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Cold and Alone.

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Things weren't supposed to go down like this. In neither of their eyes.

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Haha. New chapter! Let the drama COMMENCE! =O I would really love some more reviews, even if it sucks. And sorry but my brother has been betting crumbs and stuff in the keyboard so when I press some keys they randomly wont work, and that plus my typos make my fanfictions pretty horrific. xD So please understand all the little mistakes. =P Thanks guys!



Nothing. You can compare nothing to what I'm feeling right now. I'm laying on the bench at a table, hiding myself away from the rest of the world. Sure, I kissed Frank, let him know how I felt, but now we're not even on speaking terms. Neither of us ate anything yesterday after the kiss. It made my stomache churn like crazy everytime I thought about what I did. It's not even one of those things where you stare at the other person and catch eachother's gaze every once in a while. No. It's one of those things where you can't even muster the strength to look at anyone. I can't even look at Mikey right now. It's pretty obvious that everyone knows something's up between Frankie and I, I mean, we both turned into unsocial, grumpy, tired hermits who don't move to even eat. Now that I'm thinking about it I'm kind of hungry. What? Yelling? Who is that? Frank. Frank and... Mikey? Frank and Mikey are arguing? Now I'm trying to listen closely.
"If you're not going to talk about it then stop sulking around like a sorry pile of shit!" Screams Mikey.
"Shut the fuck up! Go away! Jesus Christ!" Yells back Frank.
Frank's voice sounds muffled. I sit up and look to where the yelling's coming from. I notice that Mikey is yelling into the bathroom door. Frank must be inside.
"Fine Frank! Be that way!"
"I will!"
I should see what's going on. This sounds like it's about me. Mikey walks over and sits across from me at the table. I look at him with an idiotic expression on my face,
"Oh. You actually looked at me." So he has noticed that I had been avoiding everyone.
Without saying anything I get up and fast walk to the bathroom. My feet pace back and forth in front of the door, wondering what I'm going to say. Frank. I'm so sorry. You were my best friend in the whole world. I never would have kissed you if I knew what was going to happen. Now we can't even speak to eachother. Frank. I'm almost reduced to tears. It's all my fault that you're like this to Mikey. Frank! I love you!
-knock knock-
I knock on the door without thinking. Shit.
"Go the fuck away Mikey! I told you I'm not talking about it!"
"Frank... It's me." There's now silence.
"...Ger...Gerard?" His voice is shaky. Is he starting to cry?
"Oh God." He thinks I can't hear him whisper to himself. I can hear anything he says clear as a bell right now.
My ears catch onto the gentle popping sound as he unlocks the door. He doesn't say anything, he just lets me know I can come in when I want to. After a few silent moments I open the door. I open it, slowly. I have to be gentle with Frankie. I love him so much. As I looked in I didn't see him. I looked through the blurry glass shower door where I saw a small body, Frank. I sat down right outside the shower door so we could both only see blurs of eachother.
"Frank we need to talk about yesterday."
"Why do we need to talk about it?"
"Are you saying you want us to stay like this?" My voice held a laugh, one of those laughs that say 'are you kidding me? I can't believe you!'. Frank didn't say anything say anything back.
"Frank!" I yelled through my teeth. MY fist hit the glass door and I could see Frank shake. Why couldn't he see that I loved him so much? I loved him so much that it hurt dammit.


My body jumped as I saw Gerard's fist hit the glass right next to me. Was he angry? Do I love him? No. I don't love him. I can't love him, that's not possible. I mean... do I? Can I rally answer myself truthfully for once? DO I FUCKING LOVE HIM?! I want to know this myself so badly. For now I guess I'll just answer any questions Gerard throws at me with the firs thing that comes to mind.
"Gerard. I don't even know what to say. I-I mean... Wh-what happened?" My mouth kept moving without my permission.
"I... I fucking love you Frankie! Why the hell would I have kissed you if I didn't?!"
My heart stopped for a second. Gerard... loves me? That's not supposed to happen. My eyes start to water and my throat feels like there's something stuck inside of it. Why would I care so much about this one, stupid thing? Was it really that stupid? The sobs started coming from my chest, my lungs kept heaving as the tears kept pouring.
"Please don't cry Frank!"
Too late Gerard. You made me cry. But I don't know how. Am I really this confused about Gerard? Gerard's blurry figure stood up, so he's leaving now. Wait. No he's not. Now he's standing still. All of a sudden Gerard opens the door to the shower. No matter how much I try, I can't stop the tears from coming. Everything is to hectic right now that I can't even think straight. I thought for sure that Gerard was going to start talking again, but all he did was drop to his knees. Drop to his knees and stare down at his hands.
"I didn't know that it would ever come out Frank," Now he's looking straight at me, I can see it through the blurry tears in my eyes.
"How much I really love you. I'm sorry Frankie. I didn't know things would happen like this."
I hear his voice but it doesn't register. I have to repeat it in my own head to make sure I hear him correctly.
"Shut up!" Before I know it my fist is flying at his face, my other hand now, and again, and again. Now he's on the ground, his face is bleeding. I step over him and run out. Oh god. What did I do? What did I do to Gerard? I love him! I fucking love him, I swear!


I'm in the shower now. Bleeding from my nose and one of my eyes. This whole situation breaks me heart into a million peices. In just one day I went from happy Gerard Way to some pathetic guy, beat up by the only one he loves, curled up in a shower. My lungs start to pound, I realize that I'm laughing now, laughing so hard that I can't breathe. Since when was I laughing? Now tears are coming from my eyes because I'm laughing so hard. But now they're tears of sadness. Now I can't stop crying. Now I'm thinking about Frank. Now I'm crying so hard I think I might die. I'm choking, my throat is closing up. The world is going black and next thing I know I'm out cold. Out cold and alone. Cold and alone.
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