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Red Fantasia

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I named the chapter after one of my favorite Disney movies, if you've seen it, you'll see the meaning behind it.

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Hey there Krool Kids! Welcome to another chapter! I think i might focus on this story before i finish the others, I'm having a ball writing this!

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Ugh, I think I might have too many characters! I might have to kill off someone! XD

-Welcome to LDN Radio!-

She layed there in bed. The sheets were soaked. Her father had left for work; leaving her alone in that cold dark room. It was dark, not a single sound rung. The streets were empty. The parents had left for work, the kids were at school. It was dreary. Hayley slowly got up from the bed, the cold draft brushing against her moist skin. She went through her drawers and pulled out a fresh set of underwear and pajamas. It was time to begin yet another dead day. She looked back at her poster of Paramore and saluted it, it was a sort of ritual she did before her day began. It was like the 'Pledge of Allegiance' to Americans, or 'Oh Canada' to the Canadians. This was her pledge, her Pledge of Allegiance to the Band. Hayley came downstairs to the smell of peaches and sausage. Her hair was wet from the shower she had taken. Vikki was downstairs in the kitchen reading the newspaper. Her black hair was pulled back with a clamp, she wore a fitted purple sweatshirt with baggy green and navy blue plaid pj pants. She was sipping a cup of black jasmine tea as Hayley entered the room.

"How was Leeds fest?" Hayley asked as she grabbed a chunk of bread and sat down. Vikki let out a "hm." and set down her tea cup. Hayley grabbed a knife and dipped it into the peach marmelade. She spread it over the bread evenly as Vikki set the paper down and looked over at her. Hayley gave a "What?!" look.

"Did you...with dad?" Vikki asked awkwardly. Hayley just let out a "hm" as she scooped up more Marmelade and spread it on. She sensed that this morning was going to be like all the other mornings; heated and spiteful. Vikki let out an agitated sigh and smacked her hands on the table.

"You've got to report this!" She demanded.

"Why so concerned?! You never cared before!" Hayley retorted.

"Hay, you could get pregnant!" Vikki exclaimed.

"YOU should report it then!" Hayley jeered.

"Hayley you know why I can't!" Vikki yelled.

"Yeah because you're in so much shit right now you can't afford to get arrested!" Vikki slammed her hands down harder.

"Shut up! You don't know!" She screamed.

"Don't know what Vikki? That you secretly sell on the side? Or jacking get away cars for criminals?" Hayley jeered. Vikki stomped over and got into her face. They screamed and yelled at each other, yelling insults, bringing back painful memories.

"Go to hell you dirty hoe!" Hayley cursed.

"I'll drag you down with me slut!" Vikki retorted.

The anger inside her was brewing furiously. Hayley's body temperature was even heating up. She was like a volcano, this anger was going to violently burst out of her. She's delt with all this for way too long. This responsibility of being the oldest, the one who has to satisfy her father's needs every night, the one who gets harassed and hurt at school. She was fed up with it! She didn't want to be here! She wanted to scream and rip out her hair. She wanted to throw everyone who gave her shit to the ground and beat them until they couldn't breathe anymore. She wanted blood, she wanted everyone to regret all they had done. All she could see was red, all she could see was hate.

They say freak,
When you're singled out,
The red, well it filters through...

"You filthy git," Vikki jeered," I bet you like it when dad rapes you"
Hayley's blue eyes pierced right through her, hate raging throughout her body. Vikki was teasing her. She was dangling meat in front of a starving violent beast. If she didn't stop now, there was no turning back. Hayley tooking a deep heavy breath and tried to calm down. She couldn't though, she was going to crack.

"Shut up Vik" Hayley cautioned.
Vikki just snickered and started walking circles around her.

"Mhm, that's what i thought," Vikki commented,"You like it when he touches you, pleases you."

So lay down, the threat is real,
When her sight goes red again.
Seeing red again,
Seeing red again...

Hayley's breathing started to get heavier, her rage was rising, her fists were clinching. The monster inside her was rattling the cage and screaming with fury.

"I said, shut up!" Hayley snapped.

"Hmph, that sure wasn't what you did last night, screaming with satisfaction" Vikki sneered.

That was it. She immediately submitted to her inner monster. She charged at vikki with astounding speed and punched her with all her might. Vikki fell down to the ground like a bowling pin. Hayley kicked her and screamed at her, calling her every single name she could think of. Vikki was screaming and crying to her, telling her to stop.

