at Harry. "I see you are indeed a Potter. That is good. Only a Potter may open the doors to this castle. I'm glad to see the wards still work. Who are your friends?" she asked.

Harry patted Ron on the arm. "This is my best friend and brother by choice, Ron Bilius Weasley soon to be Black." Ron gave the ghost a nod and Harry pointed at the proud looking house-elf. "This is my friend Dobby who will be taking care of Ron and me."

"There will be no binding of house-elves to this home," the ghost said sternly. "We do not allow such an atrocious practice in this castle. All elves that enter this castle are free."

Harry smiled gently at the ghost. "Dobby is not a bound elf. He has been free for many years. He is a good friend and I would never think to bind him to me."

"Harry Potter is a good wizard. Harry Potter freed Dobby from a bad wizard many years ago. Dobby has given Harry Potter and Wheezy his oath of protection. Dobby stands here free and strong in magic. Harry Potter has given this to Dobby and in return, Dobby will take care of Harry Potter and Wheezy. No matter what!" the house-elf said firmly, glaring at the ghost.

The ghost smiled at the house-elf. "Forgive me Dobby, I did not know. The last Potter to visit tried to bring in a bound house-elf. The castle would not accept him."

"Was it my father?" Harry asked curiously.

The ghost shook her head. "No, there hasn't been a Potter or a visitor in this castle for over a hundred years."

"Why ever not?" Ron asked, surprised. Hell, if he had owned the castle he would've moved in long ago.

The ghostly figure smiled. "There were various reasons, one was not accepted because of the house-elf, and the other would have rather lived in other homes. Your grandfather decided that he had no use for a castle and I believe your father never had the time to visit," she answered thoughtfully.

"May I ask who you are?" Harry asked curiously.

"Oh, how rude of me. I am Roselyn Heather Potter. I believe I am your great grandmother many times removed. You may call me Rose or Grandmother, whichever you choose. I am not around a lot as I usually haunt the castle tower, but I make occasional trips to the main part of the castle," Rose explained.

"It's nice to meet you. I was wondering if you could direct us to a room for the night," Harry asked.

"Of course. Sage," Rose called out and a house-elf appeared.

"Yes, Mistress Rose?" Sage asked.

"Could you please show these two gentlemen to their rooms? Afterwards, you may show Dobby to the house-elf living quarters," Rose said.

Sage nodded her head. "Of course, Mistress Rose. Follow me please."

Rose looked over at Harry and gave him a nod. "We will talk tomorrow. Until then." She gave Harry and Ron a gentle smile, then floated out of the room. Harry watched her leave with interest. It was funny that he had grandmother who happened to be a ghost. He shrugged at the thought and focused his attention on Sage.

Harry, Ron, and Dobby followed Sage up the stairs. She turned left and walked down the hallway. She stopped in front of another staircase and waited for them to catch up before ascending the stairs. When she reached the third floor, she turned right and moved down the hallway before stopping in front of a door. She opened the door and looked at Harry.

"This room is for you, Master Harry. The door to the right of me is for your friend, Master Ron. There is an interconnecting door inside your room that allows easy passage to both of your rooms. If you need anything, please feel free to call me and I will help you." Sage looked at Dobby, "If you would be so kind as to follow me, I will show you where you will stay."

Dobby looked at Harry for permission and Harry nodded his head. "You don't need my permission, Dobby. Do what you like. I'll call you if I need anything. Try to get to know the castle for I might need your help later."

"Yes, Harry Potter." Dobby and Sage disappeared and Harry entered his room. Ron followed him and looked around the room. It was a very large suite done in yellows and blues. Ron whistled at the elegance of the room. "Harry, mate, I think I'm going to like being your brother," Ron said with a grin.

Harry shook his head, amused, walked over to the couch. He sat down and sighed tiredly. He leaned his head back and closed his eyes, feeling weak and shaky. The potions that Ron had given him were beginning to wear off. It was still too soon after Azkaban to being doing a lot.

"You all right there, Harry?" Ron asked, concerned.

Harry opened his eyes and looked at his friend. "Yeah, I'm fine. I'm just very tired. I still feel weak and shaky. It was really too soon for me to do anything, but we needed to leave Hogwarts. There was no way I was about to stay there."

