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Before The Show.

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Sorry for not posting in soooo long! I've been so busy! I swear I've tried to start this chapter at least three times, but there's always something stopping me, in result I lost anything I wrote previously. D= So anyways, I'll be WAY more active with typing the story! Thanks for all the reviews guys! I really love it!




For whatever reason we've all been avoiding the subject of Frank and I. We all just kind of went to bed-except Frank and Mikey, they're out in the other room still. I keep wanting to go out there and snuggle with Frank, but I can't give in that easily. Maybe I'll just wait for Mike to come back in, then I'll sneak out of the bunk room and over to Frankie? No. I should just stay here. I'll make him want me. I'll make him want me so bad that it hurts. Maybe then he'll realize how wrong he was for doing this to me. Nobody's spoken a word since we all came into the bunk room. It sounds like everyone's sleeping, but I can tell they aren't. There's just something so wrong in the air, is it me? No it has to be Frank. Maybe it's me though. I did start this whole thing afterall. My stomach lurches from the guilt, why can't I just rewind time for Christ's sake?! This room makes me feel cramped, it's too hot, it's too dark, I can't see anything. Oh God I must be going insane.
Now I realize that I can't live without Frank, I must have him. Why can't he see that I'm perfect for him? I love him, I'll never mistreat him, I'll be there forever! For now all I can do is try to sleep. Maybe I'll dream about Frank and I tonight? I would feel horrible when I woke up, but at least I could sleep peacefully. As I drift off I can feel everyone else go to sleep too. Goodnight guys.
I wake up at the sound of the door opening. Frank found his way into the bunkroom. What's he doing in here? Isn't he afraid that everyone still hates him? His bunk's under mine, but he's not getting in. I hear Frank start to get up into mine. What the hell is he doing up here anyways? All of a sudden I feel Frank's body slither in next to mine. His hand slips across my chest and he pulls me in towards him. Now I'm facing him. This can't be happening. Now all of my fear has rushed out of me, his lips are pressed firmly against mine. My hands find their way around him, gliding across his perfect body. My hands pull his shirt and he pulls me closer. Our bodies tangle together and now we're kissing so violently that I can't breathe. Frank flips me over so he's on top of me. He sits up, straddling me, his hands on either of my shoulders.
"I love you so much Gee."
"I love you too Frankie." I reply, panting.
He reaches for something in his back pocket, I'm curious. Frank keeps whatever it is behind his back. We both sit there panting.
"Gee?" He asks.
"Yeah Frankie?"
Out of nowhere he's holding it over his head, it's a fucking knife.
"Stay out of my life!" He screams.
All of a sudden he plunges the knife into my chest. There's no pain, but my stomach churns. I can't believe Frankie would do something like this. Why can no one here this all? I'm coughing up blood onto my shirt, Frank's hands still firmly grasping the knife in my heart. Everything fades away. I must be dead now.

My eyes open.

Where am I? It's all dark and hot. Am I in hell or something? No, I can't be in hell. Now everything comes into focus, I'm in my bunk. Thank God it was just a dream. A flood of sadness washes over me. What if Frank would actually do that to me? My hands reach up slowy to rub the sleep out of my eyes, I can feel tears. So I had been crying in my sleep? I don't think I've ever done that before. Frankie's making me go fucking insane.
Now it strikes me, we have a show today! Shit. I totally forgot. Well then, time to get up a moving. I try moving my arms but I'm so sluggish and jerky. After several attempts I get myself into a sitting position, staring at the wall in front of me. Eventually I get up and out of the bunk room.

----------------Before The Show------------------


This whole morning has kind of phased me. I barely remember getting up and getting dressed. We're backstage and I look pretty horrible. For the past hour or so I've been sitting by myself, smoking cigarettes and drinking. Mikey walked past me a little while ago and said hi, he didn't really check on me or anything, not that I want him to. As I sit here I can hear someone walking my way, the slow, steady foot steps building tension. They're getting louder now, I hope to God it's not Gerard.
Much to my dismay I see Gee walk around the corner. He shoots me a glance as he finds his way to the seat across from me. There's some distance between us. The hall is short and dark. There's scattered chairs along the walls, Gerard is sitting in one almost directly across from me. What's he trying to do, make me feel even worse about doing that to him? My eyes can't help but scan the bruises on his face. The fans would go crazy over that, screaming and telling him to get better. They would cuss at an anonymous villain(which just so happens to be me) and I would feel alone. Not only do I not have my band, but I was soo to not have my fans. So now I'm pretty much worthless, huh?
My thoughs are interrupted. Have I been staring at Gerard's face this whole time? I must've been because he's staring awkwardly at the ground. I quickly look away, staring down the hall. Maybe it would be best if I just got up and left before Gerard had any time to make me feel like shit. But I want to stay here. And I want to fix things. Gerard just looks at me, his head bowed and his beaming eyes staring at me.
"Frankie," He says, waiting for my reply.
All I can do is look him in the eye with a pathetic gaze.
"Last night I had a dream..." The way he talks makes me weak.
"And you..." Spit it out Gerard.
"You... killed me." My heart stops.
Why would he ever dream about such things. I want to go over and cry to him, snuggle on him like I used to, hang onto his shirt and be his Princess Frankie. One stupid move and now Gerard thinks I hate him. My voice is a bit shaky as I talk,
"Never." I whisper, but he hears me.
Something made me get up and walk away. I felt Gee's stare as he watched me drift down the hallway.


Alright so this was a short chapter, I know. xD But I hate fanfics where things happen too quickly, so I'm trying to take baby steps with the story. Or just leave you hanging and wanting more. =D Hahaha. Anyways. REVIEWWW! I want at least one more review or I'm not posting the next one either! That's my new rule, okay guys? One review or no new chapter. Thanks for the support guys!

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