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Well, My Life Couldn't Get Any Worse.

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Looking straight ahead.
“Gerard are you serious?”
“Uhm, maybe I don’t know I’m probably just talking crap” We continued our walk to school, and I told Gerard about me going with Frank to his dad’s on the weekend. The siren rang and Frank and I went to homeroom, I sat down at the back and Frank joined me.
“What’s our plan for the weekend?” he asked me.
“Uhm, I don’t know you said we’d watch movies or something?”
“Yeah, we could do that”
‘Frank Iero’ spoke the teacher.
“Here” he spoke, I smiled and he groaned.
“Why do they always say my full name? It annoys me so much” I smiled and looked out the window. It is Friday and I hope mum says yes, because I really want to keep Frank Company.

I walked through the house and Frank was with me, we went upstairs and I dropped my bag of and then went downstairs, Mum was getting dinner ready, Nanna was sitting at the table and Craig was with her too.
“Hey mum” I spoke, she turned around and everyone looked up.
“Nicole your grounded remember no friends over” spoke Craig.
“Mum did Linda come around to talk to you?” I asked, Frank looked around and then he saw Craig glaring at him and he moved closer to me, Mum turned around and saw Frank standing there.
“Yes and I said no” She turned around and I saw Craig smiling.
“Mum, Frank didn’t want to go by himself to his dad’s and no-one else can go, so why can’t I?”
“Well it looks like he’ll be going by himself then”
“Screw you” I walked upstairs and Frank followed.
“AND IF FRANK IS STILL HERE IN 10 MINUTES NO DINNER FOR YOU AND AN EXTRA DAY GROUNDING” Yelled Mum, I slammed my door and Frank locked it and followed me by sitting on the bed.
“It’s okay I’ll go by myself” he said whilst looking down.
“She is unbelievable, I’m coming” He looked up at me confused.
“Well you are going to stay here for that 10 minutes and I’m not having tea, so I’ll sneak out tonight cause they won’t check on me, and all weekend they’ll think I’ve been sulking but I’ve been away with you” he smiled and then took my hand.
“You’d do that for me?”
“But I don’t want to cause any trouble”
“You won’t, don’t you worry about that, now what time are you leaving tomorrow?”
“I’m walking there, Mum won’t take me and Dad won’t pick me up so I have to walk an hour to his house”
“Aww Frank it’ll be okay cause I’ll be with you” he smiled and I pulled out my Hello Kitty bag, I put in some clothes, make-up, and money and face stuff. By the time I was done it had been 15 minutes and I heard footsteps coming up.
“OPEN THE DOOR NOW” Yelled Craig, I opened the window and Frank jumped out and once I saw he was home, I closed it and Craig was banging on the door.
“NICOLE” I un-locked the door and Craig grabbed my arm.
“When did he leave?” he looked me in the eyes and I looked at the clock.
“Three minutes ago” He smiled and dragged me downstairs and pushed me down the stairs, I got on the floor and then I saw Mum looking at us.
‘Three minutes ago” he spoke; Mum looked at me and looked disappointed.
“You know what that means young lady” I nodded and got up.
“No dinner, you’ll stay in your room all night and won’t come out” I nodded and noticed mum wasn’t finished with me.
“You knew you were grounded and yet you had to ask about the weekend, why?”
“Because I thought you would let me go”
“Well you were wrong, I hope you know that I’m sticking to this grounding and when you’ve finished you will not be seeing Gerard”
“You have lost total respect in this family, I heard what you said before you went upstairs and you never once use to speak back to me”
“That is no excuse” Craig pushed me to the floor and I looked up.
“What did your mum just say about speaking back and you just did it again”
“I don’t have to listen to you” I got up and ran up the stairs to my room, but Craig pulled me back and I fell on my back.
“You do have to listen to me, I may not be your father but I have a god given right to talk to you the way I want to”
“What gives you that right?’
“Your mum and I are engaged, that gives my right” My world just crashed down, I looked down and when I looked up I saw him smiling down at me.
“So now I can raise you aswell and you know what that means no fucking seeing Gerard Way”
“And we’ll make sure that you’re not seeing him or hanging out with him; we choose who you are going out with now”
“Get to your fucking room and don’t even think about coming out all weekend” I nodded and ran to my room, I jumped on my bed and found my phone, and I looked at it and saw I had a missed message.

