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Chapter 18

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Tina and Pete get a visitor.

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Chapter 18

The next week Pete spent every night with Tina. The dance was finally that night and she was getting ready. When Tina finished putting on her make up when the doorbell rang. She ran down the stairs and answered the door. "Oh Pete, you look handsome." He was dressed in black jeans and a black buttoned shirt. Tina had on a green dress that came to her knees and a white sweater. "Your beautiful." "Thank you." Pete and Tina went to the car.
Once they got to the school Pete took Tina's hand. They sat at a table with everyone else. Pete got them some drinks. After a hour Pete and Tina went to dance. "This isn't your thing is it?" Tina asked. "What?" "You would rather be somewhere else." "Yeah, I guess, but I want to be with you." "That's good." She smiled up at Pete. "When are your parents coming home?" "In a few days." "I'm going to miss you in my arms at night." "I know. We'll find some way to be together." She winked at Pete. He kissed her and rubbed her back.
"Want to leave?" "Pete! We just got here. Is that all you think about?" "You don't want to know what I think about." "Your odd." She laid her head on his chest while they danced. After a few songs they sat back down and Pete got them some drinks. "How are you two?" Destiny asked. "Good." "Oh my god." Brittany said. "What?" "You and Pete have done it." "Your crazy." "They have." "Okay. Yes, we have." "Give us the details." "I will not. You two have your own boyfriends." She laughed.
Pete, Joe, and Patrick came back to the table. "What are you guys talking about?" "Um, nothing." "You and Tina," "Brittany, stop." "Going out for coffee later." Tina smiled at her. "I don't think we will. We have some things to do." Tina lightly kicked Pete under the table. A hour later Pete and Tina left the dance. Once at Tina's they sat on the couch. "Did you have a nice time?" Tina asked Pete. "Yes, I did." He wrapped his arms around her and gave her a kiss. "Want to go upstairs?" "What do you have planned?" "Like you don't know. If not, maybe I'll just go home." "Don't you dare." Tina stood up and took Pete's hand and walked upstairs.
The next morning Tina snuggled closer to Pete. Her bedroom door opened. "Tina! Wake up." She opened her eyes. "Dad! Wh, what are you doing here?" She sat up. "There was an emergency at work. Peter!" Tina looked at Pete's naked back. She hit him a few times. "Let me sleep, baby." "My dad is here." He opened his eyes. "Oh fuck." He sat up. "I want you both to get dressed. And Pete, I want you to go home. I'll talk to you downstairs." He pointed to Tina. He left her room. Tina just sat there. "Sweetheart, are you alright?" "No, I'm scared." "It's going to be fine. Get dressed." After they got dressed Pete and Tina walked downstairs. "I'll talk to you later. I love you. Be strong." Pete smiled at her. "I love you too." Tina watched Pete leave and went to the living room and sat on the couch.
"How long has this been going on?" "When you and mom left." "I pray to god you two used protection." "I'm not stupid." "You showed that today. I told you I didn't want you two alone." "I love him and Pete loves me." "Tina, you are 17 and Pete is 21. You don't know what love is." "Why don't you like Pete?" "Because he doesn't know what he wants. He's 21 years old and thinks he's going to be this big rock star. I'll be surprise if he stays in college. Plus, he's just messed up. I want better for my daughter." "You don't know Pete."
"Your going back to Texas." "What?" "You'll finish high school there." "No, you can't make me." "Actually, I can. After your mom comes home you'll go." "Dad, why are you doing this? Please don't make me go." "No. You'll move to Texas and go to college there. If you want to go to college here your going to have to pay for it. I'll pay for the college in Texas. I'll make arrangements with your aunt Carla." "I can't believe you. Why are you being so heartless? Just when I need friends and my mom, you do this. Look at what I've been through and you send me back to Texas. I'll never forgive you. I'll go, but when you come down there I don't want to see you. I fucking hate you for what you are doing to me. I hope you do the same for the boys."
Tina ran to her room crying. She laid on her bed crying. After a bit she went to her computer.
tinarocker: Pete, I need you.
petahpanda: I'm here. What's up?
tinarocker: I'm leaving.
petahpanda: oh, okay. I'll talk to you later.
tinarocker: No, he's sending me back to Texas.
petahpanda: What?
tinarocker: I have to back to Texas and go to college there. Don't be mad at me. I'm sorry.
petahpanda: Mad at you? Why?
tinarocker: I wanted to make love to you and if we wouldn't of none of this would of happened.
petahpanda: Stop. It's no one's fault.
tinarocker: I love you. What are we going to do?
petahpanda: I have no idea. Let me think. I'll talk to you dad. Maybe in a day or so. Let him cool down for a bit.
tinarocker: Okay. He wants me to leave in a week. That's when my mom is coming home.
petahpanda: That soon?
tinarocker: yeah
petahpanda: I suppose you can't get out tonight?
tinarocker: no, but what's he going to do?
petahpanda: just don't get into too much trouble.
tinarocker: I won't. I'll come over later.
petahpanda: see you later. Bye.
There was a knock on the door. "What?" "Tina, can I come in?" She went to the door and opened it. "What do you want?" "Do you want some lunch?" "No, I don't want anything. I'm staying here. Oh, I'm seeing Pete later." She walked to her desk and sat down. "Tina, I know you are upset with me now, but you'll see it's for the best." "Tell yourself that. Especially, when the holidays come and I'm not here and later when I do get married and have children. You won't be in their life." "You are overacting. This is just a crush." "It's not just about Pete. You are sending me away from my friends and my mother. And if it's a just a crush why are you making me move? It's because you know Pete and are more than a crush."
"You can see Pete tonight. Just be home by midnight." "I wasn't asking for your permission." "It you keep this up, you'll be going to Texas sooner than you think. Her dad slammed the door and Tina threw a coffee mug that shattered just like her heart.
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