"What you need is some food then some more sleep. It's too soon for you to take any of your potions," Ron said.

Harry nodded in agreement, closed his eyes, and listened as Ron called Sage. When she appeared, Ron asked her for some food. She left and Ron walked over to the door on the right side of the room. He opened it and went through it. Harry's eyes opened when he heard a yell from the next room. He got up and ran over to the door. He looked in the room and found Ron staring around, a disgusted look on his face.

"What's wrong?" Harry asked, concerned.

"Bloody Hell! This is a Slytherin room, Harry. There's no way I can sleep in green and silver colors," Ron exclaimed with horror.

Harry looked around and noticed that Ron was right. The room was done in silver and green. There was even a snake motif around the room, making the room very elegant. Harry looked back at Ron and grinned, amused at the sick look on Ron's face.

"We can change rooms, Ron. I have no problems with this room," Harry said.

"You sure Harry?" Ron asked. "We don't have to. I can force myself to stay in here," he stated with a frown.

Harry shook his head and grinned. "It's not a problem, Ron. You take the other room and I'll keep this one."

Ron patted Harry on the back. "Thanks, Harry! You're all right."

The redhead turned around and practically ran out of the room. Harry followed, still grinning in amusement. He noticed that Sage had come back with the food and had left it on the table. He walked over, sat down, and began to eat. He watched as Ron dug into his food and ate with gusto. Many things may have changed over the nineteen months, but apparently, Ron's appetite hadn't.

Harry sat back after he had finished eating and blinked at Ron with sleepy eyes. He yawned widely and stared off into the distance. He was startled out of his thoughts by Ron asking him if he was all right.

He turned his attention towards Ron and nodded. "Yeah, I'm ready for bed. I think I'll go and lay down. I'll talk to you tomorrow." Harry got up from the table and walked into his room. He walked towards the bed and flung himself down, cuddling up to the pillow. He yawned widely one more time and wondering briefly how Dumbledore was going to react when he realized that Harry was no longer at Hogwarts. With a smirk, he drifted off to sleep.

A scream filled the air and a voice yelled out, "No not Harry!" There was a flash of green light and the sound of a body falling to the floor. The dark evil laughter echoed throughout the darkness.

"It's your fault, Potter. It was because of you they died. Your parents, Cedric, your pathetic godfather, those disgusting students, it's all your fault. If you hadn't lived, they wouldn't have died." Evil chuckling surrounded him.

"No, it's not my fault. It's yours! You were the ones who killed them or had them killed. I don't blame myself anymore, Tom," Harry yelled.

"DON'T CALL ME THAT!" Voldemort shrieked in anger.

"What's the matter, Tom? Identity crisis?" Harry asked mockingly.

Voldemort hissed with anger., "Crucio," he yelled and Harry felt pain. He gritted his teeth, refusing to give in to the pain. Voldemort cancelled the spell and Harry panted. He glanced around the darkness. "Please, Tommy boy, that was barely a tickle. Can't you do better than that?" Harry asked, he voice snide.

Cruel laughter filled the darkness. "If you insist. Look, Potter, see what I have done. This will happen to everyone you care about."

A light lit up in the middle of the darkness and with a sense of dread, Harry walked over. He noticed a body lay in the middle of the light. Harry knelt down and turned the body over. He gasped, horrified at the sight before him. It was Ron. Harry grabbed him frantically and felt his neck for a pulse. He gave a sob of pain when he felt nothing. The bloody body was still and there was no sign of life.

"No! Please Merlin No! Not Ron!" he cried, his voice fill with anger and pain.

"Let this be warning to you, Potter. All those who you care for shall die. This is just the beginning. Enjoy my little present." With that, Voldemort disappeared with an evil laugh.

Harry grabbed Ron's still body and rocked back and forth, sobbing. "Ron, no please, Ron..." he muttered.

"RON!" he screamed.

Harry awoke with a gasp, terror filling his body. He looked around and realized where he was. He scrambled off the bed and ran from the room. He hurried into Ron's room and moved swiftly towards the bed. He saw that Ron was lying sprawled out on the bed. He jumped on the bed and reached for Ron's neck, searching frantically. He slumped in relief as he felt a pulse beating strongly beneath his fingers.

