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The Power of The Void

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A mysterious stranger comes to Hogwarts to talk to Harry and someone else. Why and who else? Set just before the end of Book 2

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Power of The Void

By DragonMage101


I don't own Harry or his friends, now stop bugging me or I'll have Ginny Hex you.

Chapter 1 The Cave

A Cave somewhere near //London

492 A.D.

It was a bright and sunny day outside of the cave, but inside the mood was quite dreary and Grif was the one causing it.

"It's time." The other occupant said to Grif as he got up from a rather worn out chair in front of a paper filled table.

Grif turned around to look at his companion. " I know, Ijust wish you came too. You've spent too much time in this cave. Your starting to look like some of the painting on the walls. Why don't you come with me?"

"You know what me going with you will do. I can't risk it. It's bad enough that I'm sending you. You should just go home. At least with you gone I can actually get some work done, all you've done in the past week is sit around and brood and you know I can't concentrate when you do that?"

"Hey I resent that . I do not brood. I mope", Grif said puffing out his chest in indignation.

"At least come in to town with me. You should at least tell Gripfang that I have your vault key and when to expect me using it next." Grif said crossing his arms over his chest.

"I guess your right. I might as well cast the travel spell on you so you are at full strength when you get there, you never know if you are going to need it."

"Thank you for that. I always feel so drained after I travel like that. By the way did I ever properly thank you for saving my butt? I would have been stuck jumping for a lot longer. Jumping is bad enough when you want to, but a forced jump is twice as hard on you."

"Yah, you did. Don't you remember that night in Bristol? Oh, wait you probably don't. You spent half the evening zoned completely out of it."

"I was not." Grif hastily blared back. " I just chose not to respond to my surroundings."

"Ok, fine, whatever. Grab your stuff and lets get going. You have everything don't you?"

"Yah, I do." Grif said smiling. "You know you sound just like my mother when you ask question, don't you?"


"Ok, fine I'll shut up now, you don't have to yell." Grif said with a wide grin on his face.

"So lets go." Grif said as he disappear with a soft almost inaudible pop.

"I hate when he does that." He said as he disappeared with asoft pop as well.

Diagon Alley, //London

Moments later

The two men entered the goblin establishment know as Gringotts. A place to keep your hard earned gold and valuables.

Walking up to the desk and looking up to the goblin standing there. "We're here to see Gripfang."

"Manager Gripfang is a busy goblin, might I ask who you are that wishes to speak to him?" The goblin said in a squeaky voice.

"Um, yes. Tell him Mr. Grif is here about the discussed business proposition. He will know my name." Grif said looking at his friend with a worried look on his face.

"I will be right back sirs, if you would just wait over there," pointing to a set of wooden benches against the wall a few feet away."I'll just alert Manager Gripfang you are here."

The goblin said as he turned to step down from his desk, and nearly collided with another much more larger and much older looking Goblin. "Oh, sorry sir. I did not see you there."

He said apologetically.

"No problem, Grimfort. I seen them come in and came as soon as I could. I was expecting them sometime today so I was on the look out for their arrival." Gripfang said in deep but low voice.

Turning to the two gentlemen "As I said I have been expecting you. I have the room set up for you and I again caution you on what you are about to attempt. I have doubts about what you hope to accomplish, but have been told by the Elders that they have done all they could to ensure success and that has reassured me. Just follow me to the Ceremonial Room."

Getting to the room Grif turned to his companion, "This will work just fine".

Then turning to Gripfang, "This is perfect. Now I have just one more request.

Could you inform the next Managers that this room should not be put to other uses in the future. I would hate to make this jump and end up in someone's office or vault."

Gripfang grinned at this request and with a chuckle said "Do not worry. This is the Ceremonial Room. It cannot be turned into anything else without angering the Ancestors. I now bid you farewell and good luck" Having said this turned around and walked out the door and closing it behind him.

"Well I wish you good luck as well" Grabbing Grif in a huge bear hug. "Maybe after you succeed you could return and maybe bring 'Them' with you?"

"I don't know about that. But you never know. Goodbye." Grif said looking quit anxious and sad as he moved to the center of room.

"Ok, Hold On. I'm starting now"

In a guttural voice and in a language that would make anyone afraid He started to chant.

By the elements do I hereby command the power to open The Void of Time.

I command you to open.

Void of Time,


A mist started to form on the floor of the room and began to swirl around Grif. It then shot away from Grif about three feet away a began to form a vertical black line 6 feet high and hovering a foot off the ground. Then at the word "OPEN" it started to glow bright white and slowly separate forming a doorway.

Picking up his bag Grif walked toward the now open doorway and with one final wave at his friend stepped through and vanished. Collapsing the door.

"Goodbye" Merlin said with a solitary tear falling from his eyes. He then left the room to go find Gripfang and thank him.



Please tell me what you think of this story. I'll try to update as fast as I can.

I know I suck at spell writing so I will try to stick to Cannon spells, but I will have to create new ones later in the story. As Iwrite the spell I will also give you a Translated version with it.
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