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Sequel to "Don't Stop Watching Over Me"

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So I promised you guys a sequel, so that’s what you’re getting. Not really planned out like the last, but I hope you like. This is set around the release of Pretty. Odd.! Enjoy! Also, I don’t remember if I told you how old Emmi is in this fic, or when her birthday is, so sorry if I’ve given you two sets of info.

It’s safe to say I’ve grown up in the months that have passed since I fell pregnant. But all is good now. Everyone’s gotten back to trusting each other, and Ryan and I have given our relationship another go. We’ve been taking it slowly over the past three months, and tonight we’re hitting the clubs - well, Angel’s and King’s, as that’s the only place that will let me in seeing as I look younger then I am - as part of the release of Pretty. Odd., which I’m psyched about. Everyone hates how Panic’s music, and name, has changed, but I’m in love with it all. Hard to think that they’ve come so far in just under three years.

Bearing in mind that I was meeting some other bands in the Fueled by Ramen family, I had to look pretty decent, and also dress up a bit, as it was my 21st birthday today. I was excited to be turning legal in America, amongst friends and family, and new acquaintances. I decided for a casual, yet sexy look that showed off my thin frame and ample curves – a red strapless dress mini with a thin layer of black lace over the top ( It was one of the dresses Jon bought me for Christmas. I paired it with the jewelry Brendon got me and a random pair of heels, and was set to hit the bar.

Sorry it’s so short, but I need to leave the computer, and I wanted to get this started…what do you think? A good start for the sequel?

I need a character to be Emmi’s best friend in America other than celebs, so please leave a review with what you look like, how you act and what your age is etc, if you want to be considered.
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