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When Wu goes to ask Shu for Liu Bode, Gan Ning, and Taishi Ci back, who have been previously captured, and Shu said they would have to pay a lot of gold. Wu declines and now They are in battle.

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Wu's camp outside of Shu's territory
"Men we prepare for battle we will attack at the rise of dawn." Sun Ce declared.

"First we need to find out how we are to attack. Then we find out how we get Liu Bode and others back."

"I have an idea my lord." Zhou yu said.

"We should have the catapults stay in the back while our men will defend the catapults. Then our engineers will come and set up ladders so we can climb over the wall and attack."

Sun Ce thought about it and asked people if they should follow that attack plan. No one shook their head but numerous people nodded.

"Then it is done, we attack at dawn!"
At Cheng Du

Liu Bode gets up and rubs his head. He slowly looks around and notices that he is in a cabin. He walks outside and wonders where he is. He goes down the street and asks a man where he is.

"Umm excuse me sir." Liu Bode said

"What do you want. I am in a hurry so please be quick about it." The man said.

"Would you mind telling me where we are?"

"We are in Cheng Du, the capital of the Shu empire. Were you born yesterday?"

"Oh no sir I was just confused."

The man takes off leaving Bode with many questions in his mind. He walks down the street of Cheng Du and many people are pointing and whispering about him. Liu Bode learned to ignore that. He then bumps into a lady.

"Ouch!" Said the woman.

"I am so sorry ma'am." Said Liu Bode, helping the woman up.

"Oh! It's Okay! You look new around here. May I ask who you are?"

"Liu Bode, Liu Bode is my name."

"Oh! I am Xing Cai daughter of Zhang Fei. Maybe I can give you a tour around here sometime."

"Okay that would be good." Liu Bode said.

She takes off running. Liu Bode just stands there and thinks in his head.

"Wow, that went well and I don't even know where I am suppose to be meeting her."
Cheng Du Prison

"GAH" Screamed Taishi Ci

"What is it?!" said Gan Ning awakening from his sleep.

"There was a rat under my foot."

"Oh my lord are you serious! Scared of a rat?!"

"Whatever, hey is that who I think it is?" Taishi Ci said.

"Is that Liu Bode?" Gan Ning said.


The man turned around and rushed to the window.

"What are you guys doing here!?" Liu Bode said.

"We got captured while you were being treated..." Said Taishi Ci.

"Well you have to get out of here"

"What do you think we have been trying to do?"

"I can help you, let me get in here wait how many guards are in there?"

"I think 9" Gan Ning said.

"Okay I need a weapon first."

"I think there are some weapons over in the armory but I think there is only one guard there."

"Okay I will be right back!" Liu bode said and he goes ahead to the armory.

"Okay he said the armory is over there." Liu bode thought he walks over to the armory and knocks on the door. A man answers in heavy armor and he has a sword by his side.

Liu bode enters and just sits down the guard asks him what does he need.

"I need..." Liu bode started standing up.

"a weapon" Liu Bode said jumping on the guard and unleashing a series of punches and kicks to the face.

The guard reaches for his sword and pulls it out slicing for Bode's head.

Bode ducks and kicks the guards legs knocking him down and takes his sword and plunging him deep in the heart killing the guard.

Liu Bode then carries the body and puts it into a closet. He takes a spear and hears footsteps outside the armory.

"Hey, Kei Juei your shift is over time to come out" Another guard comes in and Liu Bode hides behind the counter.

The guard walks toward the counter muttering "Must be in the bathroom again."

Then Liu Bode trips the guard into the position he had Taishi Ci in but this time stabbing the guard in the shoulder and he takes a sword and plunges it into the guards stomach.

Liu Bode then runs out with a different spear into the prison and yells.


4 of the 8 guards remaining rushes and runs to the armory.

Liu Bode thinks he can handle 4 guards easily depending on the battlefield and the weapons they have.

"Let's dance!" Liu Bode says while the guards pulls out their weapon.

2 swords
1 spear
1 pike
To be continued

That is the 5th chapter sorry it took me so long to write it hope you enjoyed it!!!
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