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There's Something About It

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It hurt her to know the one she loved cheated on her and cheated bad yet it also hurt her not to be able to forgive him, to leave him the way she did.

Pain, that’s what it was. Probably too much of it but… She somehow knew she wasn’t on her own, as if someone was there for her…
She didn’t let those tears roll down again. She simply just held it back, took a deep breath and decided to use that little strength left in her to hold herself together as she headed to Gerard’s room.
That was the only place left for her since her room has Shannon in it and Frank’s…Well, is just, Frank’s.

“Lynn.” He said softly, opening the door. “Hey…” He then added with a beam.
She smiled back looking at him, using all of that ‘strength’ to seem as normal as possible.
“What’s wrong?” Gerard then asked taking her hand to gently to pull her in and close the door.
“What is it?” He asked again.
“I just can’t seem to hide anything from you can I.” She replied throwing herself on the sofa to see that the picture of both of them kissing was still there.

“That is one hell of a good…..picture…..messing….person.” She then mumbled holding it to then gaze at the details.

“Yeah…” Gerard then said, still standing there, looking at her.
The fact that she didn’t really seem happy got him to worry.
Her happiness was all that mattered to him now, after all, she is his…Everything.

“I loved the ring.” Lynn then said interrupting his thoughts.
“What honey?” He asked unable to get what she said.
“I said…I loved the engagement ring.” She repeated looking at him with a smile on her face.
She was smiling but that got him somewhat nervous as he frowned, took some time to reply but then managed to say: “You…You know?”

“It’s an engagement ring right?” The girl is wearing in the picture.” Lynn then said turning the picture to his side for him to see.
“Oh, the picture…the…girl.” Gerard mumbled taking it from her hands to put it aside.
“I don’t know why I loved it, it gave me the chills when I saw it.” She added grinning.
“What’s the matter, Lynn.” Gerard then said watching her grin fade away, he couldn’t ignore the fact that he felt that she was sad.
“Is it that girl Shannon? Did she hurt you again?” He questioned trying to get her to talk.
“No…Forget it, I’m fine.” She replied unable to open up to him. He was the one to know her but, did she?

She wasn’t feeling comfortable talking to him about that and he knew it.
It killed him watching her refuse to talk to him this way but he also knew he couldn’t do anything about it, he couldn’t tell her the truth, she was with Frank…

“Want to spend the night here?” He then asked giving up on trying to find out what made her sad.
“YES!” She hastily replied as if she had been waiting for ages, for him to ask her this as she then said: “Wait, you’re not sharing it with someone else are you?”
“No, this is for a single person.” He replied sitting on the armed chair next to the sofa.
“Oh, that means only one bed, right?” She said as he added: “I’ll be taking the couch, don’t worry.”

“No, I’ll take the couch.” She insisted to be interrupted: “Did I ever let you sleep on the couch? You’re having the bed, that’s final.”

“He cheated on me.” She then suddenly and out of nowhere admitted leaving Gerard somewhat speechless.
“I’m sorry I don’t want to whine but…” She added covering a side of her face with her hand to hide the tears about to fall down.
“I just can’t let…” She tried to speak through the rush of sadness suddenly coming back to her but she failed.

He moved from the armed chair to the couch next to her looking at her intently and said: “Come here, it’s ok…” Passing his arm behind her neck to rest it on her shoulder and softly pull her towards him.
“And it was just because of that stupid picture.” She added surrendering herself to him, placing her head on his chest.
“It’s Frank, honey, he believes in revenge.” Gerard replied trying to make her feel better letting her know it wasn’t her fault and that Frank wouldn’t have really meant to hurt her.

She cried for another 15 minutes in his arms.
Almost like suffering on the inside...Not Lynn…He was the one taking her pain twice as hard…As if it had to be, and with all that, he managed to get her to calm down, to feel slightly better.

“Here, I think you’d want that now.” He said coming back from the kitchen, handing her a cup of hot chocolate. “Your favorite.” He then said as she took it and added: “How did you know?”
“One sugar and 2 cocoa spoons.” He explained beaming lightly, watching her take a small sip.
“That’s how I always take it! And I usually take it at times like these, when I want to relax…” She exclaimed with surprise.
“How did you know?” She repeated waiting for an answer.

It took him a couple of seconds to reply; As if he was somehow, thinking of the answer to then finally say: “Your uncle.”
“My uncle?” She repeated after him.
“You know… When he used to talk to me about you.” He added.
“I didn’t know he knew that about me.” She said taking another sip to then add: “I didn’t know anyone knew that about me.”

He didn’t add anything and neither did she. Just a moment of silence, not the awkward one, just… Silence.

“You think Mikey found the room yet?” She then asked remembering him.
“Mikey was lost?” He replied frowning.
“Yeah, well, I’m not sure if he still is.” She added.
“I’ll go look for him, he might decide to start walking in to people’s rooms to find the one he wants... He did it when we first checked in the other hotel.” Gerard added as she then interrupted: “He already did that.”
“He is so dead.” Gerard mumbled standing up.
“Let’s just go and get him, no need to kill him.” She replied putting the cup on the coffee table in front of the couch.
“No, you stay here and relax honey, I’ll deal with him.” He said heading to the door.
“Listen.” He then said stopping by that door. “You came to me when you were sad and…” He paused for 2 seconds and then added: “Frank didn’t make you as happy as I thought so… I think I owe you something I should’ve said before…We’ll talk when I get back.”
She nodded as he beamed to her, giving her this feeling that, everything was going to be just fine as he left.

She was there again, having her ‘alone time’…
She held her hot chocolate cup again, with both hands, it was still hot it helped with warming her cold hands.
That ‘alone time’ always made her relax, it was as if Gerard knew exactly what she needed to really feel better.

