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I'll never let them hurt you -

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Gerard is a vampire and bites Frank etc. (ive never written anything before, so just be nice? okay..)

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The street was dark and narrow, lit only by a flickering street light at the far end, by the park. I shouldn’t have been there, it was too dark - I should have gone home hours ago.

It was pretty misty tonight too. If I hadn’t known the route – down to the last dog shit on the sidewalk – like the back of my hand I would probably have gotten lost. But by now I could pretty much walk from the coffee shop to my house blindfolded. I hid out there most days after school – avoiding going home. Since my dad moved out living with my mum had become pretty unbearable.

Suddenly I saw something moving further down the alley. I thought it must be a cat or a stray dog or something – I couldn’t really see cause of the mist. It had to be some kind of animal, cause no one in their right mind would come here on such a dark night. This neighbourhood had a pretty bad reputation for rapes and murders. Unless this was a rapist or murderer…

I stopped dead in my tracks and gazed down the alleyway. Nothing stirred, so I started walking again – a little more cautiously, I’ll admit!

I was just passing the bins behind one of the music venues that backed onto this street when I became aware of the sound of breathing. Horrible, rattling breaths, which sent shivers down my spine and made the hairs on the back of my neck prickle uncomfortably. I should have turned and run, I shouldn’t have let my kind nature get the better of me. I just thought, maybe it was an injured dog or something – I only wanted to help.

I tentatively leaned over to look behind the bins. I caught a glimpse of someone - ghostly pale skin framed with long, jet black hair, piercing brown eyes – before ice-cold hands gripped the sides of my face. I felt the figure lunge towards me. I felt the agonising pain of, well, something piercing the tender skin on my neck. I tried to struggle but the pain in my neck quickly numbed my senses - I couldnt move! My vision blurred and the sound of my own screams dulled in my ears as I fell unconscious.
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