Ron was startled out of his sleep by his bed shaking. He gazed around and noticed that a frantic looking Harry was sitting on his bed. He watched as Harry came towards him, feeling around his neck. It dawned on him what Harry was searching for. He watched as Harry slumped in relief at feeling his pulse.

"Harry, mate, you ok?" he asked.

Harry whipped his head up and stared at him blankly. After a few seconds of silence, he seemed to shake it off and nodded. "Yeah, it was a bloody nightmare. I forgot where I was for a second or two."

"What did you dream about?" Ron asked.

Harry looked away from Ron and gazed out the window. Dawn was getting close and the sky was starting to turn a pink. He hadn't realized that he had slept that long, but he knew there was no way he was getting back to sleep.

"I dreamt that Voldemort had killed you. When I awoke, I had an overwhelming urge to see if you were all right. You were, of course," Harry said with a sheepish look.

"Blimey, Harry. You all right?" the redhead inquired.

"Yeah, I was fine once I realized it was a dream, but I have no urge to go back to sleep now," Harry sighed heavily. "I think I'll investigate the castle, see if I can't find a library or something. You go back to sleep. I'll see you at breakfast."

"You sure? I can stay up with you," Ron replied in the midst of a large yawn.

Harry shook his head. "I'm sure. Maybe I can find Dobby or something. I might even check out the tower and talk to Rose. You go back to sleep."

Ron nodded sleepily and yawned widely. "All right, mate. You know where I am if you need me."

Harry patted the drowsy man on the arm. "I know. I'll talk to you later."

Ron murmured softly as he fell back to sleep. Harry got off the bed carefully and walked back to his room. He looked around and found the door for the bathroom. He entered the room and cleaned up, getting ready for the day. He walked out of the bathroom, rubbing his hair dry with a towel. He realized he had nothing to wear.

"Dobby," he called out.

The house-elf appeared in front of him. "Yes, Harry Potter?"

"You know after all this time I think it's about time you call me Harry. Just Harry," Harry said with a wry grin.

"All right, Just Harry," Dobby replied, grinning slyly.

Harry chuckled. "You know what I mean. You're my friend and that gives you the right to use my name."

"If you insist, Harry," Dobby murmured.

"I do. I need to know if you can find me any clothes. I have nothing to wear and I haven't had time to shop for anything," Harry said.

"Dobby will ask Sage. Dobby doesn't know the castle very well yet. Harry will wait?" Dobby asked.

"I can wait," Harry replied.

Dobby nodded and then disappeared. Harry walked over to the window and looked out. He looked at the scenery in awe. There was a large pond with fog dancing on the surface. He could see the dew on the grass, which was beginning to sparkle in the early morning light. He noticed there were some small hills in the background and large forest to the right of the property. He smiled; he could roam there in his wolf form. That reminded him; he needed to let Ron know about his animagus form.

He heard Dobby pop back into the room and turned around. Dobby was laying some clothes on the bed. Harry walked over to investigate. He noticed that there was a dark silver shirt and black pants. Dobby had also brought a pair of black shoes, with socks and underwear.

"Thank you, Dobby. I appreciate your help."

"Harry is welcome. Dobby wants to know if Harry is ready for breakfast?" the house-elf inquired.

Harry shook his head. "No, not yet. I'm going to check out the castle to see if I can find a library. I'll have breakfast when Ron does."

Dobby looked at him intently and asked, "Is it time for your potions?"

Harry paused a moment, thinking carefully, before shaking his head. "No, not for a couple of hours."

"Very well. Dobby will find Harry when it is time for breakfast."

"Thank you, Dobby." The house-elf nodded and then disappeared.

Harry looked down at the clothes and began to change. He sat down on the bed to slip on his shoes when he heard a tap on the window. He glanced up and noticed an owl on the ledge. Confused by who would be sending him an owl he walked over and opened the window.

"Hedwig!" Harry cried excitedly. Hedwig flew in and landed on his shoulder, hooting frantically, pecking softly at Harry's hair. He petted her gently, trying to calm her down. He relished the feeling of being with his owl once again. He had never known what had happened to Hedwig, as Ron hadn't been taking care of her.

"It's good to see you again, girl. I was afraid something had happened to you. Where have you been, sweetheart?" he crooned to his owl.

