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Star Crossed Lovers

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how they meet

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She had met him 2 months ago at end of school party. She was dressed in a brown suede skirt that went just below her knee, a black off the shoulder top, black stocking and black high heels. Her hair was down and she wore little make up just some eyeliner to make her eyes pop out. She had spent an hour getting ready with her two best friends Rebecca and Bec both girls had the same name but were so different. Rebecca was a large girl but her personality shun out no matter what she wore or how she acted, Rebecca’s laugh was infectious, her smile and mood could brighten anyone demeanour. Bec on the other hand was the fashion designer in the making , her long blonde hair was straight and her slim figure meant she could wear anything and it looked good, her bright blue eyes made her look so innocent when she really wasn’t.
The party was in full swing when the three girls rocked up. The house was large and she could hear the bass as soon as they hopped out of the car. Addie looked around and noticed all the other she went to school with inside the house or were sprawled out on the front lawn.
Addie took her first step making sure she held her head high as she walked in swinging her hips from side to side this was to make sure she keep her balance on her high heels after having a couple of shots with the girls at home.
Addie made her thru the house saying hi too few people as she followed the music into the middle of the longue room where the dance floor was already in full swing. 50 cents In da the club was playing thru the speakers. People were moving to the beat when Addie joined in first moving her hips and knees to the beat before lifting her hands and shoulders.
Addie glanced around the overcrowded room at the people she could see most she knew from school and others from around the neighbourhood she had seen and never meet. She happened to glance to the back of the room where the longue room went into the kitchen. That’s when she saw him he was in mid laugh a huge smile spread across his face his head tilted back, he was animated and alive with what was going on in group of friends. By this stage Addie had stopped dancing that’s when she noticed he had stopped laughing and was looking directly at her. Addie startled by the stare that was happening she shook her end and was taken back in by the beat.
About the only thing Addie was shy about was boy’s she never really had a serious boyfriend and had never done anything past a small make out session that when things got too heated she would stop.
Pete was in mid conversation when he stopped and noticed the girl looking at him, he couldn’t break eye contact. She was like nothing he had ever seen before she was cute in a sexy kind of way; she looked sassy and confident in herself. He hit Joes chest with a flick of his wrist “Who’s that girl” he yelled over the music while point at Addie. Joe stated matter of factly “Addison Miller she was in my English class at school, Why?’’ he quizzed, before he could get an answer Pete was off into the dance floor with Joe struggling to keep up and follow him
Pete made his way over to the dance floor as Boys and Girls by good charlotte started playing. Pete felt more comfortable with this music as he pushed way over to her moving in between her and one of her friends.
Addie smiled and started to fill nervous as she realised he had pushed himself between her and Rebecca she then saw Joe from school coming up behind him who started to dance with Bec; he had been trying to flirt with her for years. Before Addie knew what was happening this guy was right behind her and she was grinding her hips into him he had placed his hands on either side of hips making them both move to the same beat. He twisted her around with the one hand on her hip so her feet where between his. He lent down to her “Hi my names Pete” he yelled over the music and into her ear, “Addie” she yelled back as she looked into his eyes for the first time. They were chocolate brown and deep she searched into his never ending eyes looking for what they were hiding, something like new world or a promise land. “Can I get you a drink or just go outside” Pete yelled hoping she would say yes so he could talk to her more. Addie nodded her head yes as he took her hand and lead her off the dance floor making his way outside where tables and chairs had been set up on the back deck. Addie looked back as Bec who was smiling at her as she stuck up her thumb giving her there signal that he was hot
“So how old are you Pete?” Addie questioned him as he looked older than most people here and she didn’t remember him from school. “22, I am in a band with Joe” Pete said already answering her next, she giggled and sat down on the cold metal chair that was below her. “So” Addie said taking in the cold night air into her lungs and breathing out and letting the cloud of her breath hit the chill in the air.
Pete saw this as his moment to move in on her, he grabbed her off the chair and wrapped his arms around her, they both felt the jolt of electrify run between then, Addie tried not to look at him as he lifted her head with his index finger under her chin and slowly applied pressure on her lips. His lips felt smooth and hard, his tongue entered her mouth slowly and twisted her tongue against his moving it in and out. This kiss was amazing they lips were like two jigsaw puzzle fitting together perfectly on the first attempt.
The kiss continued for a few minutes until he broke it off “Are you warm enough” he said worried that the Chicago air would be to cold her for, she laughed again “I might be Aussie but I like the cold” she said with that accent he hadn’t even noticed when inside. The accent intrigued him more he was drawn to her, he’d just meet her and already her looks and voice where making her every thought. That when she looked up at him with her big brown green eyes and slowly lent into him kissing him hard as if needing to kiss him in order to breath.
The kiss got broken by Rebecca telling him there were heading to Denny’s with some more of the friends. Addie looked at Pete and went to walk away when Joe walked up “Hey Addie, Can Pete get your Number” he said with a smile that gave away that Pete was shocked he didn’t do it himself but at the same time he was glad that Joe has asked “sure” she Addie as she grabbed the phone off Joe and put her number in and smiled at Pete and said good bye to them both, Pete let down and kissed her on the cheek.

It had been two days since the party and Addie hadn’t heard anything from Pete she had started to think it was a dream or maybe she would never hear from him. She was at her part time job at a gift store where she had worked every Sunday for a year, Cheryl her boss, had made her do the vacuuming and dusting that morning, it was nearly 11am when Cheryl had given her first break of the day, Addie walked to her back to check her phone she had one message on her phone from Rebecca
[Rebecca - I can’t believe u will only be living here for another 5 weeks b4 you go back 2 Australia 2 live]
Addie sighed at the message, she was trying to keep it from her mind that in 5 weeks time she would moving back to Australia for good. She would be at least a 16 hour flight from her friends who she loved to pieces, Addie replied back
[I know babe but we have 5 weeks to party and live it up and you can still come see me, you will still be my best friend no matter the distant]
Addie shut her phone when it beeped again looking back at it she realised it was from a number she didn’t know
[Hi Addison its Pete from Friday night it was really good to meet you the other night, wish it was for longer. how is your day going?]
Addie smiled and let the butterflies settle in her stomach before replying to him
[Hi Pete. I’m glad you msged me. My day is good just at work for another 3 hours. How’s your day?]
Addie put her phone back in her pocket and hoped he would reply soon.
“Why you so happy” Cheryl asked her when she walked behind the back of the counter Addie turned to the older women “ it’s a boy” Addie said with a smile that brighten up her face. Cheryl looked down at the floor “Addie you be careful remember you are moving home soon and you don’t want to get attached before you go” Addie face lost the smile and she started to think about loosing something that hadn’t even started but she knew she wanted
Addie’s phone vibrated in her pocket “just answer it “Cheryl said in a quick tone that could also be considered mothering,
Addie pulled out the phone
[ PETE - My day is good just been at band practice, I was wondering if your free later tonight to do something?]
Addie felt those butterflies again and this time she felt her heart beat faster with each time she re read the message. Cheryl words entered her mind as she wrote the reply
{Sure i’d love. What should we do and where should we meet ]Addie replied and put her phone back into her pocket and waited for the reply

An hour went by and Addie could do nothing but keep checking her phone and daydreaming about another kiss like the one from Friday when her phoned beeped again
[Pete - how about bowling? and I pick you up from your house]
Addie replied with her a yes and her address she then spent the rest of her work day wondering how she could tell someone she just meet she was leaving in 5 weeks for good.

- Sorry this chapter was long but this back story is rather important to where the rest of the story is going. I promise it gets better next chapter which will be up on Sunday if not tomorrow - Bree

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