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True loves first kiss.

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Ryan Ross one shot!

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‘Alright sweetheart, I’ll be back to get you at 2:45.’ Holly mom said as she dropped her off for her first full day of school.

‘But I don’t want you to go.’ The little blonde girl said as her big blue eyes welled up in tears.

‘Sweetie, I’ll be right back. Look there are plenty of people for you to play with. There is Alexis over there and Michelle over there. You’ll be fine.’

‘Promise you’ll come back?’ Holly asked.

‘I promise sweetheart, now have fun.’ Holly jumped into her mother’s arms. Her mom smiled softly as she set her six year old back down on the concrete straightening out her pink and white sundress. Holly turned around and started over towards her friends, looking down at her little white flats.

The day quickly passed. First grade wasn’t as bad as Holly thought it was going to be. She was having fun with her friends Alexis and Michelle. Recess was not starting. Holly ran around the playground screaming and laughing with her two friends.

‘Hi, my name is Ryan Ross.’ A little boy said to her as she was about to climb the slide. She turned around and saw a goofy looking boy. He gave her a single daisy and got down on one knee, ‘Will you marry me?’ Holly gasped and pushed him over before running towards the other side of the playground where both of her friends were standing.


‘Holly, are you ready for your first day of middle school?’ her mom asked excitedly as she slipped on her other black pump while watching her shy little girl walk down the stairs in a pair of jeans and her favorite t-shirt.

‘I don’t want to go to a new school.’ Holly whined as she sat in her mom’s Tahoe in front of the school.

‘Sweetie, you’ll be alright. Your friends will be there-Alexis, Michelle, even Ryan will be there.’

‘Promise you’ll come back?’ Holly asked as she had the first day of first grade all those years ago.

‘Honey, I promise I’ll be back.’ Holly leaned over and hugged her mom, ‘You’ll be fine.’ Her mom smiled as she soothed some hair out of Holly’s eyes, ‘go have fun.’

Holly hopped out of the car and started up the big steps to her first day of middle school. The day was nerve racking for the small fifth grader; she had yet to see any of her friends in the mixture of bigger kids and different class rooms. Holly was beginning to think they didn’t even go to the same school.

Lunch time rolled around, Holly walked out to the front of the school and sat down under a tree with her peanut butter and jelly sandwich and apple juice. She sat alone feeling the breeze whip through her hair.

‘I’ve been looking all over for you.’ Ryan said. He handed her a single while daisy and got down on one knee. ‘Will you marry me?’ he asked once again, just like he had their first day of first grade.

Holly rolled her eyes and pushed Ryan over, again. He sat down next to her and pulled out an identical lunch to hers. This would become routine for the pair. Everyday they would eat lunch together under the big oak tree. They talked about everything from classes to crushes.


‘Holly, get down here! Ryan’s here.’ Her mom yelled up the stairs. Holly’s mom stepped out the door and waved to Ryan’s mom who was patiently sitting in the driver’s seat of her black sedan waiting for Ryan to pick up Holly for their first big party.

Holly took one more look in the mirror finding herself satisfied with the jeans and layered tank tops with her black chucks. She grabbed her jacket before walking down the stairs. Once again Ryan handed her a single daisy. She had become accustom to them. She secretly had every daisy Ryan had ever handed her pressed into a book of love stories.

‘Ready?’ he asked.

‘Yeah.’ She smiled.

‘Be good you two.’ Holly’s mom smiled hugging her young daughter before letting her out the door with Ryan.

Holly and Ryan arrived at the party. They were shown down to the basement where the party was actually happening. Everyone they knew was there: Alexis, Michelle, and Spencer.

