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Celena Arrives at Hogwarts

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Celena sat beside Oliver, fiddling with her hoodie. She was dressed in dark clothes and her hair was pulled back with a bandanna. Oliver sat quietly wondering what to say to ease her nerves for they were on the Hogwarts Express heading for Hogwarts.

She got up and began to pace. She was scared, nervous and excited. She couldn’t help but feel like that morning when she had said good bye to her parents that it was the last time she would see them. But it was probably just the fact that every day of her life she had been with her parents, except for the week in the summer she would go to Camp Sundown. Her mom cried and her dad seemed to be holding something back. And with the escape of Azkaban prisoner Sirius Black, she was nervous.

The sky outside was dark as though it was midnight. Which made the trip a little easier on Celena.

She got up and paced as Oliver watched her. He hoped that she would be a Gryffindor but whatever house she was in, even if it was Slytherin he would still be her friend.

The train stopped as the lights went out. Celena was thrown to the bench opposite Oliver. Both looked shaken.

“Are we there yet?” Celena asked timidly, as she rubbed her arms. It was very cold.

Oliver looked down at his watch, “No…”

The door slid open as a Dementor floated in. Celena and Oliver froze, as the dementor seemed to look around.

Celena and Oliver tentatively pulled out their wands and were about to use Patronus charm when it left down the corridor.

“Does that happen every year?” Celena asked as she pulled out her uniform.

Oliver shook his head, “Unless it was for Black but he couldn’t have gotten on the train without anyone noticing."

She nodded and left the room to go change. In the bathroom she changed in to her uniform. She looked at her reflection in the mirror. The gray was a lot lighter then she was used too. She paused for a moment at the mirror and stared herself in the face. She gave a tentative smile and left ignoring the whispers that followed in her wake. Who was the girl with the pale skin in the first year uniform when she was older then most of the school? She reentered the compartment to find Oliver already dressed.

He looked at her in surprise. Her skin was pale, the skirt revealed slender legs that were gently muscled from her dancing. The sweater hugged her curves, her eyes seemed brighter. She looked beautiful to his eyes.

“You look great,” he said standing up and walking to her side. She nodded her thanks but with the uniform on she looked even more nervous.

Oliver couldn’t resist and pulled her against him in a hug. She fit in his embrace, the top of her head fitting neatly under his chin. THe desire to kiss her on the forehead made overwhelmed Oliver but he refused to give in.

“Don’t worry,” he looked her in the eyes, “I know everything will be alright.”

She smiled as the train stopped at the station in Hogsmeade.

She got out with Oliver and without realizing it grabbed his hand. He gave her a reassuring squeeze and lead her to the carriages to the castle. They were joined with three boys.

Celena recognized them instantly from Professor Dumbledore’s memories; two of them were on the Quidditch team...The beaters and the third was the person who did the commentating.

Oliver smiled, “Hey Fred, George, Lee. I would like you to meet Celena Baxton. She is a new student here. Tari these are the Gryffindor Beaters Fred and George Weasley and their friend Lee Jordan.”

“Nice to meet you Celena,” Fred said holding his hand out for her to shake.

“He said your name was Celena yet he called you Tari…”George said smiling at her.

“I was born Tarien, but I renamed myself Celena Tarien. I go by either.” She said, liking the boys from the start.

They joked until they got to the castle. And Celena stepped out in awe. The school was better then she ever imagined, the stone, everything was beautiful.

“Miss Baxton?” a woman called out. Her hair was tightly in a bun, and she was dressed in a green robe.

She wandered over to the Professor and introduced herself. Oliver watched from a distance, wanting to be with her and help her get over the overwhelming fact that she was attending Hogwarts.

“Hello Miss Baxton, I am Head of Gryffindor House and I teach Transfiguration. My name is Professor McGonagall. For your sorting you will join the first years at the very beginning. Please follow me,” Professor McGonagall said and led her to an adjacent room. She went out in to the hall with the first years, and the Sorting ceremony began.

When her name was called she stepped forward and put the hat on her head.

The hat hemmed and hawed in her mind, it kept muttering that she should be in Ravenclaw but in the end the hat chose the house she wanted to be in.

“Gryffindor!” Celena smiled and went down to the seat beside Oliver. She only half listened to the rest of the sorting and Dumbledore’s words before the feast. Her eyes were wandering over her fellow peers. She recognized the entire Gryffindor Quidditch team, and the remaining members of the other 3 teams. She noticed a pale blonde boy who was the Slytherin Seeker. He seemed to be laughing at a boy at her table. She looked down and saw a boy with black flyaway hair sitting with a girl with bushy hair and a boy with red hair. She knew the boy was Harry Potter. And the red haired boy looked much like the 2 she met in the carriage to the castle. Maybe a family member perhaps?

She was silent through out supper but she ate little. She just looked over everyone in the hall.

The meal was over and Oliver led her to the Gryffindor Common room. She bade him goodnight and went upstairs to the 7th year girls dorm. She shared it with 4 others girls. They looked at each other in silence.

“Um Hi,” Celena said finally breaking the silence.

“Hi, Im Meneena, that’s Marianna, Cassie, and Alanna.” A girl with long brown hair said.

“Im Tari, Celena Tarien Baxton but I would prefer that its Tari,” Tari said quietly.

“So, what school did you transfer from?” the black haired girl named Marianna asked.

“Ummm….” Tari said realizing that it was going to be a long night. She dressed and turned away.

The red head, Allanna sensed her unhappiness, "If you dont wanna tell us then thats ok too..."

Celena settled in her bed and looked at the curtain hanings around her. She was hear and already people were question her....

/I just dont want them to know/, She thought, "Maybe I shouldnt have come at all..." she whispered and fell asleep.
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