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you make my head swim

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She stopped mid chew, “Did you just ‘oink’ at me?” He responded with another oink. “If you’ve been smoking that wacky tabaccie with Joe again...”

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alright hers something that I have been meaning to write for a few days... hope you like it!

After the movie was over and we all had our potty breaks (God ice tea goes right through me!) we piled into Andy, and mines cars and headed for the nearest pizza joint.

Parking beside each other we faced the cold air, winter would be here in no time I‘m sure.
“God I’m soooo hungry!!!” Joe screamed as he jumped onto my back, “Feed me!”
I laughed as tried to pry him off of me but no luck, “Chill Joe, we’ll get a large pizza,” My stomach growled involuntarily, “maybe we better get to.”
I piggy backed Joe the rest of the way until we reached the door and he had to get off because together we were too tall to fit. Trick walked up to the guy behind the cash register. I looked around it was pretty empty. But I guess everyplace is a little slow on a Sunday night.
“Hey what do you guys want?”
Various meat and vegan words were shouted at him from our booth.
“Uh... Okay sorry, can we get a large meat lover, and a half pepperoni half vegetarian?”
“Is that everything?”
“Trick!” Ash yelled from beside me, “No mushrooms, on anything!”
“Uh... no mushrooms, and a pitcher of rootbeer.”
“Alright it will be about 20 minutes,”
“No problem,”
Trick slid in beside Andy who was sitting across from Joe, Ash and myself, and fixed his glasses, “So do you have a fear of mushrooms or something?”
She and I both laughed, “Kind of. I’m way allergic to them.”
I leaned in, “You should have seen her last time I forgot about the no mushrooms on pizza thing, her face swelled up so much I thought she was going to float away! Urgh! Hey!”
Her heel connected with my ankle under the table, “At least I didn’t call my mom basically in tears, saying ‘I killed her! I killed her!’”
I laughed and shoved her into Joe.

Joe burped loudly causing Ash to laugh into her pop, spraying it back into the glass. Ash bit into her current slice of meat lovers pizza, when Andy oinked at her. No seriously he did.
She stopped mid chew, “Did you just ‘oink’ at me?”
He responded with another oink.
“If you’ve been smoking that wacky tabaccie with Joe again...”
“No, I just wanted you to hear the sound the sound that the pig used to make before the killed it, chopped it up and threw it on your pizza.”
The rest of us had tried to keep a straight face but I couldn’t help it. Andy just looked so serious, like he was at a freaking funeral or something.
Ash looked down at her pizza, and paled a little bit, “I think I just became a vegetarian...”
I laughed harder, “You can’t be serious...”
Andy smiled and picked up a slice of his vegan crap pizza and offered it to her, “Join the dark side.”
Ash took it and began eating. Patrick picked up a piece of pepperoni, and began shoving it into his mouth morning about how good it was. I caught Joe’s eye and we began to do the same.
She glared at us all and huffed sitting back in her seat. We burst out laughing.
I couldn’t believe Andy got her to become a broccoli chewer like him.

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