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Love Song for no one

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the Date

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She sat perched on the edge of the couch looking out the window onto the darkened street waiting for him to come. She had only meet him for such a short time an hour at a party and 6 or so message but this guy was already turning into a addiction, someone who made her check her phone constantly waiting for him to message her any form of contact would make her tingle inside and make her heart swell and beat triple speed.
She twisted her wrist so she could see her watch it was now 10 past 6 and he still hadn’t turned up. She sat there trying to figure out if it was the girl that was suppose to run late or the guy. Each passing minute her heart sank further into her chest by, her mouth getting that sticky dry feeling by each passing breath. She sat there every couple of seconds checking her phone and then her watch repeating the pattern until she had enough of that. It was 7pm by the time she had given up hope. A single tear rolled down her cheek and her smile had faded, she knew it was all too good to be true. She knew she was never good enough for someone like him.
She gone into her room and thrown on a red hoodie. She hated the fact she believed he was real or even believed he actual wanted to go on a date with her.
She got called for dinner and went to the table looking glum. Her parents talked around her not to her she sat there and pushed the food around her plate not hungry she was embarrassed that she was let him upset her over over something that hadn't even started she just hated the feeling of rejection.
Ding Dong rang thru the house “who could that be” her asked no one in particular as she got up from the table. Addie didn’t even look up from her plate as her dad gave her a questioning look when her mum brought a strange boy closer to the table. Addie didn’t even her hear her mum tell her she had a guest. She only looked up when she heard “hey...Addie... “he stumbled between, his words unable to be put them in any order that made sense “I’m arr sorry I’m late if your still free maybe we could do something still like umm tonight.’ He said so sincerely.
Pete saw the girl in front of him and had the same feel he had when he saw her across the dance floor; the feeling of Champaign bubbles running fast around his body. He looked into those eyes that didn’t sparkle tonight instead they shun green, the green of a forrest after heavy rain they screamed out sadness.
She sat there in her chair him standing next to her looking at his feet and slowly made her way up his body with her eyes she couldn’t say no to him his plea to her made her stomach tumble with every of words he spoke “um yeah ok” she said with a nervous voice
“do you want to join us for dinner first” Addie mother said wanting to know who the guy was that turned her daughter into a women in front of her eyes “mum where fine” Addie snapped at her while sliding out of her seat. She grabbed her jacket and bag and left without another to anyone including Pete.
He unlocked his car and opened her door for her, before hoping in. each to scared to say the first word to the other. “I’m so sorry about this afternoon, we were half way thru a song and I lost track of time, I know it’s not an excess but I really wanted to see you.” Pete said in a reassuring tone. She couldn’t work out if he was reassuring her or himself. “Um so where we going” she said to change the subject. He didn’t know this side of the neighbourhood very well “is there somewhere close that we can talk” he said and for the first time that night looked directly into her eyes, she looked at with him and she smiled with a giggle in her voice said “go the bottom of the street turn left and then take the 3rd right” her voice and emotion made him realise she wasn't angry or upset anymore. He started the car and John Mayers Love Song For No One filled car, each one sat there in silence and listened to the words making them realise that maybe this could hopefully turn into a love song for someone,
He pulled into a car park of what seemed to be a big park. He would never have known it was here before tongiht. She smiled a wide toothy grin and opened the door “you coming“ she asked in a daring tone. He looked out the front window it looked cold out there he could see the fog growing in the distan. He then saw her she was about 2 yards in front of the car she was wrapped in a black jacket with dark blue jeans and white converse, she looked eager to view the world and to show him this place. She was looking at him thru the window of the car before turning around and jumping on the log that divided the car park and the park. He chuckled to himself at her child like manner of balancing on the log , he hopped out of the car and walked towards her. “Glad you could make it” she teased as she jumped off the log and walked into the darkness, he followed right behind her “do you come here much” he asked “I love it here, it’s my place to come to think” she laugh nervously “you’re the first person I’ve ever taken here” she said as she lead him further down the past.
Pete watched the way she walked thru the darkness her feet were obelise to the ground below them, he on other hand had stumbled in the dark. After a few minutes of walking along a narrow path that was lined with giant pine trees they came across a clearing. She stopped and turned to the right making her way to a table.
She sat to the top of the table. He could see the table had craving made into. He smiled a wicked grin slide acorss his face “so why am I the first guy you brought here“ he said in a teasing way when he reached the table, he could tell she was smiling “ Because the serial killer that lives in this area only likes guys who stand up girls” she said back in teasing way. He liked her quick wit and the way she could tease him back, she couldn’t believe how easy it was to talk to him and be around him.
She sat perched on the table and tilted her head back. Pete’s eyes narrowed in on her neck simply wanting to place small kisses in a row down her neck from her ears to her collar bone, shaking his head to get the thought out “what are you looking at?” he asked . Without saying a word Addie lifted her hand up and pointed to the stars “the stars they amaze me, do you know when you look at them techniquely you’re looking into the past” Pete never knew this as he sat down next to her and looked up at the stars to. There were surprising bright for Chicago.
They sat in silence for few minutes “So you’re in a band with Joe” she questioned “yeah I’m in a band with Joe and two other guys Patrick, he sings and Andy who plays drums” he said “what type of music do you like” she question back as soon as he finished answering her first question “ umm punk, why what do you listen to” he asked she smiled at him and looked him square in the face “ hehe Justin Timberlake” she said knowing he was about to teased her. The question continued for a few minutes both realising they were completed different but somehow perfect together

The difference seemed to be working for them it was as if she was the light, a white owl and him a bat that lives in the dark, after the small talk had died down Pete looked over at her in the dark, his eyes fully adjusted to the darkness now. He could see her smooth skin and the way she was snuggling up in to herself as she bite her lip he could tell she was deep in thought “what’s wrong “ Pete asked in a worried tone “ I’m only in Chicago for another 5 weeks, my parents are moving back to Australia and I have to go with them” Addie said answered back not wanting to her his response “so that means I have 5 weeks to be with you “ Pete said with as he faked a smile on his face and placed his arm around her drawing her into the crook of his under arm. She nestled herself in his body like a baby bird in its mothers wing. He held her tight and kissed the top of her head. She looked up in amazement at his sweet gesture. they inched closer together their lips barley touched but the mood of relationship was summed up in this one kiss, it was delicate and soft but passionate at the same time as if there were breathing in the same piece of air the kiss depended before ending. Pete realise she was infecting every part of him with that kiss. “ well little miss I better be taking you home soon, I don’t want you parents to worry about their only daughter with an older guy” He said as his lips kissed her again this time his tongue darted into her mouth feeling her hot tongue pushing back against her,

After a few minutes of kissing Pete pushed himself off the table and put her hand in his as they slowly made their way back to car both in a daze at the feeling and emotion running around there body.

hey guys please review i this is only the third chapter and im so new to writing, i just want to make sure im doing ok

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