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I Don't Want To Love Him!

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Frank's not okay.

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Okay so seriously guys, I'm not going to continue this story if no one reviews it! I've had three chapters and only 2 reviews! I need some feedback if I'm going to keep writing. So if no one reviews this chapter then I think I'll just stop writing this story. =/ Anywho, enjoy! This one's kind of just a filler-ish, I'll have the next chapter up sometime tomorrow though(if I get reviews by then -___-).




It's been over an hour since Frank and Gerard had been talking in the bathroom. Frank is in the bunkroom, I think he's sleeping. But where's Gerard? Is he still in the bathroom? We all knew that something was up with them today, and Frank had practically blown up on Mikey right before Gerard tried to talk to him. Something in my stomach doesn't feel right. All I can do is sit on the couch and watch TV. I'm so very useful aren't I? Ray has been sitting next to me for a good half hour, we've been watching Scooby Doo. For some reason anything that would make me laugh seems so very unfunny at the moment. Even if Scooby Doo is an old cartoon it still makes me laugh, or it did. Of course it has to be raining outside, worsening the mood. We're going to be coming up on our next town tomorrow, hopefully whatever's happening is cleared up, but I don't think it's too seriouse. I nudge Ray with my elbow a litte bit,
"Ray. Where's Gee?" I ask curiously.
He looks at me, then past me to the bathroom, the door is open.
"I think he's still in the bathroom, he hasn't made any kind of noise for a while though."
"Should we go check it out?"
"Well... I guess, but he might just yell at us and tell us to go away."
"It's worth a shot." I say, getting up without glancing at him.
Ray follows me to the bathroom but we stand hesitantly at the door. Eventually Ray's hand pushed the door open further. We didn't see Gerard at first, but upon stepping in...
"GERARD!" My mouth let out a scream.
Gerard was huddled on the ground in the shower, his face was bleeding but most of the blood was dry. How long had he been in here? I felt so bad for not bothering to check earlier. What the hell happened here? I knelt down outside the small, square shower, reaching in and pulling Gerard halfway out by his arms. Ray just stared at Gerard. He couldn't have fallen while taking a shower, there was no water anywhere and he was still fully dressed. Wait. Frank.
"FRANK!" I yell furiously.
Frank did this didn't he?! No. Frank couldn't have done this, could he? Frank's never done anything like this, especially not to Gerard. Frank's always been that funny kid, the childish one who we love so dearly. Why would he have done this to Gerard? Ray bent down and is trying to wake up Gerard, I'm shaking him now. Gerard please wake up. Please?


All I can feel is incredible pain in my head and face. I don't even remember what had happened, or where I was. Now I can feel someone shaking me, now someone's speaking to me, but it sounds all muffled. It's becoming clear now. I can hear the voice perfectly now. It's saying my name.
"Gerard? Gerard? Wake up Gee!" It's Bob. He sounds worried. For me?
My eyes are opening now, they are opening so slowly though. I can see light all around me except for two blurry figures at my side, one's standing up. I can partially focus on them now. Even through the blur I recognize Ray and Bob, they both look like they're in shock or something. Maybe I should see what's going on?
"B-b-bob?" I stutter out. My mouth hurts like hell now, my lip's swollen.
"Gee!" Bob yells, his voice is filled with worry.
Something about this situation makes me stomach churn. That reminds me, what happened?
"Wh-what happened?" I groan out, holding my eye in pain. It stings to touch my eye for some reason.
"I don't really know. You look pretty bad though." Bob says.
He pulls me up by my arms and stand me up infront of the mirror. It takes me a second to adjust but I'm able to focus on the mirror now. I stare at myself for a minute or two,
"Holy shit. My face. Who did this?" I ask. Who fucking beat me up in a shower?
Then it floods back to me. Please, no. That's not what happened it is? I can feel a tear slide down my cheek. Why am I crying? It has to be Frank.
"Frankie." My mouth whispers. I thought I was whispering to myself but I guess Ray heard.
"So he did do this!" He grumbles behind me.
"Ray, help Gerard clean himself up, I'm gonna go talk to Frank." Bob says.
What are they going to say to Frank? They don't even know what happened. I guess it's kind of my fault now isn't it? Well... he didn't have to punch my in the face so many times though. Ray is now running some toilet paper under the sink. He whipes the blood off my cheek first, I guess he hit me one in the eye. Now I notice that my eye is still crying. He doesn't love me. I should have known. I did know. I knew it all along. How could someone like Frank love me? He's so young and happy and beautiful and... straight. I guess I can't say this isn't fair. My hand reaches up to whipe the tears and blood from my face, it still hurts. I'm dizzy but I can stand. Ray keep a hand on my back to make sure I don't tumble over. I sniff to keep the tears in. Ah! That hurts. So he got me in the nose too. Without knowing I start to sob. My body is shaking and Ray stops trying to whipe my face. Now he just puts his arm around my shoulders. After heartbreak you feel so alone, even when your friend is right there with you.

I walk out of the bathroom, looking behind me to make sure Ray's helping Gee. Gerard didn't deserve that, did he? What went down? Maybe if someone would have talked to us we could have avoided this. I have a bad feeling about this. I stand at the bunkroom door, listening to the rain on the roof of the bus. We go over a few bumps, I can feel and hear everything so clearly. I think about knocking on the door, but he doesn't need to know when I'm coming in. My hand opes the door, I look in shyly. Frank's on the floor sleeping, he's obviously been crying. My feet lead me into the room and over to him. He's smooshed in the tight space between our little bunks.
"Frank. Get up." I say, kicking him in the chest lightly.
He groans, lifting his head. His eyes aren't open but he's facing me now. All of a sudden his eyes shoot open, he gives me the dirtiest glare I've ever seen. It's not a dirt glare because he's squinting and frowning, it's because his eyes. They look incredibly insane and angry... or maybe they're sad. He sits up, still staring at me. Now he looks angry. Is he even ashamed at all?
"What?" He spits at me.
"What? You're asking me what I want?! What the hell do you think I want?!" I yell at him.
He stands up and looks at the ground, leaning against one of the bunks. His eyes find his way to mine. He's walking towards me know, only a few steps were between us anyways. He pushes me backwards a little bit,
"Stay out of this Bob." He tells me.
I'm being flipped around and shoved to the ground, out of Frank's way. He steps out of the door and heads down the hall into the living room. I jump up and follow him, he can't get out of this one. I walk into the lving room where Frank's sitting on the couch, his arms are crossed. He's watching some horror movie. As I stand in front of him he just ignores me and stares into my legs, or past them I guess.
"You're in my way." He tells me(like I don't know).
I can't help myself now. He acts so oblivious to the fact that he just hurt Gerard. MY hands grab his shoulders and I push him into the couch.
"Why did you do that to Gerard?!" I yell at him. One of my hands come from his shoulder and smack him in the face. His head twists to the side, he keeps it there, staring off into space. I was expecting him to push me off and throw me to the ground, but... he starts crying. Why is he crying? Gerard's the one that just got beat up.
"G-gerard told me he l-loved me. I d-din't know what to do," He told me, tears now flowing from his eyes.
He sniffs and stutters.
"Bob..." He whispers.
"I don't want to love him... but I do. I do!" He started crying hystarically now. What's wrong with him?
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