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Out Out Brief Candle

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Oliver learns about Tari, and how she can not got to Hogwarts..-Edited-

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Celena entered a dark staircase. She quietly lit a candle and motioned for him to take of his shoes. She then led him down the dark staircase, to a candlelit suite of rooms; all directly under ground and consumed by darkness.

In the first room, was a desk with a computer. The screen was glowing, and on the screen was a essay about the Shakespearean play King Leer. Beside that though was a roll of parchment, about a muggle legend air drying because it was covered from top to bottom with a neat precise writing.

Celena looked around uncomfortably and pointed to a door, “That’s my bedroom if you want a look, the bathroom is adjoined to the room and there is a small kitchenette that way” she continued pointing behind her. “I’ll go get us some snacks and sodas…Umm I guess make yourself at home.” She vanished with a practiced ease in to a dark room that looked lit by flickering candles.

Oliver looked around; noticing that a small TV was surrounded by a music system and the room was encircled by roof to floor bookcases. He noticed some of the titles, “Advanced Potions”, “Remembered Potions and their Forgotten Uses,” all the other books in their series intermingled with muggle novels, study books and other magazines.

He peaked in to her bedroom, and was tackled down by her dog and cat.

Celena came out with a plate of apples and cookies, as well as 2 sodas. She knelt down and placed them on the coffee table and picked up her cat and pulled her dog off of Oliver.

“You ok?” she asked as she helped him up…

“Yeah thanks…” he answered as she dropped his hand as soon as he was standing. She nodded and settled down on the chair by her computer desk. She checked the ink on her parchment and faced him. He settled down on the couch and watched her through the unstable lights. She began to stroke the plushy cat she had on her lap. The cat looked a lot like a stuffed animal to Oliver but he didn’t say anything.

“When I was born there was a pretty good chance I had XP… My older sister Celeste had it too…” she stopped to wipe her eyes with the back of her hand.

“Celeste and Celena are very similar,” Oliver commented.

“They are variations of moon goddesses. She died when I was about 3. She went outside a little too early and got third degree burns on just under 80% of her body. There was no hope for her. After she died I found I preferred to be called Tari.”

“Oh Tari I am so sorry…” Oliver said quietly petting the dog at his feet.

“Thanks, after she died I am not sure how my parents would ever get out of it. They kicked up the security around me. Buts its hard, because any UV light burns me…I can have light bulbs that give off less UV light then normal ones…But my parents just keep buying me candles… That’s the reason I can’t go to Hogwarts, my parents are worried I’d burn and it would be so hard for them to come and see me.” Tari finished quietly.

“What do you do then? During the day I mean?” Oliver asked mesmerized by this girl whose only life was at night.

“I study and work… I am in Muggle High school but 1 grade higher then where I am suppose to be…Hence the computer, but I am also attending Hogwarts. Professor Dumbledore comes and visits me monthly to just check up on me and answer any questions I might have… But most of all I dream…”

“About what Tari?” he asked as she stopped to grab a piece of apple…

“About the remaining time I have to live, and how I would live without XP…” she replied quietly as the candles went out.
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