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Were We Ever?

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"You know, we've only been together for just a short while..." Frank tried to explain.
"What is that supposed to mean?" Lynn asked, feeling her heart race as she started to think of what Frank might be on about.
He took a while to start talking again, as if he was thinking of a good way to put this for her.
"I'm saying that we don't know each other that well and..."
"Are you breaking up with me?" Lynn interrupted, getting off his lap.
"No, no honey." Frank said taking her hand to pull her back on his lap and explain.
"I love you, Lynn. I hope you understand that." He then said.
"Will you stop torturing me like that and tell me what the hell is going on?" Lynn added looking him straight in the eyes, waiting for the news he had for her.
"Sweetie, I just want you to know that...No matter what you'll hear now, I truly do love you and I can't find myself anywhere but here, with you." Frank added holding her hands.
"I don't get it...Are you going somewhere?" She asked, still oblivious.

"Come on, tell her Frankie." Shannon interrupted standing by the bedroom door.
Shannon was still there, which kind of surprised Lynn as she jumped off his lap again. Shannon seemed to be getting herself involved in their relationship more than the usual.
"What are you still doing here? I need to talk to her in private." Frank added glaring at Shannon, waiting for her to leave.
"What difference does it make?" Shannon replied sarcastically. "I already know..."

"RAAAY?" Mikey's voice was heard coming from the living room.
"Oh, there's Lynn....And Frank....Hey Frank." Mikey added grinning as he walked in the bedroom.
"Mikey?" Frank said confused.
"Cooooool." Mikey then said looking around. "So that's my suite." He then said stepping next to the window, checking its view.
"What the hell are you doing here?" Frank then asked getting annoyed as his talk with Lynn had been interrupted.
"Aren't you supposed to be rehearsing with Ray and Bob for tomorrow's concert?"

"Oh I've been to enough rooms already, trust me." Mikey replied throwing himself on one of the two beds to then mumble: "Comfy, awesome."
"What the fuck, Mikey?" Frank added getting angry.
"Meaning he didn't find the room." Lynn explained as Shannon interrupted saying: "Have you ever heard of something called information desk?" Ending her sentence with a light, sarcastic beam on her face.
"It's more fun if you go through as much doors as possible on your way, until you find theirs." Mikey explained always smiling.
"You went to people's rooms?" Frank exclaimed with surprise as Mikey nodded with his grin getting wider to then say: "I think security is after me now."
"Wait till Gerard knows about this." Frank mumbled as Mikey continued: "The good part is, some people will never have sex with unlocked doors anymore."

That got Lynn to giggle. Even though she wasn't so happy at that moment as she didn't know what was waiting for her but she always liked the way Mikey went through life in such a simple way yet hilariously as he didn't even care what other people thought of him, or even what might happen to him if he did this, or that.

"Good thing Frankie and I locked that door then..." Shannon then said as Lynn's smile slowly faded away.
"Right, Frankie?" Shannon added stepping next to Frank.

Lynn was staring at Shannon first, watching her enjoy her moment but she then turned to Frank to see what his reaction would be, he didn't answer, he wasn't even trying to...

"You...." Lynn tried to speak but, apparently, she just couldn't find the proper words for the thoughts she had.
"Did you?" She finally managed to say waiting to hear a 'NO'.

"It's not what you think, sweetie." Frank added softly as Lynn interrupted: "Does that mean no? You didn't say no, I didn't hear a no."
"I can't say no." Frank added standing up to get closer to her.
She looked at him in shock, as if she didn't want to hear what he was about to say but she just had to know so she simply added: "Why can't you say no."
"Because I'd be lying." Frank eventually said, as she felt her heart break.

"What? I don't understand this." Mikey interrupted looking confused.
"Do you even understand yourself?" Shannon added with a large smile on her face, happy that Lynn was finally taking the news.
"I would've said something mean back at you but...." Replied Mikey. "Simply calling you Eliza would do it." He then added.
Shannon: "So I'm not the only one who thinks you're...."

"Both of you, get out!" Frank then snapped at them as all he wanted was to get a moment alone with Lynn.
"Ok." Mikey weirdly replied heading to the door.
"I'm no trouble like her." Shannon said to then add: "I'm easy."
"I'm sure we all know that now." Lynn replied angrily, waiting for her to leave.

"Wait." Mikey said walking back in. "Did you know where Ray and Bob's...."
"OUT!" Frank interrupted shouting.
"Fine, fine..." Mikey replied turning to follow Shannon. "I still have a couple of doors I haven't been to on this floor anyways." He then mumbled finding his way out.