Hedwig hooted softly, nibbling on his ear affectionately. She lifted her left foot and Harry noticed a letter attached to it. Curious as to who could be sending him a letter, he reached up and took the letter off her foot. He untied the parchment and began to read.


I heard from a friend that you were out of Azkaban and that you were innocent. I'm so very glad to hear that. I've missed you and I know that you would've never done something as bad as they said you did.

I'm sending a letter along with Hedwig. I've been taking care of her since you were thrown in prison. Once I heard you were out, I knew that I had to send her to you. She has been mighty antsy for days and I now I know why.

I'm sorry that I wasn't there for you, Harry. Dumbledore had sent me out on a mission and I never knew about your trial until after the fact. I was very angry Harry, to hear that your friends had turned on you. I know that you don't have many friends now except for Ron, which I'm very glad to hear about, but I wanted you to know that I believe in you, Harry. I'm sorry that I hadn't been able to visit you. I'm living in France now with Olympe Maxime. I decided that I couldn't be around those who had betrayed you.

I hope to see you soon and I would love it if you came for a visit.

Your friend always,
Rubeus Hagrid

Harry sighed, a warm feeling filling him as he read the note. He was happy to know that his first friend believed in him. He would make sure that he visited Hagrid when he got the chance. Not until later though. As much as Harry cared for his friend, Hagrid was never one that could keep a secret. He wasn't ready for people to know about his current condition. He remembered that he had promised to ask Snape to come for a visit. He would have to make sure to invite the man sometime later this week.

Harry moved over to the door of his room, opened it, and walked out. He ambled down the hallway, glancing around at the portraits, noticing that he resemblance many of the people in the portraits. Majority of the portraits he had passed were sleeping so Harry didn't bother them. He walked down the staircase that led to the second floor and began to investigate the second floor. He found several bedrooms, a sewing room, a den, and a large ballroom. Finding nothing else of interest, he headed towards the staircase that led to the main floor. He made his way down the stairs and when he reached the first floor, he went through the first door he saw.

To his delight, he had found the library. The library was huge, almost as large as the one from Hogwarts. There had to be a least ten thousand books here. The bookshelves reached all the way up to the ceiling, which were at least twenty-seven feet high. Harry was curious how one got to the books at the top of the bookshelf. He looked around and couldn't find a ladder. A pedestal caught his attention and he wandered over. On the pedestal, a large book glowed slightly. Curious, Harry opened the book and noticed that it was full of book titles. He also noticed that sitting above the book was a small crystal stick. Harry grabbed it and looked it over wondering what it could be. He fumbled with the stick and dropped it on the book. The stick hit one of the book titles and it glowed briefly. To Harry's surprise, a book appeared on the small table that sat next to the pedestal.

Harry picked up the book and noticed that the title matched the one that had glowed briefly. Excited, Harry grabbed the crystal stick and started to skim through the book. Several titles caught his attention, but he didn't select them. One title finally caught his interest, /The Potter Family Lineage/. Harry touched the title with the crystal stick, watching as the title glowed briefly. He watched the small table expectantly and grinned when the book appeared. He set the crystal stick down and grabbed the book off the table.
He walked over to the large plush chair that was sitting in the corner and sat down, opened the book and began to read.


A couple hours later, he was startled out of his reading by Dobby appearing before him.

"Harry, it's time for breakfast," he announced. "Wheezy is waiting in the small dining room."

Harry shut the book carefully and put it down on the table next to the chair. He nodded his head in thanks, got up, and followed Dobby out of the library. He strode down the hallway, passing couple of doors before stopping in front of large doorway. He entered and found a small dining room with a large, oblong table made of dark cherry wood sitting in the center of the room. Ron was sitting at the table, watching the door impatiently.

"It's about bloody time," the redhead snapped, irritated. "I thought I was going to waste away while waiting for Dobby to find you. A man has needs you know. I'm hungry. You shouldn't be keeping me waiting."

Harry rolled his eyes. "You aren't going to die if you don't eat right this minute."

"The hell you say," Ron retorted with mock outrage, his eyes showing his amusement.

Harry snorted and sat down at the table. He nodded at Dobby who disappeared. He glanced at Ron. "Did you sleep ok?"

Ron winced a little. "Not too bad. Right nasty dreams I was having, but then again that's normal anymore."

