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Welcome to This Institution, One Way To Resolution.

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I woke the next morning to the shrill tone of my alarm. I always forgo to turn it off for the weekend… I groaned and reached for it blindly, knocking over a water bottle and empty mug in the process, and switched it off.
I rubbed my eyes and sat up. No school today… My parents were away. I made up a mind map of how my day would be… Raid the booze cabinet later, watch movies, jam with Mikey. A chill ran through me. Mikey.
I felt my cheeks redden at the thought of him. I ran my fingers through my hair and climbed out of bed, grabbing my towel and a pair of jeans, and made my way up the stairs, avoiding the thoughts I knew would be plaguing me for a very long time.
I walked to the bathroom, and just as I turned the knob to go inside, it turned of its own accord and out stepped Mikey, dripping wet, a towel wrapped around his waist, and promptly collided with me. “Gee….um…Good morning!” He said in attempted cheerfulness.
“Morning Mikes. What have you got planned for the day?” I replied, trying to look anywhere else but his dripping wet chest, stomach, hips and legs… “Er… Nothing. Actually, I’m going to down the rum in dad’s cupboard.” I grinned “My plan exactly. Office Marathon?” He nodded enthusiastically “Perfect.” We stood there a moment, till I gestured for the bathroom and began to walk in, he moved to the left, then I to the left, and the right. I grabbed his shoulders and spun him around, smirked, and walked into the bathroom, shutting the door behind me. I stripped of my black shirt and pyjama pants and briefs, turned on the water and stepped in.

Mikey’s POV.
I sat down at the couch, and looked at the stack of DVDs before me. I’d picked out The Office seasons 1, 2 and the Christmas Special, and now felt I needed some gore to level it out a bit. I picked up Nightmare on Elm Street and grinned. I heard the bathroom door open and shut, then footsteps, then the jug boiling, then mom and dad’s room’s door… I sat back on the couch, armed with the remote, and waited.
A few minutes later Gerard walked in, stocked up with Doritos, coffee and rum. I grinned and patted the couch next to me. A small voice in my head questioned whether that was such a good idea after last night’s events, but I pushed it away and said “Okay. We’re all set.” He snuggled into the couch and sipped his coffee, as I pressed play.
We watched The Office in silence for a while, till Gerard said “What else does Ricky Gervais do? I know I’ve seen him somewhere else…” I shrugged “I dunno. He does stand up. He has a pretty funny routine about animals and stuff, how some are actually homos and some have inter family breeding and stuff…”
My voice trailed off, realising what I just said. Gerard didn’t act any differently, only shrugged and continued to watch the movie. But I could feel the awkwardness. As season 1 ended, and the credits rolled by, we both sat in silence. Then… “Mikey.”
“Yes?” I looked at him, but his expression was blank and he just stared ahead. “I don’t know what’s going on. I know it’s wrong, but… I love you. You’re all I can think of. I like you more than any girl I’ve been with… And I don’t know what to do about it… Because you’re my brother, and… “ I put my finger to his lips, and he turned to face me, finally, looking me in the eye.
“I know, Gee. I love you too.”
That’s all I said. All I needed to say.

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