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Tenten reflects on her ability.

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I'm hoping to make this a collection of short naruto drabbles.

This is the first, a short piece about Tenten. Everyone seems to think she's kind of crappy, so I thought I'd refelct on this from her POV.

I don't claim ownesrship of any Naruto chracters. To look after them for any length of time would be too much responsability.I just babysit them sometimes.

Tenten sat against a tree, her mind wandering.
She looked up into the sky.
She didn’t like the thought that had just formed itself in her mind.

She remembered thinking the same thing about Lee once, back in the academy.
And now she was thinking it of herself.
She remembered joining in with the crowd, calling him “Hot-Blooded Dropout.”
She remembered the way her heart had sunk when Iruka-Sensei had called out his name to be in the same three-man Genin cell as she was.

But Lee had already proven himself to be a genius at the last chuunin exam, opening five of the eight gates, and had proven everyone wrong: he was capable of becoming an excellent ninja. He could make his dream come true with hard work alone.

In thinking of Lee, she had remembered her own dream.
If the “Hot-Blooded Dropout” could become an excellent ninja, then so could she.
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