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recap and a fight...=] you should probably read lime light for a 10 year old before you read this... it wont make sense

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5 years later………

recap of what has happened over the 5 years

Kayla and Gerard went back to Australia to get the rest of her stuff.
Came back to NJ. Gerard went on tour for 3 months and left Kayla.
Kayla was upset, but she and James were upset together.

Kayla’s 13 birthday she got a piercing, but Gerard wouldn’t let her get her lip pierced, she got her eyebrow pierced.

On Kayla’s 14th they took her to New York, and they had a huge party and FOB, the Rasmus and muse guys were all there, they had a great time.

Kayla’s 15th was at home with everyone and her friends. They had a party and that night James Belinda and Shelby slept over, they found some drinks and had 2 each, Gerard knows but Kayla thinks he doesn’t, he didn’t tell her cause he was just happy they did it in the house. Kayla now had long black and purple and blue hair that goes just past her shoulders, she has a bang and her hair is layered from her ears. She is still skinny and short but not that short.
It is now 2 month before Kayla’s 16th and she has a bf and has been going out with him for 2 month and Gerard and the guys don’t know about him yet, only Kayla’s friends...
His name is mark and his style is preppy, but Kayla doesn’t mind, he is really sweet and kind and caring to her.
They met at the shops when they literally ran into each other, Kayla tripped and fell on top of him and they think it was like at first sight.
The first time Kayla brought him home, was when she was skipping school and her and mark went to Kayla’s house to have a little make out session.
That night mark was supposed to come over and meet the guys for the first time, well meet them properly.


“Oh mark baby, what class do you have next, I have pe” I said to mark, we were sitting under the tree with James, Shelby and Belinda.

“I have art, do you wanna skip and go to your house.” Mark asked putting his hand on my thigh, I smiled and said yes.

“Okay, but you have to be out of the house by 5, cause that’s when my dad and nana get home.” we stood up and said goodbye to the others and then walked out of the school. We were walking up the path and mark started kissing my neck,
I started giggling. When we got to my house, they didn’t notice Gerard’s car along with the other guys. They got the door and found it open.

“Must have forgotten to lock it this morning” I said giggling, and mark kissed my lips. I opened the door and we started walking in, we didn’t break the kiss, till we walked into the kitchen,

“Come up stairs mark...” I grabbed marks hand and dragged him upstairs into my bedroom. I got to the door and locked it.
They then fell to the bed and made out for about 1 hour. I looked at the clock and it read 3.

“Hey, do you wanna drink, I am, cause your making me work up a sweat” I said giggling as i was straddling Mark legs, he nodded and then kissed my lips once more before I got up and went to the mirror and found I had messy hair and clothes were messy.
I just laughed and went out her door. I started coming down the stairs and when I got to the bottom she was in for a big surprise.

“What the flip are you doing here so early?” I half yelled half stuttered. Gerard, Mikey, Frank, Ray and Bob were sitting at the table with faces I couldn’t read.

“Well, we were going to ask you the same thing” Gerard said I just looked around the room and he continued “Why are you so messy looking” he said suspiciously pointing to my clothes and hair.

“Um, well, I uh, my last lesson was Ummm PE, and I didn’t want to go, and Ummm, so I told James and that that I was tired and I would just go home, so I uh” I gulped because I was starting to panic “came home, and uh was tired so I went up to bed for a little, and I woke up, and uh I came down here to get a drink…..”I said looking around and not at them.

“But ah, im not thirsty anymore, so I will let you get back to what you are doing….” I said and I started to walk up the stairs but they yelled at me

“Kayla, get back here right now” I heard them yell, so I slowly walked back down and stood at the end of the stairs. I looked back up the stairs and saw Mark standing their, with a confused look on his face, I mouthed a ‘no’ and then I saw him go back to my bed room.
I looked back over to the guys and I saw them all staring at me. Frank talked first.

“So you came here alone right, James didn’t come or anything?” I just shook my head not trusting my voice, I kept my eyes to the floor, and I couldn’t look at them.

“So no one came with you?” Ray asked. Again I shook my head and kept my eyes on the floor.

“Well who’s mark?” Gerard said and my head shot up, what? They were here when we came, we didn’t even see them, they must have been in the lounge room because they wouldn’t have seen us, unless they were sitting right here. “is he the person, who was coming over tonight?”

“Uhh Mark, I uhh, I ummmmm…” I said trailing off, I looked back up the stairs and saw mark was standing with his bag on his shoulder, he looked worried.
my face turned to shock, I kept looking at mark when I spoke to the guys.
“Uhh, ill be right back” I said and started running up the stairs, I pushed mark back into my room and locked my door.

