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"I swear she's like a clone of Eliza's.." Lynn said throwing herself on the sofa.
"Who is she anyways?" Gerard added sitting close to her.
"Your financial advisor?" Lynn replied making it sound like a question, thinking Gerard must already know about her.
Gerard: "Aren't you..."
"We both are..." She interrupted to then say: "She's not the point now..." She stopped to look at him, noticing he was gazing at her intently. It made her smile, almost forget what she came here to tell him.
"Did she hurt you honey?" Gerard then asked, holding her hands again, staring at the red forming around her wrists.
"Gee, Stanly is on his way here." Lynn then said, ignoring Shannon's subject.

"What?" Gerard asked in shock. "Are you sure?" He then added.
"Yes, yes I'm sure." Lynn added getting nervous. "I mean, I tried to tell you sooner but my phone was dead and Frank had forgotten his at..."
"Calm down sugar, he can't do anything to me." Gerard then added running his hand through her hair. "Or else, it'll be his loss."
"Gee, nothing can stop him. He's a murder, I couldn't even say anything when he was talking to me on the phone, my mind was blank, I was scared and..I was afraid I'd say the wrong thing...I mean...He couldn't find out that I know about him no..." Lynn started saying anything that came to her mind, even though she knew she might not make any sense...
"Lynn, you trust me, don't you?" He said looking her in the eyes.
Lynn nodded with eyes wide open, meaning she did trust him, but she couldn't help but add: "You can't tell what people like him think of, you just can't find out what goes on in their's all ..."
"It's all money." Gerard finished her sentence.
"Yeah.." Lynn then added lowering her voice, trying to figure what Gerard was going for..
"He wouldn't be able to get his money if he hurt me..." Gerard then explained. "I need to work properly so that I'd be able to give everything back."

Gerard made it so simple and clear for her that she was able to point out the logical part of it.
She took a deep breath as the confusion and anger in her started fading away...
"I guess you're right..." She said leaning back at the sofa, resting her head on its back.

"Yeah, as long as he doesn't find out that you know about him, everything will be just fine..." Gerard added softly smiling to her.
"Hmmm..." Lynn replied closing her eyes. The flight all the way to England, the anger she had in her all made her exhausted and it wasn't until she spoke to Gerard

that she allowed herself to have some rest. After all, he somehow, relieved her. She stretched on the sofa, sliding her head on one of its cushions as she squeezed her hands under it.
"Hmmm, I didn't know I was so tired." She mumbled taking a deep breath as she then fell asleep.

About one hour later, She opens her eyes again at the sound of the door knocking.
She was feeling surprisingly better, she was calm and no longer mad.

"I've been looking for her all over the places.." Frank's voice was heard coming from the living room making her jump out of bed, realizing Gerard had moved her there after she fell asleep on the couch.

"Lynn?" Frank said coming in the bedroom. "What's going on?" Frank then asked.
"Nothing." She replied noticing he had a paper in hand. "Why?" She then asked stepping closer to him, trying to take a closer look at what he had.
"Were you here the whole time?" He added.
"Yeah, I fell asleep so.." She replied thinking he'd understand.
"You fell asleep on his bed?" Frank kept questioning.
"No, he moved me here, he used to do that when we used to share the same room." Lynn explained to then add: "Did you talk to Brian?"
"Yes, I did." Frank replied firmly, scanning Gerard's bedroom.
"And??" Lynn added waiting for him to continue..
"Oh..." Frank replied. "It was...uh...nothing."

"Ok..." Lynn replied yawning. "I can't believe how tired I was." She added tying her hair up.
"Right.."Frank added. "On second thoughts..." He said tearing away the paper that was in his hands. "We need to talk." He then added as he threw its small pieces in the trash.
"We need to talk?" Lynn repeated after him, confused. "Weird." She then mumbled walking to the living room as he followed.

"Where's Gerard?" She then asked looking around.
"He left right after I got here..." Frank explained.
He was about to add something as Lynn interrupted saying: "Why? Where did he go?"
"I don't fucking know, he barely even looked at me." Frank replied getting angry.

It was the first time Frank snaps at Lynn this way. He's usually used to be so sweet, understanding and gentle with her, no matter what she does and how much she fucks up.
"What's wrong?" Lynn then asked frowning as she noticed Frank's behaviour has changed.
"THIS is what's wrong." He said loudly, looking at her firmly.

Lynn looked at him, eyes open wide. The way he was talking to her, shocked her, as if she had done something so bad.
"Why are you talking to me this way?" Lynn then asked, sitting quietly on the couch, looking up at Frank.
"Don't try to pretend you're fucking innocent here." He added glaring at her.
"What?" She said confused. "Frankie?" She added feeling this rush of sad, confused emotions overwhelming her as warm tears started forming in her eyes.
"I thought I fucking knew you, Lynn." Frank added. "I don't know what the hell you're trying to do, but I won't be a part of it, you get me?" Frank then said as Lynn couldn't help but let the tears flow down.

"Shit..." Frank mumbled seeing her crying.
"Frankie..." She tried to say as he interrupted: "Fine, Lynn. Cry. You think that will make me feel sorry for you after everything you've done?" He then added, trying to force himself stay mad at her even though watching her be this way didn't make it easier on him.

As for Lynn, she had to struggle through her tears to get that one word out of her mouth: "Ex...plain."
He stood there looking at her as she had her wet, red face down, hidden by her hand.

He's usually the one to make her feel better, to wipe her tears away and tell her everything is going to be ok but now, he's on the other side, he's the one causing her the pain and heartbreak.

Frank then took a seat facing her. He was quiet for a while, simply watching her, waiting for her to calm down.
A couple of minutes later, Lynn finally managed to stop her tears and look at him so that he would be able to say what he wanted to say.

"I have no idea what I'm still doing here..." Frank eventually said.
"Explain, Frankie?" Lynn then asked.
"Don't act like you don't know..." Frank then said. "And don't fucking call me Frankie." He added looking her in the eyes.

She closed her eyes, trying to be as understanding as possible since so far, Frank hasn't given her a single reason why he's been hurting her this way.
"I've never seen this side of you..." She then managed to say.
"I've never loved someone as much as I loved you." Frank said. "No." He added. "I've never loved anyone before I met you." He corrected himself gazing at her to then say: "But do I know you? Really."
"Why do I feel so guilty yet I didn't do anything wrong...As far as I know." Lynn then said, asking for an explanation.
"Here you go sweetie, tell me this isn't wrong." He added handing her a folded picture.

Opening it didn't really explain anything to Lynn. It actually made things more complicated as she stared at it with shock written all over her face.
"How right is this, Lynn?" Frank then said standing up. "I should've known so...I'm just so sorry I came in between." He added.
"H...How...Where did you get this from?" Lynn asked frowning, still staring at it.
"From the person who took this fucking picture." He replied getting angry again.
"Who?" She said looking at him.
"You fucking know who, you're in it." Frank answered walking to the door.
"Wait, Frank...I don't understand, please." Lynn then said following him with the photo in hand.
"What fucking part of you making out with Gerard don't you understand?" He said with anger. "I should've known from the way you were so anxious to see him." He then added opening the door.
"Frank, this is confusing, I....I never even kissed him....I..." Lynn tried to explain as he interrupted saying: "You're still denying it....It's in the freaking picture and you're still denying it...Damn..." As he left, slamming the door behind him, leaving her on her own as she was still trying to realize what had just went on.
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