Harry frowned at Ron slightly. "I'm sorry to hear that."

Ron shrugged carelessly. "Not much you can do about it. You have your own dreams to worry about," he replied.

"True," Harry said somberly. His face brightened, "Oh, guess what. I got a letter from Hagrid this morning. Hedwig delivered it. Apparently, he's been taking care of her while I was in Azkaban."

"Oi! Really? That's right nice of him. What did he have to say?" Ron asked, his face show his interest.

"He wanted me to know that he was glad I was no longer in Azkaban and that he never believed I killed those students," Harry answered cheerfully.

Ron nodded. "He's right, you know. He was the one person who never treated me any differently. Whenever things got too bad with the Weasleys, or the other students, I knew I could always go have tea with him. We would talk about unimportant things. It helped to know that there was someone there for me. I was sad to see him move to France, but he's living with Madame Maxime so it's good for him. He always told me that he never believed that you were capable of murder," he said with an absent smile, his mind on the half-giant that had been his only friend after Harry's arrest and imprisonment.

Harry smiled at Ron. "Yeah, it made me happy to know that he believed in me."

Dobby appeared with the food and placed it on the table. Harry rolled his eyes in exasperation at Ron's excited grumbling. One would think the man never ate. He watched, slightly disgusted, as Ron dug into his food and ate like a man starving. He shook his head and scooped some eggs onto his plate. He grabbed some fruit and some toast, placing them on his plate before eating slowly, still not use to large amounts of food.

Dobby appeared before him and placed three bottles of potions in front of Harry. The house-elf looked at him sternly. "Harry needs to take his medicine. Dobby will watch to be sure that Harry has done so." He crossed his arms and stared at Harry intently.

He heard Ron snickering at the adamant house-elf, and with a sigh, he opened the first bottle. He gave a slight grimace when he drank the nutrient potion. When he finished that potion, he opened the bottle with the light blue potion and drank it down. This one tasted slightly better as it tasted a little like fruit. He felt the energy potion working, and with another sigh, he opened the last bottle. He drank it and could feel the buzz begin throughout his body. He felt alert and energetic. He knew it would wear off later, but for now, he was feeling good.

"Thank you, Dobby," he said.

The house-elf nodded, satisfied, and disappeared with the empty potion bottles. Harry looked over at the amused looking Ron and sneered. The redhead began to laugh. "I'm glad you have to take them and not me."

Harry grunted and began to eat his breakfast. The room was quiet while they ate and Harry was roused out of his thoughts by a snicker from Ron.

"What?" Harry asked curiously.

"I wonder if Dumbledore got his letter from Gringott's yet?" Ron asked idly.

Harry gave Ron a vicious smile. "He better enjoy what time he has left because I'm going to make him rue the day that he took advantage of me." He watched as Ron smirked in agreement.


Albus Dumbledore was staring out of the window of his office. He gazed at the Hogwarts grounds, his mind wandering. He was angry by his loss of control over Harry. He hadn't thought that Ron was going to be much of a threat, but Ron had blocked every attempt Dumbledore had gone through to gain control of Harry.

His hand clenched tightly around the letter he had received this morning. The accounts that he had opened from the Potter and Black fortune were closed. The accounts that he had opened to bribe Fudge and some of the Ministry workers were closed. He knew that before too long, he would lose their support. He was seething by the loss of money. No one had realized that the Dumbledore fortune was almost nonexistent. He had used what fortune he had in the first war with Voldemort to finance the Order. When the Potters died, he realized that it had been the perfect opportunity to get more money and live in the style to which he had become accustomed. With his contacts in the Ministry, and some bribes, he was named executor of the Potter fortune. He'd even made sure that Black was sent to Azkaban without a trial, so that the man couldn't interfere. Now all that work was for nothing. The money he had used to live, for bribes and to finance the Order was gone, and he was furious.

He hadn't thought that Ron had would've gone to Gringotts so fast and that had been his first mistake. His second was thinking that the young man would be a pushover. It was becoming very apparent that the young man was someone to be reckoned with. He was in charge of Harry's care and if Dumbledore didn't want to lose his power, he couldn't interfere. He hissed angrily at the thought of the contract that he had unknowingly signed. He was pissed that a teenager had tricked him and he never knew it. If he didn't need Harry so much to fight against Voldemort, he would try to get rid of the young man himself.