“Whats wrong, why are you leaving?” I asked him, while I was still leaning on the door, he just looked at me with no expression on his face.

“Im sorry Kayla, I don’t want you to get into trouble, look ill just leave and I will come back tonight for dinner like we planned, it will be fine, I love you…” and he came over and kissed me passionately. But it was broken by some one banging on my door.

“Kayla Marie Way open this door right now….” I head Gerard yell.
I wasn’t listening and neither was mark, we started to walk slowly away from the door and mark pulled into the middle of the room, he dropped his bag and started kissing me again.

“One….” Gerard said. We were sill kissing, I grabbed his neck and he put hands on my hips.

“Two, im being serious I will break this door.” I heard Gerard say. I wanted my door so I stopped kissing mark and ran over to the door just as Gerard said 3.

“Three……okay open this door right……………….why did you run back up the stairs.” Gerard said as I opened the door, it wasn’t just him that was there, the guys were their as well. They were all looking at me and then all of their eyes went over to mark.
I looked over at him standing there nervously, I went over to him and held his hand.

“Okay, well since you guys want to ruin this before tonight, yes this is the dinner guest, his name is mark.” Mark smiled
“My Boyfriend…” and I looked over at the guys, they were just staring at him.

“……cough” I said and they looked at me, I gave them an angry face and then there faces all changed from different emotions from each other, Rays was confused, Bobs was optimistic, Mikey’s was happy, franks was curious he was looking mark up and down, and Gerard’s was nothing, I know that look, it’s a look of hate, angry and grrrr all in one……. Great he hates him already.

“Hi mark, im Mikey Kayla’s uncle, its nice to meet you finally” I smiled at Mikey because I knew he would accept him and so would the other guys, but im not quiet sure about Gerard.

“Yea im Ray, it’s nice to meet you” Ray said and then he looked at me and half smiled, and so did I.

“Bob, pleasure is mine” bob said raising his hand, I fully smiled.

“And I am Frank, Kayla’s other uncle even though I am not related to her in anyways what so ever and she doesn’t even call me uncle frank, but it is………nice… meet you” frank said in a voice crossed between snobbish and trying-to-be-friendly-but-its-not-working.
I just sighed, I looked over at Gerard. He was still just staring at mark.

“And non-talk-able-person is my father” I said for Gerard. Gerard just nodded and then looked at me and back at Mark.

“Well, mark, I guess you better be going, you’re still coming at 7 right?” I asked standing in front of him, he looked at me and smiled and nodded.
“Okay ill walk you to the door.” I said and grabbed his hand and then went to walk out my bedroom door, but they were still standing there.

“Ummmmm, do you mind…. (-they moved out of they way-) thank you” I said and started walking down the stairs. We got to the door and mark pulled me into a hug.

“Does your dad talk or what?” mark said I just shrugged.

“I guess we will just have to wait and see what tonight brings” I said and then I opened the door and we started to walk out, he turned around and kissed me, I didn’t want to let go, but I did and he said goodbye and started walking.
I watched him walk around the corner, and then I closed the door. I turned around to see Gerard standing there with his arms crossed.

“Yes?” I said annoyed, I was angry because he never said one word to Mark.

“So he’s coming back tonight?” he asked and I started to walk past him, I looked at him a nodded and made my way to the kitchen,
I got a drink out of the fridge and turned around to see gerard standing right there.

“What?” I asked I then walked around him and started walking past the table to see the guys sitting there, I didn’t take 2 glances as I walked to the stairs. I knew Gerard was following.

“Im sorry dad, did you want something?” I asked turning around to face him, he just looked at me.

“Why are you dating him Kayla?” he asked, I looked at him confused

“Why are you dating some one that you said you hated” okay now I was really confused.

“Okay, first of all, it’s really none of your business dad who I date, and secondly I never said I hated him” I said getting angry, I think there was going to be a fight, so walked up the stairs

“I didn’t say you said you hated him, you just said you hated his kind, and yes it is my business cause if your gonna bring home people like that in my house then I have a right to know what going on” He said half yelling, he was getting angry.

“yea I said that before I met mark dad, and he changed my whole view on them, I still hate some of them but not all of them,
and if it is going to be your business can you at least be nice about it and not ignore him!!!”
I said this time yelling.
He just sighed and flared his nostrils.

“Right, what exactly do you expect me to say to someone who I find all over my daughter in my house when I was still fucking here” he said yelling even more. Gerard tried to keep going but
I just shook my head and mumbled a ‘bull shit’ and started to walk to my room.

