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Hellish Sobs.

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Bob talks to Frankie, Mikey gets up from his sickly sleep and is left to comfort Frank.

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Fine, fine. I couldn't resist one more chapter(despite the lack of reviews T___T) so here's one more! I'll write the next one once I have at just ONE more review. Come on guys, it's not that hard, I review the stories I read, you should too. It takes like what, 30 seconds? Come on! Anyways, here's the next chapterrr. =O




Wow. What a weird day. I was sick in bed and no one bothered to notice. I wasn't not in the mood to get up really, everyone was yelling and it was raining and I was sick and today just wasn't good. Frank was in the bunkroom while I was sleeping... he was crying. I don't think he knew I was in there so I kept my mouth shut. Bob came in and I don't know what happened, everything was mixed up and there was some banging. Then they both left. All of this is so damn distracting! We have a show tomorrow and I need to get better as soon as I can! Whenever I'm sick I try to hide it. Most of the time Gee ends up making me stay in bed and he is constantly bringing me food and medicine. I love Gerard, but he's annoying sometimes with his constant brotherly-ness. The only reason I'm thinking about this is because he hadn't bothered to check on me. Even though I felt horrible and it felt like there was an animal scratching my stomach open, I figured I should get up. I slumped out of my top bunk and onto the floor. It took me a minute but I get myself onto my feet. I wandered into the kitchen to get some water, my throat was sore too. Woah. Frank just plopped himself down on the couch, he looked pretty angry. Then Bob was there. They were arguing, Bob looked like he was going to hit Frankie. I took a step back as Bob slaped him across the face. Frank just started crying, hard. He spoke through broken, crying words about Gerard. Now I'm sitting in the kitchen, my jaw dropped. Gee loves Frankie? What did Frank do to Gerard? Oh God this is so confusing. I can only stand in the kitchen and hope they don't see me.


I'm on the couch sobbing. Bob just slapped me, but I don't blame him in the least bit. I really deserve to die now. I just broke Gee's heart, that and his face. What the hell is wrong with me? How come whenever I have something good going I always fuck up because I'm trying to save myself? I'm so selfish. It doesn't matter that I love Gee anymore, he'll never love me again. Bob sits down next to me with his hands resting on his legs, he's staring off into the floor.
"Frank," I can't reply, my sobs are uncontrolable.
"You really have no idea what you're doing, do you?"
I look at him, the tears still pouring. He knows the answer to that question already. Of course I don't.
I put my head in my hands, now I'm crying so hard it's hard to breathe. Bob doesn't bother to comfort me at all, afterall, I don't really deserve to be comforted I guess. What was I thinking when I hit Gerard? Maybe I was so angry... er... so confused, that I just wanted Gerard to take it back. Well if I wanted him to take it back I guess I succeeded now didn't I?
"P-please," I kept interrupting myself with deep, shaking inhales.
"T-tell Gerard I'm s-s-sorry." I choked out.
I wasn't expecting Gerard to forgive me at all, but I could try.
"Yeah..." Bob says.
Bob just stands up walk out on me. My body falls down on the couch and I'm huddled against the arm rest, my hand's clutching the hair on the back of my head. The sobs are coming so hard now that I can't even hear myself anymore. The hair on my head feels like it's being ripped out because I'm gripping it so hard. Please, please, PLEASE STOP! It's too late now, I'm crying so hard that I'll wont stop until I pass out or fall asleep. I love Gerard so much. Why can't I convince myself?


I can hear Frank and Bob talking in the living room. They are kind of far away so I can't hear them very well. That, plus the loudness of my cries are almost loud enough to cover it up. Now Frank's crying. Why is he crying? Bob must have hit him a good one to make him cry. Maybe he's crying for me? Nah, he doesn't love me enough to cry over this. He hates me now. I should have kept my mouth shut instead of just kissing him, instead up just telling him and expecting everything to go all happy and sunshiney.

"Sweet, never weep for what cannot be,
For this God has not given.
If the merest dream of love were true
Then, sweet, we should be in heaven,
And this is only earth, my dear,
Where true love is not given. "

I watch as Bob steps into the room, he looks pissed.
"Gee, uh..." He looks at the ground, almost like he's confused or something.
"Frank says he's sorry." He doesn't do anything but stare in the same spot.
Honestly, I'm offended. What's going on with Frank? First we kiss and he doesn't do anything but stare, then he hits me, now he expects me to accept his apology when he doesn't even say it to my face? Wow. Frank's more insane than I thought he was. My sobs are softening as Bob looks up at me.
"Frank says... He loves you. A lot. Really." I could tell it was awkward for Bob so say something like that.
Ray stared at Bob in shock, his arm still slung over me. Slowly Ray's arm slides off my shoulder and he scratches his head. They both don't know what to make of the situation, and honestly, neither do I. I still love Frank. But he just hit me for no reason. Frankie's never been this complicated before. I still love Frank. I really do, I swear on my mother's grave that I love that kid.
What would happen now though? Things can't just be super-duper, I doubt things will even be normal for a long time. For now all I can do is hope and pray that things work out for me. And if not for me, then for Frankie. Oh my Princess Frankie. Despite what happened, he still deserves the world on a string. That fact will never change. Now my sobs go from light to hellish. Anything that ever happens to me goes wrong in some way. The only thing I feel like I have is the music we play, but I don't just sing for the fans, I sing for Frank too. How will I perform without breaking down and crying? What a show. It'lll give people even more of a reason to call us pansys. But then again, no one understands us if they haven't tried to love us. I notice that I'm on my knees now. Bob and Ray are right to leave me alone. They don't say anything to Frank either. They just go into the bunkroom and go to sleep. I wish I could sleep. But I know it'll be hard tonight.


Okay, now I really need to know what's going on. Bob and Frank didn't notice me(thank God) and now Frankie's on the couch, balled up and sobbing like a little kid. I can't hear anything on the bus besides Frank's crying, poor guy. I'm walking over to him, I sit on the couch right next to him, but I have no idea what I'm going to do next. My hand rests on Frank's side, if he notices he doesn't respond. He just keeps crying. His sobs are lightening up now. God what did Frank even do? I don't want to ask him right now though(not like he would listen anyways), he might just cry harder. Eventually his cries are reduced to whimpers and every so often a loud outcry that shakes his body. I grab him with both my arms and just pull him up towards me. His eyes are shut tightly and his cheeks are still dripping with tears. I let his body lean against mine, his head resting on the side of my chest, my arm over his shoulder. Should I even be comforting him? What if he really did something bad? He must've. Especially to Gerard. Now that I'm thinking about it I want to throw Frank off of me and leave him on the ground, but my heart wont let me. Frankie's one of my best friends, my band mate, I have to comfort him.


Bleghhh. This was totally a stupid chapter. Mikey had to wake up and I figured I would make a chapter where they tell Gerard that Frank still love hima nd then Mikey would wake up and be clueless. So this is the sloppy end result. Not like anyone reads and reviews anyways though. xD Haha. Anyways, I have Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday off school, five day weekend! =D Yeah! But it wont matter to you if you don't review, because I wont be posting another chapter! xD
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