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Take Tomorrow (One Day At A Time)

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Angels and Kings. WARNING: Chapter may cause cliffhangers!

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To my best friend in this story, PanicFOBAcademy26, Ember, and her sister in the fic, flawedrainbow. Enjoy girls...not much for you, but there will be later.

We reached Angels and Kings at 8pm, and already Gym Class Heroes, Cobra Starship, Fall Out Boy and The Hush Sound were there. Tonight, I was meeting the infamous TAI boys, as well as the guys from The Cab and Phantom Planet, and the guys got my all time favourites My Chemical Romance to appear. Not many were showing for the album launch, but as it was my birthday, the boys asked a few more people to come along, which I was surprised at. They normally liked low-key things. But who was I to argue with – I was getting all of this wonderful attention! Also joining me was my best friend in the whole world, well, America at least, Ember. She was pretty much like me in every way, except instead of red streaks in her hair, she had purple. And she’s slightly taller than me and less pale…and she’s dating Michael Guy Chislett of The Academy Is…. You’d think that with my bestie dating, I would have met her boyfriend. No, tonight is the first time I meet him, as is her sister, Stevie, who is apparently dating William. Confused yet? Cause I sure am!

Anyway, as soon as I stepped through the door, I was being assaulted by Ember and a hug. Now normally she’s not very expressive towards me in public, but today…well, I suppose I was turning 21, and she was like, 24. Whatever, it doesn’t really matter, the fact is, I had my best friend here. Once I detangled myself from her, the boys, Ember and I walked further into the bar, where everyone started bellowing ‘Happy Birthday’. They had already hit the booze. I walked up to a microphone, presumably where people would be performing later in the night, and tapped it, checking it was on.

“Okay, now I realise it’s my birthday today, and I turn of legal age in America, but it’s also a special day for four wonderful guys who I live with. Three of them are my brothers, one my partner, and they have just released a new album today, Pretty. Odd.. So please congratulate Panic At the Disco with me!” I said, my heavily accented voice filled with pleasure and glee. I stepped down, and within the next hour, I was introduced to Michael, William and the rest of the guys from The Academy Is…, and The Cab. Phantom Planet couldn’t actually come, but I saw it as time to hang out with other friends, especially Travie, who was attempting to make me does the randomest shit you’ve ever heard of. At 10:51, the time to which exactly I was born, the lights turned off, I was blindfolded, and singing began. But it wasn’t any of the Fueled by Ramen bands singing…it was my favourite band of all time, My Chemical Romance. The blindfold was removed, and a cake was visible. I blew out the candles, before everyone broke out into applause. I was feeling light headed due to the claustrophobicness of the bar, so I headed outside, leaving Ryan and Ember to play some drunken game with everyone inside.

I leant up against the wall in the alleyway next door, before I felt a presence beside me. I scared me, before the figure spoke out.

“Hey Emmi, happy birthday,” he spoke.

“Thanks Gabe, it means a lot to me,” I said, before he gathered me in a hug. I felt so safe in his arms, until he moved one of them down to my ribs. I took in breath sharply, and Gabe looked at me worriedly.

“What’s wrong?”

“I-it’s nothing,” I said, tears springing to my eyes.

“There’s something, I can tell.”

“It’s just, I hurt my ribs the other day. I ran into the corner of the worktop, no biggie.”

“You wouldn’t be in this much pain from the worktop,” Gabe continued, and I broke down. The awfulness of it all was too much to take. I can’t even think about it, let alone tell him. He pulled me into another embrace, and I titled my head up to stare at his face.

“I’m sorry Gabe,” I whispered, before I placed my lips upon his, sealing them in a kiss.

Talk about you’re everyday cliffhanger!
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