“What did you just say to me?” Gerard asked walking up the stairs. I turned to him and said it a bit louder.

“I said bullshit, Mark wasn’t all over me, now LEAVE ME ALONE I am going to get ready for tonight, and you better be nice or else….dad!!” and I went to walk into my bedroom but what he said stopped me.

“Or else what Kayla?” He asked stopping two steps from the top, so we were eye level. I didn’t say anything I just looked at him and shook my head and then went to my room, and I slammed my door behind me.
I was so angry at him, why can’t he just accept that just because mark doesn’t dress like me or like the same bands that I like that we cant be a couple.
Why doesn’t he just accept that I like him and he likes me? I stopped thinking about it because it was making me even angrier. I started getting ready for tonight.

fast forward a bit to when mark is just about to arrive

Okay, I am wearing my tight jeans that made we have a figure. Mark said it made me look good,
so I am wearing it with a plain black v cut top. I had my hair in plates and I had eyeliner and eye shadow on.
It was ten minuets before Mark arrived, I thought I should head down stairs, but the door bell rang, I looked at the clock, 6:56. Must be him. I ran down stairs and I met everybody in the kitchen.
Frank and Jamia, Bob and Ray, Mikey and Alice, Donna and Gerard and James.
Shelby and Belinda couldn’t make it. They all stared at me and I just walked past them and went to the door. I opened it and I saw mark and my eyes lit up.

“Hey Sweetie, come on in, everyone is here.” I stood aside but he did enter. “Whats wrong Mark?” I asked him with confusion on my face. His face just dropped.

“Kayla, I can’t do this, I can’t do us, your dad was right, and I don’t even know why I asked you out in the first place.” He said not looking at me.

“What do you mean, my dads right, what did he say to you.” I said starting too angry with Gerard again, for making my business, his business.

“Well, when I left, I looked back after you closed the door, I was going to go back to your house and climb through your window and tell you everything was going to be okay, but then I heard the fight and your dad made me relies that we are not meant to be, I don’t like you anymore Kayla, because of you dad, im sorry…….” He said and he started walking away.
I was shocked, sad, getting depressed, confused, and furious all at the same time. Before long, mark was around the corner and out of sight.
I closed the door slowly and then started walking back in the kitchen. As soon as I walked in, I knew everybody heard because they were glancing between Gerard and I, Gerard looked at me with sympathetic eyes but I just shook my head and started to walk to my bedroom.

“Kayla wait, im sorry, I didn’t mean to……..” Gerard said and walked over to me and grabbed my arm.

“DON’T fucking touch me” I said and I start to tear up, I felt horrible, like I had lost some thing, I turned around and went up stairs, but I didn’t go to my room, I went to the bathroom.
I locked the door behind me and I sat in the bathtub. I was in there for about 30 mins before someone came to the door. It was James.

“Kayla? Are you alright? Do you want to talk?” he said and I smiled slightly, but I didn’t reply.

“Okay, well ill be out here if you need me.” He said and I heard him slid down the wall. I waited for about 5 mins,
I was trying to thinking of happy stuff but I all I could think about is how fucked up my life it. I have an ex-boyfriend who is prep,
a dad who can’t keep his fucking nose out of my business,
and then him having the nerve and try to say he is sorry, when he isn’t.
This is way too much for me, I need an escape, I need to be taken away from this, and I just need to breath.
I got out of the bathtub and went to the cupboards and looked for the ‘sleeping pills’ I call them, they make me go to sleep for hours so I take them when I need to get away.
I grabbed the container and looked inside, there were only 4. That should do me for a while. I put the container in my pocket and went out the bathroom.
James wasn’t there. I was kind of relived because even though he was my best friend, he can really bombard you with not so good questions.
I went into my bedroom and shut my door and locked it. I sat on my bed and took one pill, it worked almost instantly.
I closed my eyes and went to sleep dreaming about……..nothing.
I woke up and it was breaking day, I looked at my clock, it read 7:14. Yea, there is no way I am going to school, today, or for that matter, going to school.
I got the pills and took one more, and it worked. I went to sleep.
I had been ignoring Gerard for nearly a week and it was Friday afternoon,
I had come home from school at lunch because today was a horrible day. When I first got school everything was fine, but at first lesson,
I was sitting next to Belinda and in front of us was Stacy and Jamie,
the two biggest high school bitches, and they had it in for my dads band, my friends and family and worst of all,
they really, really, really, hated me. Anyways, we were sitting doing our work and then Stacy started talking really loudly about how her and Mark got together last night and,
well you know……… I didn’t care about him anymore cause it wasn’t worth it, but everyone new it was a touchy subject.