Frank and Lynn were finally all alone, he could say what he had in mind now that he won't be interrupted anymore.

Lynn had started first:
"I can't believe you went crazy on me because of a fake picture of me making out with Gerard yet" She paused to then add: "I can't even say it."
"Lynn, sweetie..." Frank added.
"You made me cry." She interrupted.
"I didn't know what to do..." He tried to explain as she said: "So you...."
"She threw herself at me." Frank interrupted. "I thought you were cheating on me and I wanted to let you know what it felt like to be cheated on..." Frank finally explained himself.

Lynn, on one hand, got all red as she couldn't help but look at him with hate to then yell: "But I didn't cheat, it's fake!"
Frank took a deep breath, she could see it in his eyes, how guilty he felt...But that didn't stop her from shouting: "You idiot!" As she burst into tears. "You ruined us for nothing!" She paused to then add: "You didn't trust me when I told you I knew nothing about the picture....Is that how you act when you love someone?"

Frank, on the other hand, he was standing there, taking the blame.
"Shit just happens to me even when I do nothing at all." Lynn then mumbled wiping her tears away, trying to calm herself.

"I've been as understanding as possible, I've always been there for you...Why can't you do the same for me? This one time..." Frank tried to get her to forgive him.
She didn't reply though, she just sat on the bed, looking down at the floor.
"Lynn." Frank tried to get her attention as she replied: "Give me a second." To start thinking it over.

He didn't look as if he was going to forgive her when he saw the picture and it was a simple fake kiss, while in his case, he went all the way to '3rd' base with Shannon.

"Why would I forgive you?" Lynn then asked. "Do you think I'll be able to?" She added looking him in the eyes to see tears forming in them. "You're about to cry..." She said watching him with empty eyes.
"The picture was fake..." She couldn't help but add out of nowhere. "It was fake."

"I know....I figured it out a minute before you got here." Frank replied.
"Oh you figured it out..." Lynn added in a way to say it was too late.
"How?" She then asked.
"The picture was taken in Tiffany's coffee shop and that's in your area, I saw it when I traveled all the way to your house. So I knew it wasn't real since Gerard hasn't been there since before you met us." Frank explained as she sat there, simply looking at him, thinking of what she should say having nothing in mind but: "You hurt me, you know."
He closed his eyes, letting those tears roll down.
She couldn't help but let hers out too; watching him get hurt wasn't easy for her, she didn't know he was so delicate he couldn't stop his tears.

"You got us to where we are now." Lynn then said standing up, wiping her tears again and straightening herself up to look as strong as possible.
She didn't want to feel as weak as she actually was since she wanted some strength to say what she had in mind: "Maybe it's better if we had a break from us being together." She paused trying to hold back her tears again as he sat there, silent, sad, simply looking and listening.
"Maybe it''s best if we make our relationship strictly professional now." She added heading to the door.

"Oh, and..." She turned to add: "Would you really have been able to do all of those things you've done if you really loved me?"
"That's exactly what she wanted....To break us up." Frank then said.
"Screw Shannon!" Lynn snapped walking back in to say: "Would you have...."
"I'm not talking about Shannon." He interrupted.
"Who wanted to break us up then?" She added.
"Eliza.." He added.
"Eliza?" She repeated with eyes suddenly opening wide.
"Yeah..." He answered. "She was the one who sent me the picture then she must have been the one who messed with it, she wrote on the back of the envelope that she took it herself." He explained.
"Are you sure it's Eliza?" She then asked getting nervous. It was true, Gerard had told her Eliza was dead but, who knows, anything seemed to be possible these days with all that's been happening.
"Yes, I'm sure."
"How does she know which hotel we were going to stay in to send it here in the first place..." Lynn then questioned thinking there was noway she'd find out, that's if she was still alive.
"Gerard must have told her, isn't she his fiancee?" Frank tried to make a quick conclusion, oblivious of what had happened with her.
"Hey..." He then added softly trying to get her attention as usual as she seemed to be in her own world of suspicious thoughts again.
"I just want you to know that Shannon is a nothing and...It's you I really care about." He admitted.
"Do you know what love is?" She asked deciding to finally leave as she headed towards the door.
"What love is? What?" Frank repeated after her making her stop by the door to turn and add: "Yeah, like....Can you define love?"
"No..." Frank replied.
"Yeah, well, neither can I." She finally said as she then went on her way.
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