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Chapter 9

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ARGH!!!!!!! what happens now?

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I shifted in my sleep.

“Pop!” the noise was louder now.

I wrapped my head under the pillow to prevent the noise.


I sat up looking frustrated and saw Dylan grinning at me.

“Glad that you have awoken” he smiled.

“Was that you?” I asked.

“Duh!” he rolled his eyes, “Pop!” he repeated again.

“Argh! Stop it! It’s so irritating!” I covered my ears.

“Aww sorry honey. I didn’t mean to wake you up” he pouted his bottom lip. “But there is like chaos out there for some reason”

“Chaos?” I asked as I uncovered my ears.

“Yep” he nodded. “Wanna check it out? We could eat breakky on the way”

I nodded. I got out of the bed and straightened out my clothes. I mean Ray’s clothing that he lent me. “Dylan are you able to get up on your own?” I asked him.

He shook his head.

I help him get off the bed and with one of his arm around my neck, we walked down to what Dylan called ‘The cheesecake place’ or in other words the dining room. When we arrived I didn’t even understand why Dylan said that there was chaos here. We made our way to a huge table that had Ray, Frank, Mikey, Bob, Shelly and Gerard already eating, they all stared at us, well maybe they all stared at me I don’t know. I looked at Gerard briefly who avoided eye contact. His head was bandaged.

“What are you doing here?” Mikey asked as he narrowed his eyes at me.

“Who? Me?” I asked.

“Yes you were the one that did this to my brother” he frowned at me.

“I had to!” I defended myself.

“What?” Mikey stood up. “You had to? What do you mean you had to? Did you want to kill him or something?”

“Whoa! What is happening here? I’m, sure Mary didn’t mean it. I’m sure it was an accident” Dylan
interrupted and stood in front of me.

“Oh sure!” Mikey yelled.

I looked at the others, they were all quiet. “You don’t know the whole story Mikey”

“Oh yea? I do so!”

“Oh so you know that Gerard was drunk and he came into my room. Told me shit then tried to rape me? I don’t think so” I screamed with tears running down my cheeks. I felt so embarrassed with everyone looking at me and Gerard in shock faces. “Sorry Dylan” I told him and let go of his arm and ran out of that room.

I can’t believe that I told everyone that I was about to… by Gerard in the dining room that was filled with not only those people but everyone else that was staying at the hotel. Gosh I embarrassed myself so much. I will never be able to go in public eye again.

I sat on the steps on the hotel and
watched New York. That terrorist attack will never make New York the same again. I watched some people cry as they entered the hotel. Probably their loved ones have gotten killed in the attack. I was glad that I was alive… mostly. Btu what would have happened if I wasn’t? I couldn’t be bothered wondering. I was dead to everyone anyway. I don’t know why but I just know. I hugged my knees to my chest and closed my eyes with my head leaning on my knees. The surrounding sound wasn’t that peaceful. People were talking to much. I felt someone’s presence next to me but I didn’t dare to open my eyes. I didn’t want to face anyone. I don’t know how long it took for that person to say or go away but it felt long.

“Mary?” it was Mikey.

“Go away” I mumbled.

“Please Mary, I’m sorry. So, so sorry. I should have known”

“Well you didn’t”

“And I am sorry for that. I’m sorry for yelling at you. I’m sorry for accusing for something that you had no choice in”

“Please, I don wanna hear your poem”

“It’s not. I really mean it Mary. I’m sorry”

I sighed and opened my eyes to look at him. “You’re forgiven”

“Aww thanks Mary” he was about to hug me but I shook my head at him so he just pat my back. “You come back inside ok?”

“Yea I will, it’s not like I’ll be running away. Those days are over” I replied. Or is it?

He smiled and made his way inside.

I walked slowly back to my room. I took as much time outside as I could. I didn’t want to sleep in my bed tonight. Or in that room for that matter. I wonder how they reacted after I left. I was only 2 doors down when I heard some noises that I knew was coming from my room. I heard grunting and moaning. As I came closer I heard voices too.

“There, you like it like that sugar?”

“Don’t tease me just fuck me!” I heard Shelly scream.

I smiled to myself. I think she was doing her drama act with someone. She has always wanted to be an actress so I got her some roles from really cool movies. The director told her to practise all the time so she could get her lines perfect. I opened the door and stepped into a horrific scene. I gasped.

It was Gerard on top of Shelly having rough sex… on my bed!
How dare he? How dare she?! I thought Gerard wanted to be with me. That kiss, that gesture, that smile, him making love was all for me! Not for her!

I growled and slammed the door. I couldn’t be fucked to scream at them. I leaned on the wall besides my door and listened to them reaching their climax. I frowned so much, just wanting that girl to be me. I guess it’s over now. All over. What am I going to do? Well I had options in my head like I could run away again but that is to cowardly. I could go back in the room and scream at them. Or I could just go to one of the guys and fuck them too just to make Gerard burn. Mmm… how could Gerard do this to me? Me? Mary! His ex girlfriend. His lover! He wanted to be with me! I don’t know what I’m gonna do. I slid down the wall and down to the floor.

hahahahaha i wasnt actually expecting this. it was goign to turn out so diff but i just changed my mind on teh last min. SORI!!!!
and plz soo sori for not the editing.
I'm at skul... AGAIN!
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