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The Prophesy of The Two

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A goblin prophesy has been made. The lost and forgotten will once again be reunited. But they have to find the Two from the Prophesy first.

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The Prophesy of The Two

Disclaimer: I don't own the main characters from the Harry Potter universe. I do however claim most of the other characters though.

Chapter 1: The prophesies

It is a little known fact that the Goblin Nation lives deep down in the mysterious catacombs underneath Gringotts Bank. What else is known is the society of this Nation.

If you were to ask an wizard or witch alive about the goblins all you would hear about was what everyone was taught in Professor Binns "History of Magic" class at Hogwarts. Meaning very little.

Only the human workers and of course Professor Dumbledore knew that they were ruled by a King and Queen. The Magical community knew them as Director Ragnock and his never seen wife Rotgrenia. What no one knew was that the goblins also had an Oracle and unlike Sybil Trelaney actually was a true Seer. Don't get me wrong Trelaney does have the occasional Prophecy but the Oracle was able to See all the time. Also unlike Wizard kind Oracles were able to remember every prophesy they ever spoke. Because of this ability the Oracle was never talked about openly by the Goblins and their prophesies

Never revealed to anyone outside of society.

Until Know.


Oracle Grizban was in her private quarters with one of her servants getting ready for bed when she suddenly went stiff an said only five words. Her servant seeing her mistress go stiff knew that she was about to say a new prophesy so she got closer and listen carefully to what was said as she must bare witness to any prophesies spoken while she was alone.

Listening extra carefully she heard only Five words. "The Prince and Princess Come."

Having said the words the Oracle began to relax again. Looking around a spotting her servant close she asked one thing,"Did you hear?"

Bowing respectfully she replied " Yes Oracle, you said The Price and Princess Come.

Would you like me to record it?"

"No, that is quit alright you don't need to write it down. Would you please get my robes please. I must go to the Hall of Prophesy Immediately."

"As you say Oracle." The servant said with another small bow. Then left. Returning seconds later with the robes.

Turning away from her servant the Oracle slipped her night cloths off and putting the robes on turned back to her servant and commanded her to follow close and in a rushed but still dignified manner proceeded to walk the short distance from her private rooms to the Hall of Prophesy. Spotting a young Archivist wondering in the hall called out to him to follow as well. Quickly falling into step behind them they soon came to the sealed door. Whispering a few words to quick to hear properly the door opened silently.

"I need you both to help me find two different prophesies. I need to find the prophesy of 'The Warrior Prince and Princess' and the prophesy of 'The Seal of Knowledge'.

Having sensed the seal of the Hall of Prophesy being opened and remembering the young archivist pass him in the hall Head Archivist Arknod thought the worst and started to run down the hallway and seeing the door still opened ran into the room in a huff. Seeing only the Oracles servant in the room touching what she should not be touching Arknod got even madder and started screaming. "Leave those alone you have no right to be in here. How did you get in here? Did Archivist Dagnod let you in?"

Having heard Arknod scream at her servant Grizban stepped around the shelf that had hid her from view and looking pointedly at Head Archivist Arknod cleared her throat. "She is here under my command Arknod as is Dagnod. Now stop screaming at her and help us. I just had a vision. "They Are Coming". Now help them find the two prophesies tat are about "Them".

Seeing Oracle Grizban in front of him stopped his ranting but it took a few seconds for her last words to sink in but when they did he was shocked, shocked beyond belief.

"Did you just say "They Are Coming"? How?Who? When?. Which prophesies do you need?" he asked in a squeak as his excitement made it hard to talk properly.

"If you are going to help I need to find the prophesies of 'The Warrior Prince and Princess' and the prophesy of 'The Seal of Knowledge' and to answer your other questions. Yes. As I said I Just had avision while I was in my quarters. I don't know yet, but I will be speaking to the King about the prophesies as soon as we find them and as to the last question. Soon. That is another thing I will be asking the King about. Now start looking.

