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Cookie Cutter love

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Can love really work if its been cut out from the sky. love that must fight over distant and even years

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Chapter One
The room was warm as the first light from the morning filtered thru the blinds to create a golden glow that spurn around the room and stopped on the two people lumped together on the bed. The sins from last night woven tightly between them, each one content with what happened. He is 22, she is 18.
As they lay in a light slumber a car slowly turns into the drive, the sound of the tyres waking them up. Not wanting to forget the night and time they have together he wraps his tattooed arm around her pulling her closer to the warmth of his naked body. She twisted into his neck burying her face into his neck as she drunk in his smell. “Thank you for last night” he whispers into her ear as a smile spreads across her face. She kissed his neck and looked up at with her big brown eyes that had a sparkle of green in them.

“PETE” the moment was broke by the sound of his name been called when the front door finally opened. Pete sighed as he looked down at the girl in his arms “babe I’ll be back, soon I promise” he said as he detached himself from the position he was entangled in.
Shifting to sitting on the side of his bed to put on his boxers and a pair of jeans before slipping opening the door and walking down the steps to the 2nd floor where his mum now stood.
She laid there looking at the white ceiling above her thinking about the night before. The way he had gentle taken off her clothes making sure he breathed in every area of her body making sure she felt comfortable in what was happening, he kissed her mouth with passion and fire. 11am by Incubus played on the radio as he asked her if she was sure she was ready. She simply nodded her head yes and kissed him softly on the neck. He slowly placed the condom on as he made his way inside her making sure she was ready before slowly moving in further and further.
Addie was torn from her thoughts as the door was pushed open. She rolled on her side to see him enter the room. Pete was the kinda guy that everyone is drawn to; dark and mysterious but popular and cool at the same time, his sense of style just helped him make who he was. Music was his life and Addie at the moment was his muse.

“Do you want pancakes” he said while bending down to kisser forehead. She glanced up at him as a while smile spread across her face saying yes with her eyes but answering with “ can I have a shower first” “sure thing” he said while shaking his head at her random answer

Addie turned on the hot water and stood there under the water alot had changed in 5 years she started to think

Addie was Australian living in a foreign land. She had moved to Chicago at the age of 14 because her dad got a job he couldn’t refuses. In Australia Addie had been the girl that girl everyone teased, she wasn’t good at school and drama and dance was her life. When she moved here and started at her new school things changed. Addie was allowed to be herself. Addie wasn’t the skinniest girl at school she had curves; her style was slightly punk but preppy at the same time. Her brown hair was died black and hung to her shoulder blades her light skin was slightly tanned from sitting in the sun with her friends.
Addie opened her eyes and realise she needed to hop out of the shower. She turned the taps and wrapped the towel around herself making her way back to Pete room to grab a pair of dark blue jeans a t-shirt and one of Pete’s hoodie she grabbed off the floor.
Addie walked slowly down the stairs and into the overly white kitchen where Pete stood with his back to her flipping pancakes in the pin. Addie stood there and watched him as he tapped his feet to the beat of the song on the radio he seem to be turned into the radio as if the music was the only thing around him. Addie stepped closer to Pete she counted the steps as she took them One, Two, Three, Four and Five as she then got to him and wrapped his arms around. She placed his head on his shoulder blade and closed her eyes. The world was moving too fast and she was falling in love and it was all ending two fast.

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