15 minutes later, the door started knocking.
She put the cup down again and headed to open it.

“I know you’re in there Gerard, open the door.” A voice then came from the other side of it making her stop half way to it thinking that voice was familiar… that voice was her uncle’s.

“Brian said you were in your room so open the damn door.” Stan then shouted as Lynn just froze, afraid to make the simplest move thinking he might hear her. She was almost praying for him to believe Gerard wasn’t in there and simply leave.
“Open the fucking door Gerard!” Her uncle yelled hitting the door so hard she jumped from fright and start shaking, covering her mouth with her hand, afraid words might somehow, slip out, out of fear.

“Easy old man, I’m here.” Gerard’s voice was then heard, he was finally back.
“I thought you started to get scared of me locking yourself in.” Stan said with sarcasm to then add: “Let’s go in so we can talk.”

“Go in?” Lynn mumbled under her breath as her only thoughts were as… no, no he can’t get in, he can’t see me, I can’t face him now, no…

Those thoughts were then interrupted by the sound of Gerard’s keys going into the lock.

Her eyes opened big as she didn’t take the time to even think before she ran to the nearest door to her in that suite, to hide.

Please god, don’t let him do anything bad to Gerard, don’t let him come in here… That was her state in the bathroom, sitting behind the door, overhearing the conversation going between them:

Gerard: “What do you want?”
Stan: “Where’s Lynn?”
Gerard: “I haven’t been here since this morning, so I haven’t seen her.”

“Ok…Ok, good so far.” She couldn’t help but mumble but it was so low she knew she couldn’t have been heard.

Stan: “You haven’t been here since this morning?”
Gerard: “Yeah…”
Stan: “Why is this so hot, then?”

“Oooh, my hot chocolate is on the table!” She mumbled again getting anxious.

Gerard: “They all have the key; someone must have been there…”
Stan: “Could it have been Lynn?”
Gerard: “Maybe… But she’s not here now, apparently.”
Stan: “No… It couldn’t be her, the one who got in.”
Gerard: “What?”
Stan: “She doesn’t like hot chocolate.”

“Yes I do!” Lynn whispered frowning.

“Yes she does.” Gerard then replied. “Does it matter anyway? Cut to the chase Stanly.”
Stan: “Eliza’s dead body was found.”
Gerard: “What does that have to do with me?”
Stan: “I’m a suspect.”
Gerard: “All you need from me is the money. I didn’t do anything to Eliza, nor did I help.”
Stan: “If I go down, you go down with me.”
Gerard: “Is that why you’re here? In England? To run away from the cops in the US?”
Stan: “And It’s your job to help or else… We’re both going down. You helped with a drug deal before.”
Gerard: “You’re not here for Lynn then…”
Stan: “That’s something else. I need to talk to her. You see, it’s lost.”
Gerard: “What’s lost?”
Stan: “Her mother’s ring.”
Gerard: “What’s that got to do with her, she doesn’t even know about it.”
Stan: “Right. This is my room number. Just give it to her when you see her.”

The front door was heard opening to then close.
Stan is gone…Or was he? She was so scared he’d still be there she didn’t come out of the bathroom…Until Gerard opened the door on her and said: “Come on honey, it’s just me.” Giving her his hand to pull her up.
“Is he…Is he gone?” She whispered taking it to stand up.
“Yeah…” Gerard replied as she took a deep breath to relax, walked out of the bathroom to then say: “I have so many questions to ask I don’t know where to start.”
“How much did you hear?” Gerard then asked.
“Everything.” She replied heading to the bedroom as he followed.

“Like, Stan didn’t know how chocolate was my favorite yet you said you knew so because he told you.” She explained taking her shoes off to sit comfortably on his bed.
“And the ring, what’s with the ring? What mother’s ring?” She questioned looking at him confused.

He didn’t reply, he was busy searching the closet to then get some sheets out of it as she continued: “Well, the good part is that Eliza isn’t still alive…”

He was listening to every word she said but only seemed to be holding back on answering her.
“Here.” He then said placing the sheets on the bed. “It gets cold at night.”
“Oh and, did you find Mikey?” She then asked.
“Yeah, turned out that Bob and Ray ran into him in the hallway when they finished practice.” Gerard replied closing the open windows in that bedroom to get it warm for her.
“Oh he didn’t get to practice then…” She added as Gerard simply nodded heading to the door to leave.

“Wait, you haven’t answered my questions yet.” She said stopping him as he said: “You’ve had a bad day honey, you’ve been through enough already. So you just get some rest, you’re safe now, we’ll talk about everything tomorrow.”

She nodded watching him end his sentence with a smile… Making her feel as if everything was ok.

“Good night honey.” He then said turning to leave as she added: “Oh, I don’t…”
“You don’t sleep in the dark I know.” He interrupted finishing her sentence to then add: “I was leaving the lights on.”

“My uncle told you that too?” She asked to get no reply this time.
He simply just smiled a bit and went out, closing the door after him.

She tried to sleep just as he told her, to rest… But that didn’t seem to work with her.
Everything felt wrong and nothing seemed to be improving no matter how hard she tried, it was all so confusing to her.
Clock hit 3 am already and she was still just laying there, in his bed, unable to close her eyes.

She eventually decided to get out and get herself some water from the kitchen.
Going through the living room, she saw him on the couch, sitting up and TV turned on with the ‘mute’ option on.

“Gee…” She whispered stepping closer to him.
“Hey.” He whispered back turning to look at her. “Why are you up honey?” He then added.
“I couldn’t sleep.” She added sitting next to him.
“I’ll get you some water.” He said putting the remote aside to then stand up.
“No, stay.” She added softly taking his hand to pull him back down to then hold on to it, placing her head on his shoulder.
That’s when her eyes were finally able to close.
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