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When Everything's Meant To Be Broken.

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"What the hell is going on." Lynn mumbled, eyes still wet, as she sat on the couch.
She couldn't follow Frank since he was too upset with her.

Gerard wasn't there, no one was.
Silence, that got her to relax. Being on her own sometimes helped her feel better.

She wiped away what her tears left on her cheeks as she gazed at the picture in her hands.
The picture that shows her doing something she thought she hasn't done.

Even though the place where she was with Gerard in that picture looked familiar, she was sure nothing ever happened between them.
She never even had the chance to be with him without being too busy trying to get out of problems.

She gazed at it even more, looking at the way he had slid his arm around her waist as he had placed the other on her cheek while kissing her.
She tried to look harder to see if she could explain what she was looking at but there was nothing that showed it wasn't her, she could see her face, her eyes, her hair, she was somewhat positive it was her, and Gerard, making out.

Gerard told me I was a sister to him, there's nothing between me and Gerard...Lynn started thinking to herself...This never even happened, there has to be an explanation for that.
I should talk to Frank, I can't let this happen...Lynn finally decided to follow him.

She ran to the door and opened it to bump into Mikey.

"So that's your room..." Mikey said looking at the door holding the room's number.
"What? Oh, no that's Gerard's." Lynn replied. "Do you know Frank's?" She then added hoping he'd know.
"I don't even know mine, that's why I'm wandering in the hotel this way..." Mikey explained with a childish grin on his face.
"Didn't Brian tell you your rooms?" She then asked trying to somehow, be helpful.
"Yeah..." Mikey replied looking away. "I kind of.....Forgot its number." He then added embarrassed. "I'm looking for Frank too cause I'm staying with him..." He finally said.
"I'm staying with Frank..." Lynn corrected.
"No...I am." Mikey insisted. "If there's anything I remember, it's this."
"How....How come?" Lynn then asked, confused.
"You're with Shannon, that's what I know." Mikey added. "Where are you going now?" He then asked curiously.

"I don't know." Lynn simply said as she couldn't help but think of Frank, suddenly being so far from her.
"Neither do I." Mikey replied with a wide beam on his face, looking as if he was glad someone as lost as him.

"Mikey, what are you still doing here?" Gerard interrupted as he got to his hotel door.
"Gee." Lynn mumbled when she saw him.
"What?" Mikey said looking at Gerard.
"You're supposed to be rehearsing for tomorrow's concert with Ray and Bob." Gerard added getting his keys off to open the door.
"I am?" Mikey asked frowning.
"What the hell are you waiting for, go!" Gerard added as Mikey mumbled: "Shit." To then run his way to practice.

"Frank woke you up didn't he." Gerard then asked looking at Lynn as he got in leaving the door open, expecting her to follow.
"Do you know where his room is?" She added standing by the door.
"I think it's B193." He answered. "Is something wrong?" He then asked, taking a seat on the sofa.
"I don't know..." She replied in a low voice.
She really didn't know what was going on with her.
She didn't know what to say, until she sees Frank again.
She was used to always having him there everytime she needed some strength to figure things out.

"I have to go now." She added, turning to leave.
"Wait..." Gerard interrupted stopping her.
"Oh..." She said, stepping in, watching him stare at the picture of the both of them she had forgotten on the table.
"Confusing, no?" She replied sitting next to him. She was about to explain what happened between her and Frank but he interrupted: "Where did you get this from?"
"Well..." She tried to say to be interrupted by Gerard again: "You know this is photoshoped, right?" He then added.
"Photoshoped...Right, that explains..." She replied feeling so relieved as part of the confusion was solved.
"Who would do such a thing though?" She then asked, scooting closer to him to stare at it herself.

Gerard glanced at Lynn and then added: "Someone that was...bored?"
"Someone who is so damn good at messing with pictures." She answered standing up, deciding to go explain the whole thing to Frank.
"You didn't tell me who gave it to you though?" Gerard added as she was heading to the door.
"No time for explanations now." She answered opening the door. "Who cares anyways." She added with a smile on her face, heading out to see Frank.

She rushed her way to the floor where Frank's room was, going from a hallway to another to finally stop at his door, the one that said B193.
It was slightly open. She didn't take the time to think of it twice before she walked in the suite.
The living room was empty so she hastily went to the bedroom to find him sitting on the side of the bed with Shannon on a chair facing him.
"What's going on?" Lynn said walking in, making both of them turn to look at her.
"Lynn..." Frank said softly as Shannon beat him to add: "Haven't you caused him enough trouble, Lynn?"
"Since when was that your business?" Lynn replied frowning, looking at Shannon closely. "What are you doing in my boyfriend's bedroom?" Lynn then asked getting angry.
Shannon looked at her raising an eyebrow to add sarcastically: "Your boyfriend? I don't think..."
"Shannon, let me talk to Lynn in private please." Frank interrupted gazing at Lynn.
"Are you the one who messed with the picture?" Lynn added glaring at Shannon.
"What?" Shannon replied.
"It's you, isn't it. I know what you're up to, Shannon." Lynn added.
"Are you crazy? I don't know what you're talking about." Shannon added standing up.

"Lynn, I need to talk to you." Frank said, trying to get her attention.
"You little slut!" Lynn said stepping in Shannon's way. "Is this all you can do to break us up?" Lynn then added trying to let her know she caught her.
"Oh I don't need to do anything to break you up..." Shannon then said as Lynn stared at her, anger shown in her eyes.
"I'll tell you what, we're not breaking up, no, because I got your little game now." Lynn explained.

"Lynn!!" Frank then said raising his voice, finally getting her to listen to him. "I need to talk to you." He then added.
"You're a fucking lunatic!!" Shannon exclaimed looking at Lynn.
"I'll talk to you later." She then added turning to Frank as he nodded watching her leave.

"What the hell was this all about?" Lynn asked getting angry. "She'll talk to you later?" She repeated after her.
"Lynn..." He said softly as he stood up.
"You've never even got her name right..." Lynn continued.
"I want you to know..." Frank added as she interrupted again:
"Now you're having bedroom sessions with her?"
"Lynn.." Frank repeated, stepping closer to her, trying to get her to listen.
"Do you know what that bitch did to...." Lynn was going to explain what she had in mind but she was stopped as his lips met hers, with both his hands on her waist, pushing her closer to him.

As he finally pulled back, Lynn had become speechless.
"Now will you listen?" Frank then asked.
"I thought...." Lynn tried to understand what had happened, knowing he just kissed her after she thought he was still mad at her.
"You were.....Weren't you mad at me?" She then asked frowning.
"I have to tell you something...It's important" He then added as he sat back on the side of the bed, grabbing her hand and pulling her down to his lap. She wrapped her arm around his neck waiting for his explanation. It was true, she was confused with the way he was acting but she couldn't deny feeling good again, she felt as

if she could finally breathe normally again, he seemed to want her back. So she beamed lightly looking at him as if to say she is now all ears...
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