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Hot Girls In Good Moods

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The morning after. Any regrets girls?

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When I woke up the next morning, I was hit by a huge rush of pain to my head. Uuugg, hangovers… came into my mind as I rolled over to hit the body of…someone. I couldn’t tell who it was as they were completely cocooned in the duvet covers. I slowly stood up and headed for the bathroom, where we kept the aspirin and my other medications. I popped two tiny white pills and my array of multi-coloured concoctions before heading into the living room to see how many had crashed at Panic’s, sorry, our place. I keep forgetting that I’m part of the family now.

As I entered the living room, holding my head in my hands, I saw the outlines of nine bodies, one of which was stirring ever so slightly. I walked further into the room and realized who had crashed: Ember, William, Stevie, Michael, Mikey, Frank, Vicky-T, Gabe and Gerard. I walked around their heads, inspecting who was where and trying to work out how many people would need water and aspirin, and how many cups of coffee I made, when I passed Ryan passed out by Mikey and Vicky. So who was in my…oh shit, don’t tell me Gabe’s there! I ran back into my room full pelt, totally forgetting that I had a hangover and ripped the sheets off Gabe’s body. Luckily we were both dressed and you could tell we got up to nothing. I let out a huge sigh of relief and sank onto the mattress, the shift in weight stirring Gabe.

“Morning Emmi. How are you feeling this morning?”

“Fine thank you Gabriel.”

“What’s with the courtesy?” He asked, pulling himself upright and leaning back against the headboard.

“Well, let me think. Not only did I give into the temptation and your wiles and kiss you last night, but we wake up together, and I don’t even remember getting home, let alone getting into bed,” I said, completely riled at the situation.

“It’s simple really. After we kissed in the alleyway, we went back inside. I didn’t leave your side because I thought you may have one of your ‘accidents’ if you were near Ryan, and you drank so much that you passed out. I was the designated driver, and took the mini-van full with everyone in this house right now back here, and I put you in bed. By the time I got back to help everyone else inside, Ryan had crashed in the living room. I thought someone had better stay with you, not knowing how well you can take the alcohol considering last time you had food poisoning when you drank, so I came in here with you. I changed your clothes too…I hope that was okay?” Gabe added, looking a little sheepish. Only then did I realise I was in a jogging bra and sweatpants. My arms instantly flew around my midriff, covering the purpling bruises.

“I’ve seen them. You need to tell me what’s happening Emmi, please,” Gabe begged, and I hastily got up off the bed and wandered towards my closet. I pulled out the largest sweater I had and threw it on, before exiting the room, leaving Gabe to talk to himself, like he usually does. By the time I got back into the living room, everyone minus Ember was up – she was passed out cold. I continued the errand of getting aspirin for those who needed it and doled it all out. Once that was done, I headed to the kitchen and turned on the coffee machine, knowing a definite ten people would be wanting it. Heading back out to check the final tally for coffee, Jon, Spencer, Brendon, Hayley, Cassie and Melissa had made their way down from their bedrooms and made themselves comfortable in the living room, Brendon and Ryan attempting to noiselessly wake Ember up. Spotting me peering round the doorway into the kitchen, Jon got up and headed in with Cassie, and he closed the door behind us.

“Are you making coffee for everyone?” Jon asked. I nodded and headed back to the machine, setting it up to make multiple cups.

“How about we make breakfast too?” Cassie suggested. Jon and I agreed, and while I made seventeen mugs of coffee – Ember was aroused rather unpleasantly when Brendon sat on her – Jon and Cassie whipped up batches of pancakes for everyone to eat. Once they’d eaten, they started filing out one by one, until it was just Panic, Ember, William, Michael, Stevie and I left. All of the guys went outside to play a game of football, while Ember, Stevie and I stayed in the living room, catching up.

“So why’d you disappear last night?” Ember asked, voicing the question I didn’t want to answer.

“Yeah, and why did I see Gabe coming out of you’re bedroom this morning?” Stevie added.

“Well, it was getting too claustrophobic in that bar, so I stepped outside for some air. Gabe followed and I kind of broke down. I ended up kissing him,” I said in one breath, the girls squealing at the end.

“Apparently I was too drunk to look after myself last night, so Gabe stayed with me as Ryan crashed in the living room before he could get to our room.”

“But why did you kiss Gabe?” Stevie pressed on. I felt obliged to tell her.


Damn me! I’ve left it on a cliffhanger again! I wonder if you can guess why? I have left some hints. Re-read what I have and tell me what you think.
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