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Horrible News

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Tari realizes that there is no day but today

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Tari sat staring in the growing darkness, her eyes poured tears. It was 2 weeks after MSN convo but it felt like a year. She sat in her backyard, it was dusk. She got a very disturbing letter today and it was stained with tears.

Dear Tarien Baxton;

This letter only brings you bad news. You have only met me once, but my daughter Shayla talked about you often. It was always about you, Kim and her. The day Kim died, Shayla went out on the little motor boat we had bought for her so many years ago. From what she told her boyfriend, Brett she went out to a little basin that night, and cried herself to sleep. She was fine, and safe but when the tide goes out it leaves a deep empty bowl, that you can only fly out of. She was stuck when the sun came up.

She died in hospital a week later with third degree burns on 80% of her body. It was horrible but at the end she wasn't in pain. She requested a couple of her own items be sent to you and those will be coming in a little while.

Yours Sincerely;

Maria Johnson

Tarien had stained the letter with more tears, and she put it down on the grass beside her. She knelt, knowing why Shayla had not been on that night. She had been in the hospital or burning outside.

She stood up and looked around, she ran. She raced away ignoring how the skin on her hands was taking a pale red glow. She ran, blinded by tears. She collapsed in the park where she first saw Oliver. She sat on her knees. Flashes of her times at Camp Sundown with her and Kim and Shayla were behind each tear as they fell.

"Hey look fellas," Tarien tensed, feeling the presence of 3 drunken men behind her. She stood up, and faced them.

"Name your price girlie," one of them demanded. "We will pay triple it if you allow us a spin or two."

Her eyes narrowed, as they advanced. "That is not my trade gentlemen," she informed them backing up.

"Name your price, or we will pay what ever we think necessary" one of them snagged her wrists. She kicked out hitting one on his thighs. She turned her head and bit down on the bare skin on his shoulder. He yelped in pain.

Oliver raced in to the fray punching the man who held her captive. She fell crying to the ground. Oliver punched the other men before they ran.

"Tari," he whispered gathering her in to his arms and pulling her closer to him.

Tari just sat there shocked. She shook her head to clear it and backed out of his embrace.

"Thanks.... Oliver.... Ummm Here" she handed him a cardboard tube. Oliver looked at her with one of his eyebrows raised. He pulled up the cap and reached in. The tube was about 50 centimeters long and 10 centimeters in diameter. He pulled out 8 or 9 pieces of parchment. On them color coded by house color were Quidditch strategies. Red and gold, with Silver and green for Slytherin... Blue, bronze, gold and red for Ravenclaw, and yellow, black, red and gold for Hufflepuff.

"Dumbledore lent me his memories of each game played in the last few years, since Harry Potter joined the team. From them, I deprived these..." She told him quietly... "There is something else too...I... I...I need to tell you" she stuttered, almost afraid of what she was going to say, scared about how perfect it was. Everything seemed right, screaming at her to do it. Oliver looked surprised, "Tarien, there is something I need to tell you too...You are such an amazing..."

Tarien interrupted him, "I need to say this now...I...I think.... Im attending Hogwarts come September..."

Oliver stood shocked, the parchment fell from his hand. His mouth was wide open in shock.

He became lost in his own thoughts as she got over run with flashbacks.

Celena went upstairs after the online convo and took down the family's owl, Troy. She took a piece of parchment and scribbled a note.

Dear Professor Dumbledore;

Something has given me a change of heart, and I am willing to attend Hogwarts this September if you are still willing to accept me..

Miss Celena Tarien Baxton.

The next day Albus arrived, and was shown downstairs. Celena was madly typing at her computer as her printer was spitting out essay after essay.

"Uh? Miss Baxton?" he asked politely.

She spun around on her wheeled chair.

"Please Professor! I have realized if I do not attend Hogwarts I will regret if forever..."

"Celena, if I may say something?"

"Sorry Professor?" she stopped breathless.

He handed her a letter, "On the last day of August I will come with Professor Flitwick of Charms and Professor Snape of Potions to help you get to Hogwarts with out the need of doing it at night..."

She turned to face him, "Now Wood? What is it that you wanted to tell me?"

Oliver looked at her still in shock, and he looked down at the strategies she gave him. What was on his heart could and would wait for later as he gave her a tight hug.

She smiled happily, but a voice screamed inside that something would go terribly wrong.
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