Gulping in air and starting to calm down he calmly turned to the young Archivist "The Warrior prophesy is on the bottom shelf of case twelve, not sure which one but it will be there, you go retrieve it." Then turning to the servant who was standing rooted to the spot as she was still not over her fright from being yelled at just moments ago a gently said"the other prophesy is on the middle shelf of the case right next to you. That one should have a green ribbon around it."

"Green ribbon sir?"

"Yes green ribbon. I was opening it up awhile ago and the ribbon holding it close broke and when I went to wrap it back up all I had was green ribbon with me." He said with a grimace.

"Green ribbon you say. Would this ribbon happen to have belonged to Keeper Norja?"

The same keeper that came to me to ask if Ihad seen it. You old dog you." Grizban said laughing

Blushing profusely Arknod could only nod. He was so embarrassed.

Then surprising him again for the second time that night she smiled at him and coyly said "Good you two getting together, she has been much happier since she lost that ribbon. Have you been seeing her a lot then? You have my blessing to continue seeing her, but remember you both have duties to perform."

"Um, Yes Oracle, we have been seeing each other but only when we were both off duty. Thank you for your blessing I will tell her," he managed to stammer.

Then their discussion was interrupted by two voices calling out that they had found what they were looking for.

"Well bring them here so we can read them."Arknod shouted in exasperation.

Dagnod came toward them holding a rolled up scroll with the usual black ribbon, while the servant came back holding a very old piece of rolled up parchment held closed with the green ribbon.

Stepping over to a table top with claw like corner clamps coved with a velvet type material he called them over so he could open them. Turning his head to look at the Oracle while opening the older scroll he turned his head to look at the Oracle a asked in wonder, "How did you know about this prophesy this looks like it is old enough to be made by your mother. I have looked at this prophesy off and on for many years trying to find its meaning and what does it have to do with the other Prophesy?"

"My Grandmother made that prophesy just before she died, It was my mother that recorded it. I think this was her last prophesy in fact. My mother made her first official prophesy right after this one but no one recorded it but she did tell me what it was about just before she herself died. She prophesied that I would See a newer prophecy five years after her death and that the two would be linked somehow. That is what the other prophesy is about. Lets read my grandmothers first. But before we do that I have to do something first."

Turning to her servant and holding out her hands palm up, "servant Kendrac take hold of my hands please." The servant looked frightened but did so "I Oracle Grizban do hereby confer unto you the title "Initiate" In front of these witnesses, do you accept?"

Both men were stunned. But Kendrac was even more stunned, never in her wildest dreams had she thought she would be made an Initiate. There hadn't been one in over two hundred years. In a whisper he quickly said Yes.

Then stunning them even more she proceeded to turn towards the young Archivist and letting go of Kendrac's hands held her hands out to him as well. Who quickly grabbed hold. "I Oracle Grizban do hereby confer unto you the title "Voice of the Oracle" In front of these witnesses do you accept?

Looking confused but happy he said Yes. But he had to ask. "What is a Voice of the Oracle? And what is an Initiate?"

Speaking for the first time since they opened the scrolls Arknod looked at the Oracle and said "Good questions." With a nod toward the Oracle, "If I may?" With a slight nod from the Oracle he began.

"In times of war or great change Heirless Oracles chose young girls who they felt had the Seer ability. As the Oracle acts outside of most of the laws of the Monarchy it is her right and privilege to chose whomever she wants without Royal authorization. The only rules being that there be at least two ranking members of Her court in attendance to make it Official. You Dagnod being an official Archivist allowed Kendrac to be blessed with the title 'Initiate'."

"As for your title 'Voice of the Oracle' it was the same way in war or great change a young man usually and Archivist was called upon to become a Voice. As the Oracle can't move around as freely as other goblins and goblin women are rarely seen by anyone outside our society he acts as The Voice of the Oracle. If the Oracle has visions pertaining to current events or Sees the need to explain older prophesies they are the ones that are sent in her staid. Since Kendrac was blessed as an Initiate you were than permitted to be blessed as The Voice. As a servant she would not have been able to bare witness. Now do you understand?"

