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tonight is all about "we miss you"

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The tension filled up the silent spaces in the car. “‘Just what’ Pete?” She whispered. I rested my head on the wheel. Being honest was tiring,

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Strangely enough I had thought that I had already posted this... oh well. Here goies nothing. :) enjoy.

“You know if you were going to be late you could have called and let me know, we would have gotten tickets for a later show...”
“I didn’t know I was going to be late. God, how many fucking times do I have to apologise to you?!”
I ignored her and kept my eyes on the gravel in front of me.
“What are you really pissed about Pete?”
“Are you deaf? I just told you bec-“
She rolled her eyes, “Oh come on! You and I both know that, that is not the real reason you’re mad at me!”
I kept my mouth shut as we pulled into the theatre parking lot.
“Damn it Pete! Wh-“
I couldn’t take it anymore, “It Brent! Okay?! It’s your fucking boyfriend!”
“He has nothing to do with thus Pete...”
I threw my hands down on the steering wheel causing her to jump in her seat, “Yes! He does! He has everything to do with it. Ever since you started dating him, I’ve hardly seen you. You’re always with him, leaving shows early, coming late! You’re just never there anymore!”
“I’m always there. I have a boyfriend. I was to hang out with him to you know...”
“God I understand that, its just...”
The tension filled up the silent spaces in the car.
“‘Just what’ Pete?” She whispered.
I rested my head on the wheel. Being honest was tiring, “I miss you”,

Her demeanour softened as she hugged me from behind. Well, as much as you can hug a person when you’re both sitting side by side in a car.
“Why didn’t you say anything?”
I sighed, “I didn’t want you to think I was jealous or something.”
She laughed, “Well... You do tend to not like any guy I date...”
I smiled, “Yeah, guess you’re right.”

After a proper hug and a few apologies we headed into the theatre and attempted to spot the rest of the guys. Luckily Joe’s massive afro hair stood out from the rest of the crowd. Half way through the movie my leg began to vibrate. Popping it open the bright light hurt my eyes, and I had to squint to make out the message.

How does next Friday sound?

After replying and sliding it back into my jeans, I couldn’t help but smile the rest of the way through the movie.

I have to say I can not wait for this story to get into later one, if that makes any sense. But I have like crap loads written that I want to post but it's not at the right part of the story. Damn my brain and its dislike of writing chronologicaly....
reviews miht make it stop snowing. SO please send some my way!
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