Deciding that there wasn't much he could do right now, he headed towards the Great Hall to eat breakfast. He would use this time to try to break Ron down. He was sure he could get Ron to change his mind about Harry. If not, well, there were other measures of getting him to change his mind. He caressed the potion vial in the pocket of his robe./ If I can't change his mind, then I will command one of the house-elves to pour this into his tea. After that, he will be open to any suggestions I make. I will not allow that young man to interfere with my plans,/ he thought angrily, a murderous look on his face.

He quickly plastered a kind and benevolent look on his face and strode into the Great Hall. He walked up to the head table and nodded towards Minerva and Severus. He noticed that Ron hadn't made it to breakfast yet and called for a house-elf.

"Winky," he called.

The house-elf appeared before Dumbledore. "Yes, Headmaster?" she inquired.

"Could you please find Ron Weasley and let him know that breakfast is ready," Dumbledore said kindly.

Winky looked at him with wide eyes and shook her head. "Winky is sorry Headmaster, but Wheezy is no longer in the castle."

"What?" Dumbledore asked, shocked.

Winky nodded her head vigorously. "Wheezy, Harry Potter, and Dobby all left last night, Headmaster. Winky was told to give you this if you asked for them." She walked up to the head table and handed the Headmaster a letter.

Dumbledore opened the letter and began to read. A few minutes later, he cursed loudly and violently, then he got up from his chair and walked out of the Great Hall furiously, not realizing he had dropped the letter. Minerva stared at the Headmaster, her expression shocked, while Snape watched him leave with a smirk.

Quietly, so that the Transfiguration teacher couldn't hear, Snape said "/Accio note/." The note flew into his hand and he quickly hid it in his pocket. He ate the rest of his breakfast, and with a nod towards Minerva, he swept out of the Great Hall, his robe twirling around him dramatically.

He made his way down to his quarters, stopping in front of a portrait of a snake. He muttered his password and swept inside once the door opened. He walked over to the small table and poured himself some scotch. He knew that it was too early to start drinking it, but he felt that he needed it. Things have been tense over the last couple of days, and now that Weasley left with Potter and that house-elf, he knew that he would need it to fortify himself for later. He moved over to his desk and sat down. He placed his snifter down on the table and pulled out the note he had hidden.

Dear Dumbledore,

If you're reading this, then you know that I've left Hogwarts with Harry. I'm bringing Dobby along so that he may take care of Harry. I don't think I could've left Hogwarts without him. Since he's a free elf, he doesn't need your permission to leave.

I just want you to know that I don't trust you not to try something. I'm sure by now you have gotten your letter from Gringotts letting you know that all the accounts you had opened in the Potter and Black name are closed. I don't know the reason for your theft nor do I care.

Know this Dumbledore, if you try anything, or if I somehow become incapacitated, then my proof will be sent to the Ministry and to the papers. Your reputation will be smirched and your standing in the Wizarding World will fall, and if I'm lucky, your arse will be thrown into Azkaban.

I also know there are spells and potions that you can use to try to control me. I have made arrangements for that. If I do not appear at certain places at certain times, the information will be sent. If I do make it and I'm not spell free and potion free, then the information will be sent. Also, do not try to use my Emancipation Rite as leverage, because it will not work. I'll just go around you. I have no qualms about doing this, Dumbledore. Remember, I have you by the balls and I'm not letting go.

A word of warning, I'm protecting a friend and I'll use whatever means I need too to keep him safe and out of your clutches. You had better hope for your sake that its not.

With utter disrespect,

Snape chuckled. He never knew that boy could be so Slytherin. If he had known, he might not have been so hard on him. He smirked as he remembered the enraged look on the Headmaster's face. He didn't know about the theft, but he wasn't surprised. He was enjoying the thought that a couple of teenagers finally got one over on Dumbledore. He lifted his snifter and silently saluted the two young men. He couldn't wait until Potter invited him over.

This has to be one of the best days ever, he thought as he sipped his scotch./ I shall be looking forward to seeing what else those two young men pull off/. He smiled wickedly at the thought. There just might be some hope for the Wizarding World yet.

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