“so anyways we made out for hours, and do you know what it felt like, oh wait you wouldn’t, lets ask someone who would” Stacy said and Jamie started giggling.
“Oh Kayla, I nearly forgot you were there, so how was mark when he makes out?” she said, and I looked up and she was smirking.

“Well, how was he, or didn’t he make out with you because your too damn disgusting and you got Ways blood in you” I just stared at her, I would not let her get too me. “You lot are all just the same, stupid, depressed, disgusting and I think that the world would be better off without you.” Okay, now im starting to lose it, just then the bell went and I looked at Belinda and she was glaring at Stacy. I just touched her arm and she snapped out of it.
We started walking to lunch, when Stacy and Jamie came up behind me and pushed me,
I fell on the floor. Belinda jumped down to me and helped me up. I looked over at Stacy who was glaring at me and Belinda, we just turned around and kept walking.

“Don’t you fucking walk away from me you stupid fucking depressed emo bitch.” She yelled after me, I stopped and looked at Belinda,
she just shook her head because she knew what I was thinking. I sighed and kept walking,
I then heard footsteps behind me and then I felt the floor beneath me. I rolled over on my back and I saw Stacy and Jamie looking down at me. They then started attacking me with kicks and slaps, and I lost it.
I kicked back and managed to get up and I punched Jamie in the stomach and kicked Stacy in the Knee and it made a small crack, I think I dislocated it.
I looked at them and then I heard other boys yelling from behind me, I looked around and saw mark and some of his friends running towards me.
I didn’t have to think twice.
I picked up my bag and ran to the exit,
I got out and ran down the steps and started running home.
I looked back and saw them not following me, so I started to slow down and finally I made it to my street.
I stopped and started walking. I caught my breath while I was walking to my house, and when I got to my driveway.
I saw the guy’s cars there. Great…… I slowly walked up and I caught my reflection in the window, I had messy hair and I had a cut on my arm and my side was hurting from where they were kicking me, it hurt to breath.
I slowly opened the door and walked in and closed it very quietly.
I heard them talking in the kitchen, damn I have to walk past.
I slowly walked into the kitchen I heard them stop talking immediately, I ignored it and walked, well, limped into the kitchen. I opened the first cupboard and got out the first aid kit,
I put some ointment on my cut, it was pretty deep, it must have been from one of there fucking stilettos. It stung a lot.
I put a bandage of it. I put the first aid kit back. Then started to walk past the table,
I looked at them when I walked past and they were all glaring at Gerard, umm wtf. I looked at Gerard and saw he look so hurt and broken. I stopped walking and stared at him, he looked a little confused. I gave him half a smile and then I continued walking,
I walked up the stairs and then closed my door.


“She smiled at me, well I think she smiled, it was more of a half smile” Gerard said and the guys looked at him and gave him small smiled.

“See, she not mad at you, don’t worry she’ll come around, and if she’s anything like you, it wont be that long now.” Mikey said and they all smiled and continued talking about the tour they were going on for 1 weeks.

back to Kayla

I had a little sleep and when I woke up, my side didn’t hurt anymore.
It was dark and I think everyone was in bed. I heard a TV on down stairs and I thought it was probably Donna, so I went down stairs to get a drink and I heard a light snore.
I went into the lounge room and saw Gerard, asleep. He looked so funny cause he had his mouth open a little, I giggled and went over to him.
I sat down next to him and cuddled into him, immediately felt that thing that left me that night, come back, and I felt happier and safer. I got really tired and I started to fall asleep.
I felt him put his arm around me and whisper something but I didn’t hear I was asleep….. Me and Gerard were fine from there on, he said he was sorry and then I told him about the fight I had with Stacy and he just gave me a huge cuddle…..


About 2 days later they went on project revolution.
While he was on Project Revolution, we decided to have another go at the band, I was chosen to be lead singer and Belinda was backups, she didn’t like have all the attention.
I was still playing electric, and I could sing and play at the same time.
We haven’t made up a band name yet…..we are still deciding.

The story begins when insert band name here was practicing in Kayla’s garage.
It was 1 week before Kayla’s birthday, and Gerard and the guys were supposed to get back later that night, it was about 12 and they were practicing a song they made.
Gerard and the guys don’t know about the band yet and Kayla wanted to tell them when they got back. So they were playing a song they made and it was called ‘take me under’. It had a really good melody and Kayla’s singing made it better than perfect.
They sounded as good as they hoped and better........

x-- tell me if you dont like it.
ill probably do another one tonight maybe.
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