"Yes." They both said at the same time.

"I sense great change coming and within the two prophesies there is hints of it as well. That was why I chose to bless you with your positions before we read the prophesies. It had to be done now. Now without further a due lets look at the prophesies and try to find some meaning to them before we present them to the King. And I feel quit invigorated right now. How Bout you lot?" the Oracle said with a huge almost scary smile on her face.

Arknod started to unfold the old scroll onto the table and clamped them at the top but as they were about to clamp them at the bottom tiny corner of a small little piece of paper was seen. In neat lettering it read;

To my little Bobin.

You made good choices. I See great things happening with those two.

Now Go seek out the banker known as Griphook and start making more little Bobins OK

Oracle Grizbet

The Oracle started sputtering and turning aunhealthy white. Turning to Kendrac Arknod told her to bring the chair from the corner quick as Grizban looked like she was ready to faint.

Taking the seat with a big womp the Oracle came back to her senses. "She knew about today and she must have told Mother because those might be her words but that is my mothers handwriting. Grandmother must have told her to put it here when they first sealed it. But you said you studied this Prophesy often. Why didn't you spot the note before?

"I never fully opened it on the table and only opened it up to the end verse the note was at the bottom. Why did she call you Bobin?"

"I was so tiny when I was born than as Igrew I was always sewing things and had my pockets full of Bobins of thread. That's way? Not that it matters. Now how am I supposed to meet this Griphook if I can't even leave the underground and get to the bank.

Maybe I can send you Dagnod to meet this Griphook and send him down to see me.

"Now lets see this prophesy before we are disrupted again." But no sooner we those words out the Oracle mouth when a very flustered head servant came busting through the door.

Screaming at the top of her lungs "Oracle, Oracle are you in here? News from the Wizard world. The-boy-who-lived just reported that Voldemort has returned and killed a student at the end of the Tri-Wizard Cup." Finally spotting the intended target of her news she stopped and tried to cat her breath, then began to look around and when she spotted Kendrac she was about to start yelling again but this time at Kendrac for being in a restricted area no matter if she was with the Oracle or not. But was cut off before she could start when the Oracle stood up from her chair and held her hand up. "Thank you for the news about Voldemort and as I see you were about to start chastising Kendrac you can rest assured that she is now authorized to be in here. In fact I was going to stop by to see you later this morning to ask you to assign me a new servant and to open up the rooms right next to my main doors and the rooms across from those as well as assign aservant to my new Initiate and Voice.

The look on the Head Servants face was priceless and that is saying a lot when talking about goblins. Her moth open wide looking like a giant carp was ready to take bite on a hook.

Snapping out of it she slowly bowed to the Oracle and with a "As you wish Oracle" turned to leave. At the doorway she heard the Oracle calling out "Would you please seal the door on your way out. We don't wish to be disturbed." What she didn't hear was the Oracle saying"Anymore."

As soon as the door was sealed they all burst out laughing.

The first able to speak was the Oracle but what she said just made matters worse as they all started up again. "Oh, the look on her face. Was that fury or shock?"

When they settled down again Kendrac just had to get them started again by producing a knut from her pocket and showing it the Oracle asked if she could call her back and see if she could do it again. Then Dagnod pulled out two Knuts and ask the same thing.

It was Arknod that pulled them back with the comment that if they didn't stop the tears everyone had in their eyes it would ruin the prophesies. That stopped them cold.

Whipping the tears from her eyes and attempting to catch her breath said "That was the most fun I had in some time. But that busybody had it coming. Even as the Oracle she is always ragging my ass about something or other. Always coming to me with complaint about her staff like I always have the answers to what everyone is doing behind her back.

I usually do but I don't want to tell her."

"Now lets get serious lets see that prophesy" Looking down at the parchment in question.

The restorer of wards long past they shall be.

By the acknowledgement of their feelings and the release of their dark emotions

the wards of old and forgotten will combine to reforge anew both ward and being.

