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This is screaming Photo Op

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As we walked through the door to the studio, “Fueled by Photos”, corny name I know, I thought back to the time when my parents took me to a professional photographer with some friends the week before the accident, four months before I left England to go stay with my biological father in Australia – I’ll get to that another time. The intrusion of memories cascaded tears down my cheeks, which I hastily wiped away by the time we made it to the dressing rooms, where Melissa, Cassie and Hayley were waiting for us, beside a rack of beautiful dresses and suits and another rack of jeans, t-shirts, blouses and skirts.

“Hey guys, do you know what’s planned?” Cassie asked as I sat down opposite the mirror and looked at the damage my tears made.

“All I can say is that its a couple’s shoot, and then an interview afterwards with everyone, and apparently Pete’s going to stop by at some point,” Brendon replied. Just then, a woman bustled into the room, grabbing our attention. She was tall and dressed in a black pantsuit, with a pair of thin, circular glasses perched on the end of her nose, and a clipboard in hand.

“Okay guys, we have a few themes to today’s shoot. We have a casual, at home setting; then a date setting; then stage side for the girls, while the guys perform; an ‘in bed’ setting; and then to finish off, a formal attire shot. Any questions?” The clipboard lady said.

“Uuhh, yeah actually. One, why are we doing this? The boy’s haven’t disclosed any of that information to me. Two, why are we, as in the girls and I, being interviewed? Ryan, Brendon, Jon and Spencer are the famous ones, so why do you need us? And three and this is the easiest one for you to answer…what’s your name?” I asked.

“Well, my name is Vanessa, and we’re just doing a article on the lives of Panic At the Disco, behind the albums, videos, shows and photo shoots,” she replied, giving me the classic ‘duh’ look. I nodded my head, and she raised the clipboard closer to her face.

“Okay, well can I get Cassie to change into the denim mini and the pink off-shoulder shirt; Melissa in the black skinny jeans with the orange and grey striped shirt; Hayley in the cropped blue cargos and the black singlet top; and Emmi in the dark red baby-doll top – remove the straps please – and the tartan mini, the one with the chains on the side. Can I get all of you to wear the converse shoes you brought with you, except Emmi who I’d like to wear the black ballet flats. Can I have Brendon in the dark blue skinny jeans with the red v-neck tee; Ryan in the light blue shirt and the black pinstriped pants; Jon in the denim shorts and the brown tee; and Spencer in the black skinny jeans with the white tee, and guys, it’s your own choice of footwear this time round!” Vanessa said, before she left us to get changed in peace.


We had a blast doing the photo shoot, and all that was left was the formal attire. The guys were in suits, except for Ryan, who was told to wear a tuxedo. He kept complaining about his ‘penguin suit’ and how ridiculous he felt in it, even though he looked pretty fucking hot! The girls were in formal dresses – Hayley in powder blue, Cassie in red, Melissa in purple and I was in black. They had beautiful, simple formal dresses, but mine was way better. It was a low cut top, accentuating my breasts, with a round cut just above my navel, splitting the top and skirt into two pieces, which were attached by thin slivers of material – four at the back and two around my ribs. The skirt was skin tight until it got to my knees where it flowed out; stopping so that only my toes could be seen. But once I put it on in the bathroom, I started panicking, as the gap over my midriff was showing a big, purpling bruise. I ran out of the bathroom and grabbed my jacket, throwing it on before running out of the dressing room, Ryan and Spencer calling my name as I ran. I had no clue where I was going, but I crashed into something solid. A wall maybe?

No, it was one Gabriel Saporta, who instantly wrapped his arms around me upon seeing who it was. Only then did I realise I was crying.

“Emmi, what’s wrong?” He asked, stroking my hair. I pulled away and undid my jacket, showing him the bruise properly.

“G-Gabe, can I c-c-com back to y-your place with you…I can’t face going back to them,” I said in between tears. Gabe pulled me back into his arms, and murmured a yes.

So, how are you liking it? Reasons will be explained later.

Did you catch what I was getting at with the dress? If not, I can sketch it for you and post the link in the next chapter. Don’t be scared to ask…my description was pretty shit!

N e ways, until next time.
Xox Emmi

Oh, and Ember...can I have some more chapter titles soon?
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