This change, she won't contain,
Slip away, to clear your mind.
When asked, who made it show,
The truth, she gives in to most...

Blood was getting everywhere on the floor. Hayley didn't stop though, she didn't want to stop. She was feeling so powerful, so strong. This time the tables have turned. She heard a sudden crack and Vikki let out a cry so loud it practically shook the house. Blood spurted out of her mouth and onto the cold tile. Hayley immediately stopped. She held onto her side so tightly. She whimpered and shook as Hayley panted in exaustion. She then suddenly realized what she had done. She put her hand over her mouth in shock.

So lay down, the threat is real,
When her sight goes red again....

"...oh...god Vikki i'm-" She didn't finish her sentance, she just picked up the phone and dialed for the yard.

"Hello? hello! My sister has been brutally hurt, I think her ribs are broken" Hayley explained sounding as frantic as she could.

"Okay miss, we have a lock on you, we're sending medics now, can you tell me what happened?" a woman's voice asked.

Hayley quickly hung up, she looked back at Vikki who was still lying helplessly on the ground. She didn't know why she wasn't freaking out, any other girl would. It was probably because the world didn't show her any sympathy, neither did her family, they just stood on the sidelines and watched. Hayley frowned at the thought. She turned her heel around and ran quickly upstairs. She flew her room door open and started packing up all her clothes, she had little time before the yard came in for questioning. She had to get away. She dashed over to her secret stash and grabbed all her savings and family photos. She then rushed out into her dad's room and grabbed his credit card and account papers.

"Time for you to pay you sick bastard" She said as she threw it all into her suitcase. She locked it up and placed it outside her door. She then ran back into her room and began to quickly change out of her pajamas. The faint sound of sirens sounded off in the distance, at least 4 blocks away. Hayley slipped on a light blue long sleeve shirt along with blue denim skinnys and white granny shoes. She slipped on her silver jacket along with her white baret as she looked back at the room that she would never return to. She grew up in that smelly dirty room, she would miss it alot. That room kept all her secrets safe and comforted her when she was on the brink of insanity. That room held the memories of her birth and that day when her innocence died. That room was the only thing she would miss in this misfit town. Hayley took in a deep breath and shut out the light, getting the last glimpse of her favorite band on the wall. She quickly grabbed her suitcase and ran downstairs. She heard a low moan coming from the kitchen, she looked back at her helpless injured sister.

"I'm sorry Vix," She spoke as tears welled up in her eyes,"but I have to start over, a new life, you understand right? I love you and I'm extremely sorry" and with those final words she opened the door and left, leaving poor Vikki alone and in dire pain.
Hayley closed the door shut and opened her teary dark brown eyes to the sky. The clouds were pulling apart from each other. The sky was doing what she had been wanting to do for a long time.

"Breaking free..." she said to herself as she walked down towards the bus station alone.

People swarmed the Airport like bees in a hive. Hayley had never seen so many people in one place before, this was her very first time at an Airport. She was kind of nervous, She didn't know if she would be able to pull this off. She looked at the flight board. There were so many places to go to she didn't know which one, or if she even had the money for it. Then again, she did have her father's PIN number and credit card info... A slight smile crept across her face.

"I think it's time for a little bit of the Star Treatment" She said to herself as she got out her passport. She walked over to the flightboard and looked over to where she wanted to go.

"hmm," She spoke,"There's Venice, Prague, Paris, Madrid, I could go anywhere!" Hayley started to grow butterflies in her stomach, she was actually doing this! This wasn't a dream anymore, she was actually free, she still couldn't believe it. Hayley walked over to the money withdrawal machine and withdrew at least two thousand dollars worth of money. She went over to the ticket buying area and flashed out her driver's liscence and ID along with her passport.

"And where are we going today miss?" The pretty woman asked her sweetly.

"Venice" Hayley replied plainly.

"Would you like to try out Flagship Suite First class?" She asked. Hayley hesitated for a moment, but she nodded her head. The woman typed away on her computer and then handed Hayley her ticket.

"Enjoy your flight miss" The woman spoke with a bright smile. Hayley nodded and picked up her suitcase. She looked around for the right flight terminal curiously. People were rushing past her chattering and yelling on their phones. Some people were kissing each other goodbye and others were jumping into each others arms in rejoice. Hayley sighed and started to think about how vikki would jump into her arms when they were both little. That was back when their mom was still alive and well.

