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Chapter 3

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Sarabeth wakes up.....

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Hey sorry for the extremely long wait! I was really busy and there were a lot of things on my mind. But any who, here it is…

“Why didn’t you finish her off!?” I heard a voice say angrily.
“I don’t know Mikey. I’m sorry,” I heard a familiar voice say.
I realized that it was Gerard’s voice and it sounded quiet and full of sadness. It sparked my curiosity.
“You were in the perfect position to just finish her! You two were alone and she was practically eating out of your hand!” Mikey retorted.
“Well you didn’t finish off your girl either now did you? She’s not even unconscious!” replied Gerard with an unexpected rush of anger.
I felt really light headed and scared after I witnessed that conversation. I opened my eyes. I found that I was still in that small, dark warehouse, except instead of being on the ground; I was lying in a soft king-sized bed this time around. The sheets were mismatching, but the comforter was made of plain black silk. I spread my fingers over it and from just touching the silk; I could tell that it was real. I looked around the room, but I couldn’t really make out much since it was so dark. I could still hear Mikey and Gerard bickering in the background.
Suddenly, I thought of Scarlett and looked around the room once more to see if she had fled or stayed like a true friend and noticed a shaking lump in one of the corners of the room.
How did I miss that? I quietly asked myself.
I pulled myself from the big mismatched bed and cautiously made my way over to the shaking “lump” in the corner.
As I got closer, I could make out her features. Her skin had turned deathly pale and she wore the expression of someone that had seen a zombie. Her shirt had gotten all dirty and there was a large red stain on it that strangely reminded me of blood. She was trembling and making tiny, almost inaudible whimpering noises too. I can honestly say that it was deeply scaring me. I have never seen her like that before.
“Scarlett,” I said softly.
She snapped her head up, making a little high-pitched squeal, but stopped herself when she realized it was just me.
“Honey, are you okay? You look like you just saw a zombie rise from the dead,” I told her.
“No,” she whispered, “I’m not o-fucking-kay.”
“Would you care to tell me why?” I asked.
Scarlett closed her eyes and took a really deep breath in attempt to steady her shaking. After she stopped trembling so much, she opened her eyes again and said in a partially shaky voice, “Okay, well after Mikey had led me out to the dance floor and danced with me, he led me out to that alleyway that’s leads to this place.” She paused for a second to look around, “And I couldn’t stop myself from following him. I wanted to stop so badly, but it was almost as if my body was bound into some sort of trance and my mind was just watching over it. I guess that’s what happened to you too?” She paused again so I could nod, with a sick feeling rising in my stomach, “Well, after what seemed like something equivalent to forever, we arrived here and walked in. The first thing we saw was you and Gerard. Blood was everywhere, you were unconscious, and Gerard was holding you in his arms crying and trying to wake you up. Gerard looked up and saw Mikey and I standing there. He looked so ashamed. At first I thought he had killed you, so I rushed over and put my arms around you. I looked over at Mikey and he looked absolutely livid! So Gerard picked you up and carried you to that bed and told me to stay with you. This whole time I’ve been listening to Gerard and Mikey quarreling, and it really seems like they planned on killing us!”
On that last sentence, Scarlett looked totally horrified. I was still trying to understand what was going on. It didn’t seem to want to register with my brain. Then, I realized that Mikey and Gerard had finally quit fighting. I looked up at Scarlett, who had her eyes transfixed on something behind her. I followed her gaze and found both Gerard and Mikey staring at us. Mikey’s expression was one of anger, and he really he was staring at nothing in particular. Gerard, however, was looking right at me with an intense gaze. It was almost as if he were trying to read my mind.
“So I’m guessing you two figured out what we are?” asked Mikey, still looking at nothing in particular.
That’s kind of strange, I thought to myself, he said “what” not “who”.
“That you two are vampires?” said Scarlett.
She hadn’t said anything to me about that.
“Yes,” said Gerard this time, “and because we can’t risk you two going out and telling people about it, even though we highly doubt anyone would believe you, you two are now our hostages.”
Beside me, Scarlett gasped. I just widened my eyes.
“So what does that mean?” I asked shakily.
“It means that from now on, you guys live here with us,” replied Mikey.
“Well of course we knew that, but do we ever get to out at all? And can we at least go back home and get some of our belongings?” I asked, shedding a tear.
“Yes, you can go out sometimes, but one or both of us would have to go with you. And we can go tomorrow night to get your things.”
“Okay, but why are you keeping us? Why aren’t you going to kill us like you obviously had planned on doing before?“ asked Scarlett. She sounded angry.
I watched an ashamed look flash across Gerard’s beautiful face, and Mikey began looking angrier.
“Do you want us to kill you? Because I will do it with no hesitation!” yelled Mikey, baring his expanding fangs and walking over to us.
Scarlett screamed, but before he could get to us, Gerard jumped in front of him and pushed him back.
Mikey snarled at Gerard and his eyes flashed red. Gerard snarled a much more menacing snarl at him, and Mikey backed off.
“I already told you that we are not going to kill them!” yelled Gerard in a voice that practically dripped venom.
Mikey’s eyes quit glowing and his fangs shrunk back into normal size and mumbled, “Sorry Gerard.”
Gerard just took a deep breath and turned around to face us.
“Sorry about that,” he said apologetically.
“It’s okay,” Scarlett and I mumbled in unison
“And Sarabeth,” said Gerard softly, “ I need to talk to you.”
The whole mysterious and sexy façade had completely ended. Gerard just seemed really apologetic.
Gerard walked out of the room and I got up to follow him. I followed him into a another room, except this room was brightly lit. There was a green, Victorian style love seat that looked really worn out. He sat down on it and patted the seat next to him, gesturing me to sit down. I hesitated for a second, and sat down slowly and cautiously. He twisted his body so he could see me more clearly. I just stayed as I was.
“So you’re probably wondering why Mikey and I aren’t going to kill you and Scarlett,” said Gerard.
I gulped and nodded slowly.
“Well the truth is,” he pause and took a deep breath, “there is something about you, I don’t know what it is, but when I, um, sucked your blood, it felt really weird. Not only did it feel weird but something really rare happened. You see, when I suck people’s blood, I see who they are. Like their memories and thoughts you know? But, when I sucked your blood I didn’t see any of that. I saw flashes of the future, and a lot of those images included you and I. Once I saw that, I knew what it was and I couldn’t continue. You see, with us vampires, if we suck a human’s blood and we see the future, that means that somehow, we are meant to be together either romantically, or unromantically,” he paused and blushed, “I for one wouldn’t mind it to be a romantic relationship.”
For some strange reason, that last sentence made my heart burst with joy. Gerard was speculating my face, looking for a reaction most likely.
Before I could stop myself, I leaned in and gave him a kiss. It was short and sweet, but I couldn’t help but feel electrified the moment my lips touched his. It felt much different than those kisses we had shared those moments before he had bitten me. Those kisses had only felt lustful. But, this kiss tasted a lot more like love.
When I pulled back, Gerard was staring back at me with the most beautiful smile I have ever seen. It reminded of that song that goes, “My God, it’s so beautiful when the boy smiles.”
Gerard pulled me into a hug and whispered in my ear, “You’re going to be bad for business, I can tell.”

(A/N) I know that the kissing scene was pretty cheesy, but bear with me. And by the way, some reviews would be really dandy J
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