The party went on for a while before a bottle was set down in the middle of the circle. ‘Time for spin the bottle.’ Molly said as she sat back down. Holly sat next to Ryan feeling a little uncomfortable. You see, Holly had never been kissed. It was now Jake’s turn to spin the bottle. Jake was your typical pretty boy, most popular boy in school, the boy all the girls, including Holly, had a crush on. Holly felt herself growing uncomfortable as she realized she would have to kiss Jake if it landed on her. As if on cue, the bottle stopped spinning right in front of Holly’s black chucks. She heard cat calls and whistles from everyone sitting around her as Jake leaned in for the kill. Holly quickly turned her head, scared to kiss him but more scared that he would find out she had never been kissed. As Jake’s lips came in contact with her cheek everyone began laughing at her. She was scared. Holly looked around before getting up and running up the stairs and into the back yard closely followed by Ryan. He found her sitting on the swing set as tears rolled down her cheeks.

Ryan sat down on the swing next to her, ‘Holly, what’s wrong?’ he asked as he felt his mood grow gloomy with hers.

‘I’m the only girl in the seventh grade that has never been kissed.’ She cried.

‘Kissing isn’t that great.’ Ryan informed her.

‘At least you’ve been kissed.’ She said glaring back at him.

‘I could show you that it’s not as great as you think.’ Ryan said. Holly looked up at him and shrugged.

‘If you want.’ She said.

‘Okay.’ Ryan leaned in towards her as Holly leaned towards him. The moment their lips touched Ryan knew it was meant to be.

There in the backyard of Michelle’s house, Ryan and Holly shared their first kiss, under the beautiful stars of Las Vegas.

‘Come on already, what is taking you so long?’ Ryan whined as he fell back on her bed waiting for Holly to walk out of the bathroom.

‘This is the first big party we’re going to Ryan, I have to look perfect.’ Holly said as she walked out of the bathroom in a pair of dark blue jeans and a black top with black sequins that covered the top.

‘You look great can we go now?’ he asked.

‘You think I look alright?’

‘You look beautiful Holly.’ He smiled.

Holly grabbed her bag and held the door open for Ryan, ‘Let’s go.’ She said.

‘Bye mom.’ Holly said.

‘Don’t stay out too late sweetie.’ She smiled as she walked out of the kitchen drying her hands on a dish towel.

‘I won’t, bye.’ She said quickly shutting the door.

Holly and Ryan walked down the cool street on their way to the party.

‘Wait I have something for you.’ He said as he put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a single white daisy. Holly smiled as she took the daisy out of his hand. She stood up tall and kissed his cheek.

‘Thank you Ryan.’ She smiled as she locked arms with him.

The party was a lot bigger than Ryan and Holly had expected. They were two freshmen at a high school party. There was lots of dancing, lots of kissing, and lots and lots of alcohol; which proved to not be Holly’s friend.

‘Here you go.’ Ryan said as he handed Holly a water bottle as she had her head in the toilet four hours later. She had way too much to drink hence the head in the toilet.

Ryan sat with her as she threw up. He held her hair back and held her hand and later on. After she had thrown up, he carried her out of the house and back to his house two streets over. He tucked her into his bed and sat on the desk chair across from her all night making sure she wouldn’t get sick anymore. Around six AM Ryan got up and walked over and lay down next to Holly on his bed. She lay facing her before leaning in and kissing her gently on the lips before closing his eyes and falling into a peaceful sleep.


Two years had passed and Holly and Ryan had kind of gone their separate ways. Holly had a boyfriend, by the name of Jake who was the most popular boy in school while Ryan had been through various different girlfriends in the past two years; though his heart always comes back to Holly. The night before prom quickly rolled around, as usual there was a party going on. Holly had planned to go to the party with Jake but had a change of plans when Jake informed her he wouldn’t be going to the party.

Holly got ready wearing a silver Victoria secret mini dress with ¾ length sleeves and silver heels. She took one last look in the mirror before she started out towards her blue jeep Cherokee parked in the garage. Twenty minutes later she pulled up the gravel driveway to Mark’s house where the party was being held. She pulled up the drive way and got out of the car, locking it behind her. She felt cold and lonely with out Ryan. She pushed the door open and her ears were immediately hit with the loud sound of music. Her nostrils were filled with the mixture of weed and alcohol as she walked around looking for anyone she knew.

