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turn off the lights and turn off the shyness

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I let the line go dead before she could argue.

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sorry its been taking me a while to update. Heres something I've had written for a while and figured it worked for the next part. Enjoy!

After scarfing down the rest of the pizza and seeing who could come up with the loudest belch we headed home. After dropping Ash up and making plans to pick her up in the morning for school I headed home, making it in around 12 o’clock. I made sure to scratch hemmy behind the ears before I headed down to my room, hoping that I would be able to go to sleep right away.

And that was the last time I ever made that wish.

Not again. I woke up but I was tied to the bed. Trashing I tried as hard as I could to get away. I knew they were after me. I could feel them. The room shook with every step closer they took. I couldn’t breathe. The ropes were too tight. And they were coming too fast.
Suddenly the walls around me started to dissolve. I panicked. But nothing I did could would set me free. A strangled scream rippled though me chest. But it wasn’t from me.
Suddenly the bed was moving pushing me into a standing position. Forcing me to face the huddled mass only meters from me. Another sob ripped through it. Blue eyes jumped towards mine.

“Ash?” The darkness curled itself around her mouth silencing her, “No! Ash! Let her go!”

I sobbed. I couldn’t bare anything happening to her. Not her. I couldn’t take it. A scream full of rage ripped though my chest, and wouldn’t stop until I ran out of oxygen to fuel it. But my fear and hatred ran deeper than any vein.
She struggled, as the darkness pulled her into the floor beneath us. Her free hand reached towards me in a desperate attempt to grab a hold of me.

“No! Leave her alone! Leave her! Get away!” I tried to reach out to her but the bindings on my wrist cut in deeper and refused to let go. Hot tears spilled down my cheeks as she disappeared.
There was nothing I could do to stop it.

And for a minute I lost myself.

No! She’s not gone, she can’t be. It’s not true! This isn’t real. I know it isn’t. Come one Pete! Wake up!

But nothing happened and the darkness got closer.

Come on! Wake up!

End this!

I forced my eyes open. But could barely see though the darkness of my own room; ripping the sheets off of my sweaty body and grabbed the phone off of my dresser.
Please let her be okay...

“Hmm. What?”
I let out the breath I had been holding on to all night, and began to sob into the phone.
“Hello? Pete is that you?”
I cleared my throat. I didn’t want to feed her fear of the darkness anymore, “Yeah. Sorry. I just... I... I needed to hear your voice.”
A quiet silence fell between us.
“I’m coming over.”
“No!” I yelled softly, I didn’t want her to see me like this, “I’m fine. Just a bad dream, I’ll see you tomorrow at school.”
I let the line go dead before she could argue.

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