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Blue Light

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There is a line that Folken will not allow Dilandau to cross. (D/F)

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Blue Light
by dilly r

Dilandau is sitting slumped on a chair in Folken's room, empty and soulless as an unused Guymelef. He has had half of a bottle of vino already. Sometimes, Folken wishes he had not allowed Dilandau to become accustomed to spending time with him.

"Folken." Dilandau's eyes twitch up. They look strange in the flickering blue light. "Folken. You are a believer, aren't you?"

"Perhaps you should return to your room and rest."

Dilandau squeezes his eyes shut. "No. Sit with me." His voice is petulant. Folken does not know why others are so intimidated by the boy soldier.

When Folken does not sit, Dilandau opens his eyes again. "You're a bastard."

"I suppose that I am, in a sense."

The gaslights hum around them.

Dilandau lurches forward and pushes himself up with the help of the table's surface. "You are not fighter. You are here because you believe in something. Philosophers have no place in a war."

"How philosophical of you, Dilandau." Folken tilts his head slightly. He is disturbed by the anticipation growing in his stomach.

Dilandau chuckles lowly. "Your humor never fails to arouse me, Strategos. Or, is that your intention?"

Folken says nothing. Dilandau is close enough now that he reaches up and unfastens Folken's cloak. Folken can feel Dilandau's warmth through his tunic. Dilandau is always strangely warm -- particularly when he is drunk, and particularly when he is in this mood.

"I wonder what you would do without me, Strategos." He pushes Folken's cloak off his shoulders, and it makes a soft sound as it hits the floor. "I wonder if you're lonely when I'm gone."

"No," Folken says. "I enjoy being alone."

Dilandau's movements pause for a moment, then he continues to open Folken's tunic. "I don't believe you."

"Dilandau," Folken says.

He looks up at Folken. His eyes are almost blue in this light.

"Be silent or leave."

Dilandau narrows his eyes, and he bares his teeth in a smile. He says nothing as he slides down Folken's body, pulling Folken's clothing down with him.

Folken leaves five half-moon marks on Dilandau's left shoulder. When Dilandau is finished, he takes the half empty bottle of vino and leaves without a word.
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