The long past reunion of the lost is upon us

and they shall meet them as equals but come away a Prince and Princess among beings.

The knowledge thought lost they will be taught

as the 'Seal of Knowledge' will be reformed and the hidden ones return.

"While I have studied this I have figured out most of it the only thing that I could not for the life of me figure out the line... And they shall meet as equals but come away a Prince and Princess. Icould not figure out Who they were. Maybe if we took a look at the other Prophesy it will give us more clues.

"Hand me that portable scroll rack over there Dagnod. That way we can look at them both side by side."

"Lets see here" he said as he placed the other prophesy it's the holder.

The saviors draw near

'The wizard warriors'

The ones who will bring the lost and the forgotten back

You shall know him for he will be marked by darkness but fight for the light

He will be known as 'Lightningbolt' to the Nation but known as Prince by the Others

And by his side she will be known as 'The Learned One' and be acknowledged as Princess of the Others

Find Them, Protect Them, and Teach Them

The hope of All the Nations draw near.

"Has anyone ever heard of this Lightningbolt or this Learned One before? This one seems to state that the Prince and Princess from first Prophesy are those two figures. It also clearly states that they would be Wizards. What Wizard ever cared enough about Goblinkind. Then we are supposed to teach them. That's.......That's.........That's just bad. He spit out.

"What is that bit about being marked by darkness. We might have taken sides in the current war but to put our hope in the hands of a dark wizard..... Bah" Arknod said throwing his hands at the parchment as he started to walk away. But stopped when Kendrac said very timidly "The line says that he would be Marked by darkness not that he would Be dark, that and it says that he fights For the light Not the dark. My next questions is how do we find this wizard if we can not even leave the tunnels. Well you can but it would take forever if you were the only one looking."

"Maybe this Griphook would know where to look. Your Grandmother did say to look for him. Maybe its her way of showing us the way to finding these two wizard warriors." Dagnod suddenly said smiling.

Stifling a yawn The Oracle stood up and said "Why don't we ponder this later today. We will all have a long day tomorrow and I'm tired." Turning to the two youths remember you can sleep in your new rooms tonight but you still have to move your old ones in the morning. Then we have to see about getting you your new wardrobe befitting your new stations. Then we will be presenting ourselves with the prophesies in front of the King and Queen in the afternoon. I will probably have a letter for you to deliver to Griphook tomorrow afternoon as well." Then pointing to Arknod "That and he has to go see a lady about that green ribbon he still has in his hand and tell her about my blessing." Turning around again and heading toward the door she said good night and with a wave of her hand the door opened and she disappeared down the hallway to her quarters.

That night the Oracle dreamed of a boy with emerald green eyes and a young girl curled up asleep on her bed with a large book on her lap.

In their new rooms next to and across the hall from the Oracle the two inside were dreaming of the other.

In a goblin house in the workers section of the goblin city a goblin named Griphook dreamed a beautiful goblin lady in white robes.

In a tiny room close to the deep vaults two goblins were letting their love for each other get the better of them with the blessing of the Oracle.

In a dark house in Little Winging the dark lord Voldemort started to have nightmare about an army of creatures being led by Harry Potter and someone else that was hidden in the shadows behind him.

Inside Hogwarts Headmasters quarters Dumbledore was having the same nightmare as Voldemort.

Inside the Gryffindorsleeping quarters two people started having a dream about a dark room with glowing runes.

Also inside Hogwarts Castle in her bedroom Minerva McGonagall was dreaming of a tall and mysterious stranger in flowing white and golden robes.

In the Forbidden Forest The Centaurs with the exception of Bane were looking at the stars and exclaiming excitedly "They are coming, They are finally coming."

A/N You notice they Imade the Goblin Society just like the human Society. So far I have not read any Fics that have the goblins being portrayed as anything more that gold hoarding, or financial savvy warriors. If you know of any good fics were the goblins are mentioned in more than bankers send them to my review page.

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