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Kiss #43 Oh dear Lord... a happy fic =O 'It's just like magic, but better.'

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It had been nearly two years since any one had shown any interest in her. At first it had been intentional, she’d had enough of boys treating her like shit and just didn’t feel the need to get involved in another pointless relationship. Then time had flown and she’d gotten into college and it was all so hectic and then she’d been alone for years and couldn’t remember how it felt to be loved.

There had been one exception of course. Some guy from her Religious Studies class had made a move on her at the beginning of the first term. Like had slowly progressed to obsession and then he’d just disappeared completely, chasing after some other girl who wanted him less than she had.

Two years and now this. This amazing magical feeling. It’s back again and even if she did want to stop it she knew she wouldn’t be able to because it was so strong, so consuming, she wasn’t sure there’d be much left without it. A boy, not really a boy, he was older than her by a few years. A musician which she had sworn away from before but couldn’t resist now. He played bass, it was beautiful to watch him play. His face would be still for once, he’d just look at the fret board and play. She finds herself wishing he could look at her with that much love in his eyes.

There had been past relationships but she couldn’t remember feeling like this before. Maybe because of the great expanse of time that had passed since those relationships or maybe because this was different and new and fresh and so wonderful it hurt sometimes.

Her friends regularly took the piss out of her. Whenever his name came up in conversation she would grin manically. It was a wholly face consuming grin and it made her cheeks ache if it stayed there too long but she loved it. The fact that the very mention of his name could bring such happiness to her signalled that, yes, this was worth the risk.

He’d come around to her house the other night. They’d eaten with her family and although slightly awkward it hadn’t been too horrific. He fit in and that was important to her. Her parents had gone out, leaving her to baby sit, and they’d sat together with her brothers watching the Simpsons. She’d put her head on his shoulder and he’d rested his head on top of hers and they fit. They fit together so well.

The brothers had gone to bed and they had stayed there together and watched programmes neither of them could concentrate on and quizzed each other from a book of random facts she’d acquired earlier that day. Then, just as her eye lids were beginning to droop and she had nearly given up hope he’d turned his head and pressed his lips to hers.

It had been magical. No sparks or fireworks but plenty of butterflies. She moved her hand up to the back of his head and he’d held her waist and yes it was perfect. It was sloppy and her braces got in the way and she was waiting for one of her brothers to jump round the door and yell ‘Ha! I knew you were together’ but it was still perfect.

When they pulled away he smiled and it was all for her. That smile, that moment, it was theirs and only theirs and only they would know how amazingly happy that moment together had made them. He just kept smiling and she smiled back and then they kissed again just because they could.

Yes there were bad things. He hated her favourite band, he smoked, he was going away at the end of the month for a week and God knows what will happen while he’s away. But it doesn’t matter because when he looks at her and catches her eye and they both give shy but true smiles nothing in the world matters. It’s just him and her and the world stops and it’s all worth it.

It's magic.
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