Hey Babe,
This grounding sucks, all weekend I can’t see you.
I can’t wait for it to be over so we can be together and
You can come around my house and we can stay up all night.
X. Gee.

That whole sms made me want to cry. I looked at the clock and saw it was 4:30pm, I figured that everyone would be home and that is good, I opened my window and then when I was about to jump down, someone knocked at my door.
“What” I snapped.
“Mum wants to talk to you”
“Tell her to fuck off” I jumped on my bed and noticed that Jess was still there.
“Nicole, just come downstairs”
“No, you tell her to fuck off okay?”
“Whatever, you know you’ll be in trouble” I heard the footsteps leave and figured I had better stay just in-case Craig came up and then right on cue there was a loud bang on my door.
“YOU OPEN THIS DOOR NOW” I opened it and Craig barged into my room.
“How dare you say that about your mother?”
“Say what?” he looked down at me and slapped me across the face, where he slapped me just yesterday.
“Don’t speak back because that is what you are going to get every time you do, even if we are out in public”
“You can’t be serious, you know that is abuse”
“I don’t give a fuck what it is; you don’t have the right to speak to your mum like that”
“Do I care? All thanx to you I haven’t had a mother to talk to you because she always takes your opinion in the matter”
“That is because you make the wrong decisions”
“What do I do that is a wrong decision?” he slapped me again and this time the impact made me fall over and hit my arm on foot of the bed.
“You are going to have a really red face after this”
“I don’t care; I won’t be here for much longer”
“Where do you think your going?”
“I’m not living here with you as a father no way; I’m going away with Gerard”
“Funny that as you won’t be seeing him to tell him”
“You wait and see”
“Is that a challenge?” he grabbed my arm and pushed me into the bedside table causing everything on it to fall over.
“You won’t be able to get out all weekend, the door is going to be locked from the outside aswell so good luck” he slammed the door and I looked and everything that fell of the table, I slowly got up and walked over to the window I pulled on my bag and climbed down the vine, I felt a pair of arms snake around my waist and I turned around and saw Gerard with Frank. I grabbed onto to Gerard and cried he pulled me down the side of the house and looked at me.

“What did he say to you sugar?”
“Everything, Mum is marrying him, I’m not allowed to see you after the grounding, they have to choose who I go out with and they’ll find out if I go out with you”
“He hit you again didn’t he?” I nodded he lightly kissed my face.
“How did you get out?” I asked him.
“Mum and dad have gone out tonight so they left me in charge and once they were gone, I told Mikey he could go out and I would be aswell, but in an hour we have to be home” I nodded and kissed his lips.
“You should get going with Frank, it’s okay, I’ll see you Sunday night” I lightly kissed his lips and he helped me climb the fence, Frank grabbed my hand and helped me down, we ran down the road so we were out of range of the house and started walking.

“Will your dad be home?” I asked Frank.
“No, he’ll be at work or the pub”
“What is the point of you going if he won’t be there to spend time with you?”
“That is how the custody worked out, plus if your there he won’t hit me afterwards”
“Oh okay”
“Well I’m here so he shouldn’t” he nodded and we continued our walk.

We walked up the stairs and Frank unlocked the door and we went to Frank’s room, I put my stuff on the bed and sat down on it.
“What to do now” Frank looked at me and sighed.
“It may not be the best weekend of your life, but it will be to me because I won’t be alone”
“It’s okay anything is better than home” he nodded and lay back on the bed.
“My life is truly fucked up; I don’t want to keep coming to Dad’s every weekend” I pulled him into a hug and we stayed like that for a while.
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