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P. Stump anyone.

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P. Stump has a mini me!

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‘Please come home soon.’ Lauren whined through the phone receiver.

‘Sugar, I’m trying as fast as I can.’

‘I’m sorry, nothing has changed. My contractions are slowing down even but between your mom and my parents, they are driving me crazy.’

‘I know. I’ll be home soon babe, how much longer are your parents going to be there?’

‘Well since I was supposed to have the baby eight days ago, unless I have it this week, they are leaving on Sunday.’

‘I can’t believe we’re this over due.’

‘Me either.’ Lauren said as she waddled down into the kitchen that was sparkling clean.

‘Well tell Lillian to come soon but to wait for daddy to get home.’

‘Lillian, your daddy says to come out right now so mommy isn’t uncomfortable anymore.’ Lauren said looking down at her big belly.

‘Nooo….she has to wait until I get there. You’d be thoroughly pissed if I weren’t there for his birth.’

‘You’re right I would be.’

‘Well I’ll be home soon sugar, why don’t you get some rest. You’ve been walking a lot today your feet are probably really swollen.’

‘They are.’

‘Alright, well get some rest, call me if anything changes and I’ll be on a flight as soon as I can be.’

‘Okay I love you P. Stump.’

‘I love you too L. Stump.’ He said before hanging up the phone and turning back to the sound room where Brendon was standing waiting for him to get off the phone.

‘Any word yet?’

‘No, she says her contractions have been slowing down.’

‘That sucks.’

‘I just want her to be here already so I don’t have to wait on pins and needles.’

‘I feel ya man.’ Pete said.

‘Honey are you comfortable, is there anything you need?’ Lauren’s mother asked.

Lauren felt a tightening that started around the baby and traveled through her whole body. She sat up a little bit and held her stomach, ‘contraction?’ Mrs. Stump asked. Lauren nodded and she breathed through it.

‘Well we’ll time this one.’ Lauren’s mom said.


‘Calm down honey enjoy the peace and quiet because for the next eighteen years you won’t have any.’

Lauren rolled over trying to find a comfortable position while her mother sat on Patrick’s side of the bed and her mother in law sat in the rocking chair flipping through the channels on the TV.

‘Rob wake up, we’re going to the hospital.’ Lauren’s mother said as Lauren waddled back down the stairs breathing through the current contraction.

‘I need to call Patrick.’

‘Honey we need to go to the hospital.’ Mrs. Stump said.

‘I’m not going anywhere until I’ve called Patrick. The longer I put off calling him the bigger the chance of him missing the birth. I need to call him.’ She said pulling out her cell phone and calling him.

In New York City Patrick was soundly sleeping when his phone rang next to his bed. He quickly sat up, put on his glasses and looked at the clock reading 2:34 AM. ‘Hello?’ he asked as he pulled on jeans and woke Pete up knowing exactly who it was and what was happening.

‘Patrick, it’s me. We’re leaving to go to the hospital. My contractions are three minutes apart. Get on a plane NOW!’ she said.

‘Alright I’ll see you soon sugar, don’t push until I’m there.’ He said as he and Pete walked out the door carrying their luggage with them.

‘Alright hurry.’ She said before hanging up. ‘Okay we can go now.’

‘Hi, I need the next flight to Chicago like now.’ Patrick said to the woman at the ticket office.

‘Which class would you like sir?’

‘Which ever one gets me on a flight.’

‘We have one that leaves in four hours.’

‘Don’t you have anything earlier than that?’

‘We have a flight that leaves in ten minutes into Midway.’

‘I need to be on that flight.’

‘I’m sorry sir it’s all full.’

‘Listen, my wife is in Chicago and she’s in labour with our first child. I can not miss this.’

‘We have two more seats in business class.’

‘Alright that’s fine but please get me on that flight. I don’t even care of luggage gets on the plane I just need to get back to Chicago.’

‘Alright.’ The woman said sounding a big annoyed.

‘Alright Lauren, you should be feeling a numb pressure right now.’ The doctor said as he checked her dilation.

‘I need Patrick, dad call him.’ Lauren said completely ignoring the doctor with his fingers in her vajay jay.

‘I tried honey, his phone is off.’

‘CALL HIM AGAIN!’ she yelled as another contraction hit.

‘Lauren who are you waiting on? It’s going to be time to push soon.’

‘My husband isn’t here.’ She said breathing through another contraction.

‘Where is he coming from?’

‘He’s on a flight from New York City, he’ll be here soon. It’s been two hours.’ She said just as Pete pulled into the parking lot where Patrick flung the door open before the car was even stopped. He jumped out and was in the doors and running up the stairs to the fifth floor.

‘Lauren we’ve got to push.’ The doctor said.

‘Not with out Patrick!’ she said as tears rolled down her cheeks.

‘Lauren we don’t have time to wait.’ He scolded.

‘I’M HERE! I’m here.’ Patrick said running into the room completely out of breath.

‘What the fuck were you doing? Playing ring around the fucking roses?’

‘I’m sorry Sugar.’ He said leaning down and kissing her sweetly.

‘Can we push now?’ the doctor asked getting agitated.

‘Yeah.’ Patrick said.

‘Alright Lauren, on the onset of the next contraction I need you to take a deep breath and push as hard as you can. Patrick I need you to hold this leg up for me and hold her hand while she pushes.’ The doctor informed the young couple.
Lauren took a deep breath as she felt another contraction coming on.

An hour, of pushing, later Lauren felt something slide out just before the doctor handed her a gross looking baby on her chest.

‘Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Stump you’re the parents of a very healthy, very beautiful baby boy.’

‘Wait what?’ Patrick asked as the doctor set the baby on top of Lauren’s chest, naked, crying, and gross. Lauren and Patrick both looked down at the baby that was not the little girl they had been planning on.

The nurse took him to clean him up while Lauren and Patrick looked at each other, ‘It’s a boy.’ She said.

‘We have a son?’ Patrick asked. The nurse soon set the baby back down in Lauren’s arms. She moved the blanket out from in front of his face as tears rolled down her cheeks.

‘Patrick, he’s so beautiful.’ She cried looking up at him. She smiled running a finger against his cheek, ‘Hi baby, I’m your mommy, do you want to hold him?’ she asked.

Patrick nodded with a smile, Lauren handed the beautiful baby over to him. Patrick looked down at him and that was it, the connection was made. A father-son Duo was made that day, October 14 as Patrick held his son.

‘What are we going to name him?’ Lauren asked four hours later as she sat in her room with her husband sitting on the bed next to her as she held their beautiful son.

‘We hadn’t even talked about a boy’s name.’ Patrick said looking at her.

‘Patrick what?’


‘We’re naming him after his daddy.’ Lauren smiled as she looked down at their sleeping son.

‘Sugar, we don’t’ have to do that.’

‘I want to.’ She said looking up at him.

‘Patrick Hudson.’ He answered, ‘Now we can both be a part of his name.’

Lauren smiled as she leaned over to kiss her amazing husband. Life was good. A beautiful husband. A gorgeous baby. A perfect life.
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