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Nanau might have a fancy for WHO?! Aw, poor Mike Carden =[

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"Go away...please" Mike groaned as he hid his face under a pillow. Sisky sat on the edge of his bed with a pouty face. It was 12:00 on a beautiful Saturday afternoon and Mike had been sleeping for 14 whole hours.

"C'mooonnn, Kelsey and her friend will be at that shitty old venue soon!!" He complained as he started bobbing up and down. Mike let out a loud grunt as he shoved Sisky away.

"Quit being a dickwad and leave me ALONE" he yelled out as he twisted over to his side. Sisky rested his head on the edge of his bed and let out a huge sigh.

"Fine, be a jerk" He said as he got up and left. Mike let out a huge sigh and looked up at his window. The sun's bright rays were seeping through his shades. Maybe it was time that he got up.

Sisky walked out of Mike's room and looked up at Bill who was waiting patiently.

"Is he coming?" Bill questioned as he got out his car keys. Sisky shut the door behind him and shook his head no.

"Sleeping beauty in there needs to be kissed by the prince" He replied as he went to the kitchen and grabbed a big piece of toast. The Butcher came out of his room wearing only his black pinstripe skinnys and his white scarf wrapped around his head. Sisky looked at him up and down and raised an eyebrow.

"You're going to wear that in front of two girls?" He asked. The Butcher looked down at himself and then back up that the two.

"I wear this in front of 10,000 of them, no biggy" The Butcher stated. Sisky just shrugged his shoulders as Chizzy came in with a cup of coffe in his hand. He looked up and down at The Butcher.

"hot" He just said as he took in a gulp of coffe. Jack then came rushin in gripping his phone and sliding it into his back pocket.

"We gotta go! Kelsey's over at the studio now!" He announced as he brushed past them. Everyone quickly turned around and headed out the door. Mike then opened up his door and walked out buttoning his shirt. He looked up and around and noticed no one was there.

"Thanks for waiting" He muttered as he walked into the kitchen.

Kelsey looked down at her watch anxiously as Nanau turned up the volume on her amp. She plucked the strings of her black hello kitty Squier as she listened to the rigid tone. She tuned up her guitar a bit more and started playing the beginning of 'Thriller' from Fall Out Boy. It sounded pretty good to her. Kelsey started to pace rapidly back and forth. She started muttering something to herself as she twiddled with her fingers, Nanau just sighed with irritation. She walked in front of Kelsey and took both her hands. Kelsey looked at her up and down.

"Couldn't you have worn something nicer?" Kelsey breathed out nervously. Nanau was wearing a white sleeveless belly shirt that was being partially covered by a deep pink corset. She wore pink flower printed underwear shorts along with ripped black fishnets. She wore unmatching socks as well, one was a red and white striped thigh-high and the other was deep maroon knee high. Nanau just scoffed and folded her arms.

"Well sorry if i'm just defining my style! just calm down okay?" Nanau replied. Kelsey nodded and went back to twiddling her fingers. She couldn't believe all of this was happening to her! It was one lucky stroke after another for her, she couldn't believe it. Here she was, showing her absolute favorite band what she's made of. What her future band will be made of. As always along with nervousness, brother Second Guesser comes running in. She began to second guess herself, putting herself down more and more. What if she didn't meet their standards? What if their sound was horrible? She could just imagine their faces of disgust as she sang through the microphone. What if her voice cracked up? There was so much that could go wrong, maybe she wasn't cut out for this.

"I can't do this!" She blurted out to Nanau. Kelsey dropped down on her knees and sat down as she put her hands to her face. Her friend slipped off her guitar and sat down next to her. She held onto both her wrists and gently pulled them away from Kelsey's face.

"Hey Tiger, don't be scared. You can do this, show dem boys how it's done" Nanau encouraged. Kelsey looked at her friend with a slight smile. She then looked down at her black and white T.U.K. shoes.

"Do you think i can do this?" She asked her friend. Nanau nodded as she got up from the ground.

"Yeah, and if they don't like it, they can go suck it in hell" She replied with a wink. Kelsey let out a slight giggle as she got up from the ground as well. Just then two metal doors swung open and the boys started to flow through.

"That's the LAST time I let you drive Sisky, the LAST time!" Bill announced as he weaved through the equipment. The Butcher waved Hi from afar along with Jack.

"Hey Kels! You redaaayyy?" The Butcher called out.

A burst of nervousness rushed throughout Kelsey's body. Her mind ditched her and her stomach pulled a duck and cover. She turned her heel and began to run out of there, the sound of Nanau's voice ringing behind her. Kelsey shoved the door open and ran out into Chicago's bright sunny streets. A slight breeze brushed against her face as she dodged the people walking up and down the Avenue. She looked in back of her as she heard her name being called over and over. William and Sisky were weaving through the crowd after her. Kelsey quickly turned in between two apartment buildings and dove into a big becylcing bin. She swam deep into the sea of paper and plastic as she heard two sets of feet rush past her. She slowly popped her head up and looked both ways, no one was there. She sank back into the pile and looked up towards the blue sky. She couldn't believe that she was doing this, running out on her favorite band! What was she thinking?! She let out a huge sigh as she closed her eyes and listened to her heart slow down.

