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All I Want To Do...

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A/N: This is pretty much the same, I just fixed up the grammar and spelling mistakes, paragraphed it a bit and changed some phrasing and tense problems.
So reread if you wish, or don't, it was just getting on my nerves.

I walked to the car park with my head down, making a beeline for my car. It’d been a long, boring day and I wanted nothing more than to go home and chill out.
Thank god its fucking Friday, I thought bitterly, spying my silver car as I approached it. My brother Mikey was waiting by the car, as usual. I opened the driver’s seat door and climbed in, unlocking Mikey’s door and waiting for him to climb into the passenger’s side. He did so slowly and sat with his arms crossed and his head down.
“Hey man. Rough day?” I said. “I can sympathise.”
He said nothing, did nothing, just stayed in the position. His spill of dirty blonde hid his face. “Mikes, what’s up?” I said. Again, no response. “Come on man, stop me-“ I stopped talking as he turned to face me.
He looked awful.
His eyes were blacked, he had a cut and bleeding lip, and his shirt was torn. “Mikey! What happened man?” I cried. He didn’t reply, but his lower lip trembled.
I leaned over to put my arm around him and stroked his hair. “Mikey, it’s okay, we’ll go home and I’ll fix you up.” He said nothing, sitting himself as far into the corner as possible, huddled into a tight ball.
I sighed and started the car, pulling out and driving for home as quickly as I could. When we pulled up in the driveway, I helped him out and escorted him inside, down the stairs to my room in the basement and sat him on my bed next to me and put my arm around him again, drawing him close to me.
“Do you want to talk about it?” I whispered, my lips close to his hair. I felt him shake his head slightly, and I understood. He’d tell me later. Right now, he needed comfort. I pushed him slightly, indicating to lay down, and he did, and I lay next to him, my arm slipped around his waist and resting on his hip, his hand caressing my hair softly.
We lay like this for a while, till I pulled out my handkerchief and dabbed his cuts gently, helping to wipe away the blood. He whimpered a little, from the pain.
“Shh baby its ok.” I whispered, stroking his cheek. I felt his free hand entwine itself in mine, as he moved closer. “Who did this to you?” I said softly.
He shivered slightly and said “Guys at school… cornered me…bathroom…called me a fag…freak… they hurt me, Gerard…” I nodded and sighed. Why was Mikey always a target for things like this?
“It’ll be alright man. It’s not like this happens often, It’s gonna be f-“
My words were cut off by soft lips pressing down on mine, engulfing them and lingering softly. They were gone as soon as they’d come and when Mikey moved away and I saw his dark eyes, he didn’t look scared anymore. We looked at each other a moment, before he moved in again, this time the kiss was longer, harder, less nervous. I opened my mouth and felt his tongue ease into it, and his hands wrapped around my head and buried themselves in my hair as I rolled on top of him.
Wait, I thought frantically. What am I doing? He’s my brother! I broke off the kiss “What the fuck?” I hissed. He looked stunned. I rolled off him and sat upright on the bed. Tell me that did not just happen, and please tell me I didn’t enjoy it, I told myself silently
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