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Emmi confesses, but not all confessions are heard

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“Because… I think I’m falling for him, and I have been for the five months I’ve known him. We’ve…been seeing each other in secret for the past few weeks. I don’t even know why, we just have. He makes me feel so good, so much better than Ryan ever has managed, and he doesn’t let my past run and ruin my life. But…he’s found out some things which I don’t want him to know about,” I said, my eyes glazing over with tears. Stevie saw and came over and hugged me. I love her hugs – they make you feel like the most loved person in the world, and when she’s about to break away, she’ll rub your back and it always stops anyone from crying.

“What things? Please Emmi; I’m your best friend. Tell me,” Ember pressed, and it hurt me to tell her the truth, but once it was out, I felt better inside.

“Why didn’t you tell me sooner?”

“I was scared. I’ve reverted back to the old me, and I don’t like it. But from now on, I’ll try to be honest with you Ember, and you too Stevie,” I said, gathering them in a group hug. A few minutes later, a few more bodies had joined the hug, and when we broke away, I saw that all the boys had become part of the hug.

“Why were we all randomly hugging each other?” William asked, taking Stevie’s hand.

“Why not?” Ember replied, after noticing the look I shot her. William shrugged his shoulders, before saying his goodbyes and leading Stevie and Michael outside, all three of them hugging me before they went.

“Sweetie, we’ve got to go to a photo shoot. Do you want to stay here or come with us?” Ryan asked.

“I think they want her with us…they said something about a “couples” article,” Spencer added.

“Yeah, the girls are meeting us there in a bit,” Jon added.

“Okay, but what about Ember? I can’t just leave her on her own.” I said, looking over to Ember who was staring down at her phone pressing buttons.

“Actually Emmi, I’ve gotta go into work. Just got the text message,” she said, picking up her bag, and hugging each of the guys. When she got to me, she hugged me extra tight and whispered in my ear.

“Remember, call me or Stevie anytime, okay?” I nodded and she left, before the boys informed me of what the photo shoot consisted of. They would supply the clothes and make-up, as long as we got there on time, and I took in a couple of pairs of my shoes, for differential shots. No clue what they mean, but whatever!

I know it was short, but I though I’d better please you, as there’ll be no update’s until at least Good Friday, as school is really hectic. I hope this answered a few questions, and the next chapter will be the photo shoot.

/ Oh, and if anyone has ideas for chapter titles, please suggest them. I'm bored of the classic Chapter 1 etc.../
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