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Crash Into My Arms, I Want You.

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Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: PG-13 - Genres: Drama,Romance - Characters: Gerard Way,Mikey Way - Warnings: [!] [V] - Published: 2008-03-11 - Updated: 2008-03-11 - 682 words - Complete


Gee’s POV
So the next couple of days were spent in complete ecstasy. I loved Mikey, even though wee were brothers. We both knew it was wrong, but fuck it. We did nothing but hook up and just.. be near each other, till mom and dad came back. Then we needed to be more careful…
“Gee, do you think Mom has noticed anything?” Mikey said, stroking my hair absently as I lay across him on my bed. “I don’t think so. Besides, what’s there to notice, right?” I grinned. “Now bugger off I have to get ready for school.” He stood up and walked away, but I grabbed his shirt and pulled him back, kissing him deeply, tasting him, before breaking it off and going to my drawer for a new shirt for school. I put it on, and heard him leave. I grabbed some jeans, put them on, stuffed some books into my bag, got my sketchbook and walked up the stairs, dumping my bag, book and jacket on the couch before going to the bathroom to fuck with my hair and make it less unruly. “Gerard if you want a lift I strongly suggest you hurry yourself up!” Came my mums voice streaming through. I glanced in the mirror once more then ran out, grabbing my stuff and running to the car. I sat in the back, next to Mikey. He looked at me and smiled, and I returned it happily. We drove to school, and separated when we got there as usual. “See you at lunch break, yeah?” Said Mikey. “Er, maybe.” I replied, walking to home class. I sat through my first class, and then, as I was walking up to maths, I heard a familiar cry. I rounded the corner to see 5 or so guys in my grade surrounding Mikey, who was on the ground, kicking him and stuff. He was screaming… I walked over “Hey…” I said weakly, not wanting myself to get bashed. “Woooah! Double Way surprise!” Yelled one of them, Dave. “We were just teaching your fag brother a lesson. What is it, fairy boy?” He screamed into Mikey’s ear. Mikey said nothing, only whimpered. Dave kicked him, violently. I felt sick… “Repeat after me, homo. I” Mikey had no choice. “I” he whispered, sobbing. “AM A” “am a” “FUCKED UP” “fucked… up” “FUCKING” “f-f-fucking” “FAGGOT!” Mikey whispered the last bit, while I stood back, horrified. “Faggot.” “What was that, Way? I didn’t quite catch it!” Mikey looked up, through tearful and bloodied eyes. “Faggot.” Dave smirked. “Very well done.” Then he turned to me. “So, are you a fucked up little queer like your brother?” I shook my head. “Oh?” He said. “Prove it.” I shrugged, not wanting to cause any trouble, just to get Mikey and get out of here. “Well then boys, lets test the theory.” They all stepped away from Mikey. “If you aren’t with the FAGGOTS…” He spat the word out; “You’re against them, right? So, you’re to finish what we started. Teach the fucking fag a lesson.” I shook my head and stepped back. Dave drew back his fist in my direction. “You can do it, or we’ll finish off both of you.” I stepped towards Mikey, who was pleading with me “Gerard, no, please..Gee don’t.. GEE!” I kicked him, over and over, trying to block out the cried, the blood, the pain. Then, I spat on him and said under my breathe “Fucking fag.” And turned on my heel, facing the other guys. “Very nice, Way. Maybe you aren’t such a geeky fuck.” Dave said. Panic left me for a split second before one of Dave’s friends punched me really hard in the nose “Fucking, as if!” They yelled, walking away laughing. I looked at Mikey, who stared back in horror. I turned and ran away, out of the school and into the grounds, where I sat down behind a shed, lighting up a cigarette with shaky hands. “What the fuck have I done?”
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