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You Don't Agree, But You Don't Refuse. I Know You.

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Gerard's thoughts are of one person and one only...

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I’m sorry.” The small sound was from Mikey’s quivering lips. Lips that had minutes ago been pressed hot upon my own. I shook my head and said “It’s ok. It’s not your fault.”
He nodded and wiped his eyes. I gave him a small smile and said “How bout we go upstairs and watch Brain Damage.” He nodded and got up, walking ahead of me and up the stairs. I hung back. I had just made out with my brother. Oh my god, that’s illegal I thought. My mind was racing… It was just so… Good! I pushed the thought from my mind and went up the stairs, to the spare room, putting the movie into the VCR and turning the TV on. I heard running water, and assumed Mikey was cleaning his face up a bit. I sat on the couch and pressed fast forward; stupid trailers, I thought and then the phone rang.
It was mom.
“Hey Gee.” Came her voice cheerfully.
“Hi mom.” I replied.
“What are you guys up to?”
“Er, not much. Taking in a movie. Mikey’s cooking.” I lied.
“Alright. Well I’m calling to say that your father and I have decided to stay for another 3 days.” She said happily. They were on holiday in Miami, and had been gone for 5 days. “It’s lovely here, and to think, It’s snowing in Jersey!”
“Imagine!” I said sarcastically
“Don’t be fresh with me, Gerard. Anyway, have you kids got enough money and food?”
“Yes mom. We’ll be fine.”
“Okay then, goodbye. Love you both. Kisses!”
“Bye.” I cradled the phone.
“Mikey, mom and dad are staying for another few days.” I called down the hall. Mikey walked in from the kitchen, with two mugs of coffee.
“Alright.” He said casually. I pressed play on the movie and sat myself back on the couch, taking my coffee from Mikey and getting myself comfy.
Mikey sat next to me, but a good ruler length away. I found myself having way too much trouble concentrating. All I could see, and all I could think of was Mikey’s eyes, his hair, the way his fingers were constantly tapping, how he moved a lot, the way his glasses reflected the movie.
I watched him, mesmerized, until…
“Take a picture, it’ll last longer.” Mikey quipped. I snapped back into reality. Reality where hugging your brother could be considered wrong. Let alone staring at him and kissing him.
“Huh?’ I said. Mikey giggled and I thought God he has a cute laugh, and he said “Geez Gee, didn’t know I was so interesting. You have no idea I thought, and just kept looking at him.
He looked back, as the smile faded from his face. We stayed like that for a minute or so until I shuffled a little closer to him and put my hand behind his head to draw him closer, closer, closer, till our foreheads were touching.
I could feel his warmth, and I needed it. Suddenly I moved forward and drew his lips into mine, feeling his mouth open and his soft tongue on my own. I moved my hands down to his lower back, up his shirt and feeling the warm skin on his back, till his pushed my down into the couch and got on top of me.
My pants got unbearably tight as his hips ground into mine and his lips explored my neck and collarbone, pulling my shirt off and then his. I leant up and pulled him closer, and we both rolled off the couch to the floor, taking a few cushions with us.
We rolled so I was on top of him, straddling his beautiful hips, and I rocked slightly, not really relieving the tension in my groin, just making me hotter, and hotter… I leant down, with my hands on his cheeks, and kissed him softly, and whispered “Goodnight Michael” before gently biting his ear and climbing off him, walking away and down to my room.
Pretty much as soon as I got down there I had climbed into bed and pulled my jeans off, and was taking care of my problem. As much as I wanted to picture anyone else, it was Mikey’s face that flooded my thoughts as I stroked my hardness, his soft lips that I found myself wanting. His hands I wished were touching me, his body I wanted so badly to collide with mine. I wished it were him pulling my breath faster and faster from my lips. I moaned softly as I came into my hand. But it wasn’t, I thought. And I guess it was better off that way. I cleaned myself off and snuggled into my pillow, wondering if Mikey had just done the same thing. My eyes closed, pulling me into deep, peaceful sleep…

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