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It's not that he's misunderstood, it's more that he doesn't understand.

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Face it, Gaara is clueless.
I write too much about Gaara. I don't even know if I'm getting him right.
But he's my favourite ^_^

The things i would do with Gaara if I owned him are countless. So it's probably just as well that I don't own him.

It’s not that he was misunderstood, it was more that he didn’t understand.
Even now, when Suna trusted him, even now as Kazekage, there were just some things that Gaara couldn’t grasp.

He’d once over-heard Temari using the term “Socially Inept” to describe him. He’d had to turn this over in his mind for a while before he realised that it was the truth, but perhaps she hadn’t meant for him to hear it. It didn’t make sense to him that people hid the truth from others to prevent upset. To Gaara, the truth was the truth, weather it hurt or not, he saw no point in trying to cover up the facts.

There were other things too, like books that contained things other than fact. Fairytales and fictional stories. He didn’t quite understand why someone would bother thinking about things that weren’t real, things that could not possibly happen, never mind taking the time to write them down.

Whenever he asked his brother and sister about these sorts of things, the same expression always washed over their faces. He didn’t even know what emotion this expression signified.
Even so, they would go on and try to explain to him whatever he asked them to. Most of the time, their attempts were in vain, and sometimes they just confused their clueless younger brother even further.

But at least Gaara knew that they were trying to explain just as hard as he was trying to understand.
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