"Flight 329 for Venice is leaving in 15 minutes, flight 329 for Venice is leaving in 15 minutes." The speaker announced.

Hayley started to pick up her pace as she headed over to the correct flight terminal. She showed the attendants her ticket and they ripped off the important part. She thanked them both as they wished her a safe trip and she walked into the tunnel that lead to her "Carriage of Freedom". She breathed in sharply as she walked into the first class area. It was BEYOND lush, it was glamorous! The seats were huge, soft electric reclineable lounge chairs! There was a TV at every spot alone with your very own satellite telophone.

"Bloody hell" Hayley gawked in amazement. A beautiful thin asian attendant came up to hayley and held out an arm.

"Would you like to take a seat Miss? we will be departing shortly" She smiled. Hayley nodded and put her suitcase up in the storage bin. She then set her backpack underneath her seat in the underseat storage space. She plopped down onto her seat next to a cute looking teen who was listening to some loud music. He looked up at her and then looked back down at his laptop. He looked really interesting. He had bubblegum pink hair and bright brown eyes. His skin was a crispy colored tan. He wore a green hat along with two hoodies. He was typing away rapidly as Hayley put on her seat belt and snuggled in with a sigh.

"This is the life..." She breathed out.

"Feh, hardly" The boy scoffed. Hayley looked over at him and furrowed her brow a bit. She then put on a smile and held out her hand.

"Hi, My names Hayley, Hayley Cullens" She greeted. The boy shook her hand, his eyes never leaving the screen.

"Aaron, Aaron Di'Angelo" He introduced. Hayley's eyes grew wide, she was sitting next to a decendant of the Di'Angelo family!

"The Di'Angelo family?! As in the family who owns 6 of the british equestrian stadiums?! The ones who own the MOR fashion line?" She asked excitedly. The boy just simply rolled his eyes and bit onto his piercings.

"Yeah, that's us, you want an autograph now i bet" He replied regretting ever telling her his name.

"How come you feel so obligated to do so?" Hayley asked curiously. Aaron closed his laptop and laid back into his seat.

"Because I'm a Di'Angelo, we're the Hiltons of the equestrian and fashion world" He replied. Hayley bit her lip. This guy didn't seem too proud to be a Di'Angelo.

"Do you hate your family?" She asked him. His eyes looked over at her, and then straight forward as he let out a sigh.

"Well it's just me and my mom right now, but i really don't want to stay with her" He answered. Hayley could understand a little, i mean she didn't want to stay with her family either.

"So where's your mum?" Hayley inquired as she peered around the plane.

"She's back in L.A where she belongs" He said sounding a little irritated.

Hayley's lips formed an 'Oh' as Aaron reached over and pressed a button. Just then a big grey divider rose from betweem their seats and he waved her goodbye. His face disappeared behind the divider and the announcer spoke once again.
"Hello everyone and welcome to American Airlines, please fasten your seatbelts, we will now be lifting off"
The Safetybelt sign flashed on and the sound of buckling went off everywhere. Hayley buckeled hers in and tightened it securely. She then leaned back into her seat as her stomach went up into her thraoat. She took out a piece of gum and began to chew it rapidly out of nervousness. Hayley took in deep breaths and closed her eyes. The plane began to even out. She reopened them and looked out the window. The view was breathtaking. She could see the green fields of Mr. McGreely's farm and the tiny white specks of sheep bounding across the hills. She smiled to herself. She was as free as a bird now, free to enjoy such beautiful sites. They were crossing the ocean now, the gorgeous green lands of Great Britan quickly converted into a beautiful deep blue sea. Hayley looked closely at the water as little white patches started to show. Just then a whale arose, it's little blowhole spouting out water. Hayley gasped in amazement, she had never seen a whale before. The only ones she had seen were the ones in her books. She let out a small giggle as a little whale showed up next to the bigger one. It was so cute! After that, pale white seagulls flew above the two whales in a tight flock. Hayley smiled to herself. It was like these beautiful creatures where saying goodbye to her, or good luck on her new adventure. She waved down to them as the whales submerged themselves back into the deep blue and the seagulls all flew in different directions. She leaned back into her seat and pulled out her backpack from underneath her. She seached through her pockets and pulled out her Paramore CD to listen to. She placed it into the built in CD player and slipped on the headphones. She then closed her eyes and imagined whales flying with the plane and seagulls swimming into the sea below them....
I altered the lyrics a bit,
but the song is called:
The Red by Chevelle.
Here watch it:
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