"Hey there little Santi" She heard a voice say. Her eyes shot wide open and she let out an "eek!". Sisky put his index finger to his lips and shushed her. He climbed over the edge of the bin and layed down next to her. He let out a sigh and looked over at her.

"Sooo...why're you running?" He asked her. Kelsey blushed and looked the other way.

"I...I'm kinda...kinda nervous" She hesitated. Sisky shifted his body and layed on his side as Kelsey turned over to face him.

"What was your first show like?" Kelsey questioned him. Sisky smiled at her and looked back deep into his memories. He couldn't remember much at the moment, but he definitely remembered the feeling.

"I remember that i puked twice before the show," He recalled,"I scared out of my mind." Kelsey smirked, puking would've been way easier than running away. Sisky scooted closer to her body and wrapped his arms around her.

"Here, just think of how fit my body is, that'll distract you when your singing" He joked. Kelsey let out a giggle and wrapped her arms around his waist.

"Thanks Sisky, you're a sweet guy" She thanked. Another breeze brushed past as she listened to Sisky's heartbeat, which was going slightly faster then before. She looked up at him and raised an eyebrow.

"You okay Sisky?" She asked curiously. He looked back down at her and a smile crept across his face.

"Yeah, i'm fine. Do you think your ready?" He asked her as he unwrapped his arms and got up. Kelsey lifted herself off and brushed off the scraps of paper as Sisky jumped over the bin. She looked over at sisky and signaled a thumbs up.

"Yeah! Let's get rockin'!" She replied confidently as she hopped out of the pile. Deep inside herself she prayed that she would let loose and blow them away somehow....

Why don't we do it in the road? Mmmmmm
Why don't we do it in the road? Ah
Why don't we do it in the road? Mm
Why don't we do it in the road? Mm
No one will be watching us
Why don't we do it in the road?.....

"Yeah! wooo!" Jack cheered on as he watched Kelsey get really into her song. Her voice was amazing, it was a bit rough and edgy like a rockstar. He liked it alot. He clapped loudly and cheered as Kelsey let out a rough, yet harmonic scream into the mic. William nodded his head with approval as Nanau went into a crazy soulful guitar solo. Her nimble fingers were wiggling and swaying swiftly on the guitar's neck as Kelsey went up next to her and began singing.

Why don't we do it in the road?
Why don't we do it in the road?
No one will be watching us
Why don't we do it in the road?.....

Nanau and Kelsey started dancing and swishing their hair around fiercly as The Butcher and Sisky both gazed at them with amazement. Kelsey was acting completely wild and loose, and Nanau was just owning the stage! The song soon ended with a long edgy "ohhh" from Kelsey. The Butcher immediately stopped and looked over at her as she bowed to her audience. She then turned and looked back at the two boys with a bright smile.
"Thank you so much! You guys were amazing!" She thanked. Sisky slid off his bass and bowed.

"No problem Kels!" He smiled. Nanau took off her guitar as well and jumped off the stage to meet with the rest of the band. Kelsey signaled for Sisky and The Butcher to come along as she jumped off the stage too. She then ran over to Nanau who was staring at Bill and scanning him up and down. He was wearing black tight skinny pants along with a striped V-neck shirt and his black leather jacket. A red bandana was tied around his skinny leg. Nanau gave off the look of amusement. This guy was very appealing.

"Nanau, this is William, Michael, Sisky, The Butcher and Jack!" Kelsey introduced, "Everyone else, meet Nanau!"

Nanau waved hi to everyone warmly. William smiled at her shyly and reached out to shake her hand. Nanau accepted and touched his hand lightly, she then suddenly felt a little shock and jerked back.

"Ack!" She giggled nervously as William gave off an apologetic look.

"Ah! eheheh...ummm, sor-sorry...about that" He apologized nervously. Nanau shook her head and smiled at him. Kelsey looked at William and then at Nanau. Her mind did the chemistry and she figured out the answer. She wiggled her eyebrows up and down and turned towards Nanau.

"Hey Nanau? Don't you have dance practice at 1:10 today?" Kelsey asked. Nanau's face suddenly flushed white and then let out a gasp.

"SHIT! Ms. Mitzy's gonna KILL ME!" She brushed past William and Chizzy and bolted out of the room like a tripple shot latte.

"Bring my guitar Kels!!" She screamed in back of her as she pushed through the rusted metal doors. William raised an eyebrow and looked to Kelsey for an explanation.

"Oh! She's in a dance class, Ms. Mitzy's Dance Academy for the Fine Youth" She announced like a proud british teacher. William snickered a bit as he looked towards the doors. He seemed a little hopeful at that moment, he kind of wished she had forgotten something and that she would run back and get it. He really wanted to catch another glimpse of her. He suddenly felt a nudge to his side and found Sisky bobbing his eyebrows.

"She's cranking your wheel isn't she Bilvy?" William playfully pushed Sisky away from him and told him off.

"Well you guys can come with me sometime to see her," Kelsey offered,"She's a really good dancer."
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