‘Holly, what are you doing here?’ Michelle asked.

Holly chuckled a little bit, ‘What kind of questions is that? You knew I was coming.’

‘Hey baby, here is your drink.’ Jake said handing Michelle a red solo cup not having noticed Holly.

‘Uh…Jake…’ Michelle said not breaking eye contact with Holly.

‘Holly…what are you doing here?’

‘Well apparently finding out that my best friend is sleeping with my boyfriend, be careful with this one Michelle, you’ll never guess what is crawling beneath his skin.’ Holly said before turning on her heels and walking out of the house, jogging to her car as to not let anyone see her cry.

She kept herself composed until she was standing outside the same dark blue door she had seen so many times over the past ten years. She knocked softly on the door. Ryan soon opened the door. She broke down into tears as he caught her in his arms like he had always done. ‘What’s the matter Sugar?’ he asked as he hugged her tight. Holly mumbled some incoherent sentences before Ryan led her into the house and up to his room.

Holly changed out of her dress and into some of Ryan’s clothes as she laid on his bed with him. ‘I’ve missed you.’ She whispered pushing some of his bangs behind his ears.

‘I’ve missed you too.’ He smiled, ‘What happened?’

‘He cheated on me with Michelle.’ She said.

‘What?’ Ryan asked sitting up. Holly told him the entire story. By the end Ryan was furious with Jake and had every way possible of killing him with his bare hands.

‘It’s okay though, he’s not important to me.’ Holly said.

‘He is if you’re this upset about it.’ Ryan said softly.

‘I’m not upset about him. I’m upset about the fact that I’ve spent months looking for the perfect prom dress and now I don’t even have a date.’

‘Prom isn’t all it’s cracked up to be you know.’ Ryan said as Holly laid her head on his chest.

‘It’s still prom.’

‘You know I could take you.’

‘I’m sure you have another date, you don’t want to spend your only prom with me.’

‘Actually, I’d love nothing more than to take you to prom.’ Ryan said. Holly looked up at him and smiled.

‘Okay.’ She whispered softly.

The next day Holly’s mom helped her get ready for prom. Her dress was gorgeous, her hair was stunning, and her make up was flawless; just as her date.

Ryan soon showed up in his mom’s black Mercedes with a bouquet of, none other than, daisies. ‘You look beautiful.’ He smiled as he handed her, her flowers.

‘You do too.’ She smiled. After pictures were taken, flowers were pinned; the young couple was ready to go to prom. They met up for dinner with a few of Ryan’s friends. Holly let all her worries go as she spent the evening with the only other person she’s always been able to count on: Her Ryan Ross.

Holly and Ryan made it to prom and had more fun than anyone had ever expected. Holly saw a new energy to Ryan that she had never seen before. She wasn’t sure what it was but she loved it more than she ever knew.

‘Holly.’ Ryan whispered to her as they danced to ‘This I promise you.’, ‘Marry me.’

Holly looked up at him and down at his lips before making eye contact again. The couple’s eye contact didn’t break until their eyes shut as they shared their second kiss. The second, more passionate than the first, It was filled with true love, something that has always been there but was never felt.

Holly and Ryan spent many years together, growing and falling in love even more until the day came.

Ryan and Holly were to be married in the same backyard garden where they shared their first kiss. The isle would be filled with daisy petals. Her dress was long and flowey and flawless. It was perfect. Ryan smiled as he watched her walk down the isle carrying a big bouquet of daisies.

‘I saw you when I was six standing on the playground in your pink and white sundress and white shoes and I knew then that the only thing that would make you more beautiful was a flower just because I loved you from that day on.’ Ryan said as he slid the silver band on her perfect finger.

By the power vested in by God and the state of Nevada I now pronounce you husband and wife. You may kiss your bride.’ The priest said. Ryan smiled before pulling Holly into the kiss of a lifetime filled with happiness, kindness, but most importantly true love.
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