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Midnight Lioness

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Tari is happy when Oliver leaves her house but he left her with much food for thought. She decides to go online, with out knowing Oliver had her email address and was determined for her to end up a...

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Tari lit the candle from one already burning, a small blush mantling her cheeks. Oliver watched her steady hands, wondering why she wasn't shaking.

She has accepted her fate... Oliver thought and helped himself to a piece of apple.

"Come to Hogwarts Celena!" Oliver said after he swallowed his bite.

He watched her face fill with pain, "I cant Oliver!"

He got off the couch and knelt beside her and looked in to her eyes.

"You can Celena! You told me you could! If you were careful" Oliver started and noticed she made move to open her mouth so he continued. "Your scared of what people would think not of what would happen."

"Wouldn't you be Oliver?" she whispered harshly. "Im mostly scared of burning, of dying but how would they treat me? A witch forced to live in the muggle world, home schooled."

"They don't need to know, the only house that would be bothered, would probably be Slytherin. Gryffindor, Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff will accept you always. I have only known you a couple of days but I know your no Slytherin. Go for one semester! One month! You will regret it for the rest of the time you live!" Oliver backed away and looked at his watch. It read 2:00 am; he scowled and looked down at the silent Celena.

"Tari, you are a Gryffindor to the core. We are brave; you are our midnight Lioness. Please come?" Oliver finished wondering why she was driving him so much.

"Oliver..."She whispered voicelessly. Oliver nodded and went towards the stairs.

"I have to go, thanks for the snack and drink." Oliver said and opened the door going upstairs.

He went and put on his shoes and went outside.

"You tried boy, and I thank you for that. But who are you?" a male voice piped up outside. Oliver looked around his wand in his hand, wondering who was out.


Tarien scooped up her cat and cuddled up on the couch.

"So Lunar? Whatcha think? Should I go?" she asked her cat as Chaos jumped up and lay at her feet.

She sat pondering for a long while.... She booted up her computer there was no way she could sleep now.

"Sorry sir but who are you?" Oliver asked politely as a man came out with Tari's hair color.

"Im Celena's father, Johnathan Baxton." He held out his hand for Oliver to shake.

"Wood sir, Oliver Wood." Oliver took the hand as the man sat down and pointed to the bench beside him.

"You must be the man Albus spoke to us about," Mr. Baxton said quietly to Oliver. "I don't want to keep you long, for you already is very late. I thank you for trying to get her to go to Hogwarts, Oliver I truly do. We all have tried for she talked of going ever since she could talk. But something has happened and she shut her self off from her dreams. She only ever talks to her friends she met at XP camp, Shayla and Kim but Kim died today and I don't know what she will do. Oliver just be her friend that's all she needs."

"I plan to do that sir," Oliver replied and got up to get going.
"And Oliver?" Mr. Baxton called out.

"Yes?" He turned around to face him.

"Her email is if you want to talk to her." Mr. Baxton went inside.

"No worries sir, I will." Oliver muttered and left.


Celena booted up her MSN and frowned slightly. Shayla wasn't on, she almost always was.

BEEP Star Gazer ( has signed in

BEEP Cassiopeia's Princess ( has signed in

Tari smiled. Star Gazer was a girl from camp, named Sam and Cassiopeia's Princess was a girl named Kel who Tari met at the camp as well. She opened a conversation box between the three of them. And began to type.

Midnight Lioness says: Hey girls how are you?

Star Gazer says: Not bad Tari, Hey Kel!

Cassiopeia's Princess says: Hey guys wats up?

Midnight Lioness says: Not much, I havent talked to u for a long while

Cassiopeia's Princess says: lol no kidding girl, what have you been up too?

Star Gazer says: Where is Shay tonight?

Midnight Lioness says: No idea, Im kinda worried but she is a big girl, Im sure she is alrite. I have a question to ask you 2.

Star Gazer says: kewl ask you your question

Midnight Lioness says: I have a chance to go to this boarding school in England....

Cassiopeia's Princess says: You mean without
getting' burned or nuthin?

Star Gazer says: What are you scared about Tari? It would be quite wonderful

Midnight Lioness says: Sam? Its quite not quiet...

Star Gazer says: bug off, we arent talkin bout my spelling we are talking about you going to school...

BEEP You have opened my eyes ( has requested for you to be on their MSN list do you accept?

Tarien stared she added the person wondering who it was. She had a gut instinct she knew.

Midnight Lioness says: Guys Ill brb ok?

Star Gazer says: Sure Tari come bac soon!

Cassiopeia's Princess says: Sam your spelling=horrible

Tarien smiled as she read the next comment and opened a chat window with the new person in it.

Midnight Lioness says: Hello... But who are you?

You have opened my eyes says: I like your name did someone call you it tonight?

Midnight Lioness says: You didn't answer my question Capt'n

You have opened my eyes says: Ahh but you didn't answer mine either, Lioness.

Midnight Lioness says: You seem to know me but yet I can't place you...

You have opened my eyes says: smirks Your smarter then this Tari...

Tari froze as she read over the last comment....

"I should have known" she muttered to Chaos at her feet.

Midnight Lioness says: Hello Oliver how did you get my email?

You have opened my eyes says: You caught on Tari, your father gave it to me...

Midnight Lioness says: Johnathan Baxton?

You have opened my eyes says: Yes that was his name

Midnight Lioness says: What do you want Oliver?

You have opened my eyes says: Just wanted to add you and chat

Midnight Lioness says: Your not a moon child its 5 in the morning...Don't you have stuff to do today?

You have opened my eyes says: I will sign off if you promise me one thing....Think about attending Hogwarts?

Midnight Lioness says: You make me promise something I can not keep

You have opened my eyes says: liar...Promise me?

Midnight Lioness says: sighs alright you win! I promise you by the light of the stars that I will in fact think about it...

You have opened my eyes says: Thank you Tari, Good day and sweet dreams

Midnight Lioness says: ...Good night to you Oliver....

You have opened my eyes says: You have opened my eyes goddess of the moon....

You have opened my eyes( has signed off and will not reply

Tari stared at the last comment, she felt a slight heat radiating off her cheeks.

She went back to her last convo...

Star Gazer says: She left us... You know its true

Cassiopeia's Princess says: No she didn't Sam, patience is a virtue you need to learn...Besides she still is signed on...

Midnight Lioness says: Hey sry bout that...

Star Gazer says: Whats he like Tari?

Midnight Lioness says: What are you talking about?

Star Gazer says: You only leave chats with us if 1. Shayla signs in which she hasn't unless she blocked me and Kel. 2. You were gone an awfully long time...

Midnight Lioness says: rolls eyes Sam it wasn't a guy...

Star Gazer says: SSSSuuuuuurrrrrreeee.....I g2g ttyl?

Midnight Lioness says: bye Sam

Cassiopeia's Princess says: Later

Star Gazer ( has signed off and may not reply

Cassiopeia's Princess says: Tari? About the school you will know it's the right choice if your heart tells you so. I know it sounds corny but seriously, if it feels wrong don't go. If it feels right however, go...

Cassiopeia's Princess ( has signed off and may not reply.

Tarien smiled softly to her self. Kel was right, every cell in her body was screaming go, except her heart.

Author's Note: The emails in this chapter are made up so please do not go adding them thinking they are real people. Gold Midnight, Star Gazer or Sam's email address is my own which you can add if you wish. Shayla, Kel, Kim, Sam and Celena Tarien are my own characters modelled after some of my close friends:) Please dont steal them for their souls belong to those people. "Tread Softely for you tread on my dreams" is the title of the next chapter...Please Read and Review!!
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