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The Meeting

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Liu Bode is trying to get Taishi Ci and Gan Ning out of a jail while Wu prepares for a battle. Liu Bode finally finds Xing Cai and something happens between them.

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Outside Cheng Du
4 A.M
"Master Sun Ce, we need to figure out a plan to attack the enemy."

"It takes time. I wonder if we should go back to Wu and give Shu the Fool's Gold (Fake Gold but look slike real gold)" Sun Ce said.

"It may be a good plan but we need to ask all the other generals."

"I will call a council tomorrow."

At the Prison
3:30 A.M

One guard strikes Liu Bode's Spear and Bode parries it and easily killed the guard with a swift stab to the heart. 2 guards come at Liu Bode and attacks him from both sides. Liu Bode blocks one guard but unfortunetly gets slashed on the back and goes on his knees. He trips one guard and kicks the other guard in the stomach to get him away from him.

"AGH" Yelled one guard that got kicked in the stomach.

Slowly Bode stabs the guard he tripped in the head instantly killing him and charges at the guard that had a pike kicked the pike up stabbed the guard and kicked the pike at the guard that got kicked in the stomach and killing both instantly.

"Hah, that was a good fight" Liu Bode muttered.

He looked for the prison keys and rushes down to the prison.

"BODE HOW DID YOU KILL ALL OF THEM?!" asked Taishi in a loud voice.

"Be quiet I only killed 4 the other 4 are at the armory" Liu Bode said

"We can take those 4 easily us 3 vs them 4?" Gan Ning said.



"O boy I gotta get you two out of here"

Bode opens the gate and Ning and Ci step out weaponless.

"I got a plan"


Castle at Cheng Du
3:30 A.M

"Father!" Xing Cai exclaimed.

"What?" Zhang Fei asked bumping and making plates fall.

"Have you been drinking again?"

"None of your business." Zhang Fei then passed out.

Xing Cai just looks down at him and shruggs.

"He will get up later anyways." She thought going back to sleep and dreaming about the man she met today.

4 A.M

The guards walk down and steps into the smelly prison. 2 of them walk towards where Gan Ning and Taishi Ci's cell was it was unlocked.

"NOW!" Gan Ning and Taishi Ci pushed with all there might and the gate swung and smacked the 2 guards face and knocking them out. They take the guards' weapons and killed the other 2 easily. Bode walks out and starts clapping.

"See how good my plans are?" Bode said

"Whatever." They both muttered and left the prison.

Cheng Du Castle
8 A.M

Xing Cai wakes up as the birds sing usually everyday at this time. She gets up and puts on her clothing and walks downstairs. She sees that her father is still passed out on the floor and she just laughs.

"I think I'm going to look for the man I met today what was his name? Liu Bode? Yes Liu Bode. Weird, he has the same family name as Liu Bei." Xing Cai thought.

She leaves the castle and goes toward the main square of the city where she always goes to look at the birds and flowers.
SomeWhere in Cheng Du
8 A.M

Liu Bode and the guys walk around the city and they ask many people where the town square is but they keep getting lost.

"Excuse me sir."

"Yes my friend" The man said

"Do you know where the townsquare is?" Liu Bode asked.

"Yes it is just up ahead and make a left."


Liu Bode, Ci, and Ning walk down the street like the man said and turned left. As they were walking towards the townsquare Liu Bode sees the girl he was just thinking about a couple of minutes ago and stops the guys.

"What is it?" Ci asked

"Hold on can you guys go on without me for a while?" Bode asked.

"Umm sure."


Liu Bode walks towards Xing Cai and sees that she is staring at the flowers. He comes up to her.

"Hey." Liu Bode said in a calm, cool voice.

"Hello!" Xing Cai says in a cheerful voice.

"You said that you would give me a tour around right?"

All Xing Cai hears is echoing words while she gets lost while staring in Bode's blue eyes.

"Xing Cai?" Bode asked

"Oh! I'm sorry what?" Xing started to blush.
Well thats it!!! I will type again sooner or later hope you enjoyed it!!!
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