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Chapter 8

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:D Bob and Mary talks!

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We were walking down some corridor to his room when I stopped in my steps.

Bob stopped too and looked at me for an answer. “Mary?”

“Um…” I stared at a door from a distance, “I changed my mind. I’ll just go back to my room”

“What? Ok fine we won’t go to my room. We can just go out to a diner or something” he looked upset.

“No” I shook my head and looked at him, “I just remembered that I have to do something”

He slightly frowned, “I was hoping we can talk Mary”

I felt a sudden guilt. “I’m sorry Bob but I gotta go” I said and slightly half waved at him and turned and started walking.

“You know we never officially broke up” he called out from behind me.

I stopped walking again and turned to him. He was right, we never officially broke up, “I’m sorry I thought we did” I mumbled.

“Just because we had one little fight does not mean we broke up” he said.

I sighed. “Why did we have that fight?”

He sighed and scratched his head, “Because I saw you hook up with Mikey twice. But it doesn’t matter now”

I nodded, “Yea true, it doesn’t matter anymore. I guess it was all over because of that” I shrugged my shoulders.

“No I didn’t mean it like that” he
said and took a step forward, “I accept that you guys were drunk. I’m sorry for lashing out at you like that”

I nodded, “its ok, it was in the past”

“I want the past back”

I raised and eyebrow, “Why? Because you like searching for me every time I run away?”

He shook his head, “No, I liked the past because I spent it with you. You were mine”

Ok yes I’m weird but I felt like running and hugging him and kissing those lips of his and say “I’m still yours” but I didn’t. “Oh Bob” I said.

“I was just hoping maybe…” he paused as he rubbed his arm and he gave a thoughtful face.

“Maybe?” I asked.

“Never mind, I’ll tell you later. You just go now”

I shook my head and took a few steps towards him, “Tell me”

“I was just hoping that maybe we could try it again something…”

I looked at him in a confused expression.

“Our relationship… the one that we never officially broke up”

“Oh” I nodded; “Well I gotta go” I said and ran down the corridor trying to get out of the scene and stop embarrassing myself.

I stood in front of Dylan’s and Ray’s door. I listened from the door to see if they were still awake. I heard small voices so I knocked the door.

Ray opened the door and had a surprised expression on his face when he saw me, “Mary!” he said and hugged me.

“Hey Ray, I miss you” I said and hugged him back.

“Oh I miss you too honey” he welcomed me in.

Dylan sat on his bed with his head resting on the pillow, he looked better since he had a shower and all. He reminded me that I had to have a shower too. “Mary! Hey what are you doing up at this time of night?” he smiled and gestured me to sit next to him.

I sat beside him, “Couldn’t sleep. I had a bad dream, so I thought I might stay here for the night. Can i?” I asked them both.

“Sure” they answered with smiles.

I grinned, “Thanks”

“So, I heard that you were a model. That’s great for you. Are you earning huge bucks?” Ray asked.

I nodded.

“Yea, everyone in Australia knows her. They love her!” Dylan said excitedly.

“Cool” he smiled.

“Yea. Um… can I just go have a
shower here? I haven’t had mine” I said.

“Yea totally” Ray answered.

“Thanks again” I smiled.

Ray leant me his clothes since he came to New York prepared when he heard that Mikey and Gerard were in the Twin Towers attack.

I stood in the middle of the room and watched Ray and Dylan argue.

“No she’s sleeping with me because she hasn’t seen me for 6 years” Ray said.

“No way who cares, she’s use to me. She’ll be uncomfortable with you. She sleeps with me” Dylan argued.

I rolled my eyes. “Can I say something?”

They both turned to me.

“Why don’t we play rock, scissors, paper?” I asked.

“This is great! Competition! I love competitions!” Ray grinned.

Dylan narrowed his eyes at him.

After 5 minutes of playing Dylan won.

“Yes! Yes! Yes! Mary is mine! Mine I tell you!” Dylan yelled.

I laughed. “Sorry Ray”

Ray nodded, “its cool. I’ve got more days to be lucky”

I smiled and crawled into bed with Dylan.

He wrapped his arm around my waist. “Do you want me to sing lullaby?” he asked.

“Um… ok I guess” I answered as my head rested on his chest.

“Rock a bye cheesecake on the tree top…” he started singing.

“Argh! Shut up Dylan! You and your cheesecake!” I interrupted him.

He chuckled. “Ok I wont say anything about cheesecake”

“Ok deal. One you say the name you pay me 50 American dollars” I said.

“No, what about Aussie dollars?”

“No Aussie dollar is cheap! I was American!”

“Fine” he sighed.

We lay in silence and the dark. I didn’t know if Ray was asleep or just listening to us.

“Mary, so which of them were your boyfriends?” Dylan asked.

“Sleep now Dylan” I ignored him and
tried to sleep.

What am I going to do with Gerard? Should I run away like old times? I shouldn’t. I mean I’m 24, I’m mature, I can face these things without running away.

so funnnnny!
i got about 3 ppl from the school omg you look liek gerard way
i even got ppl who called me gerard instead of my name
omg tomoro is the Getaway (a cool band) gig!!
so coool!!!!!!!!!!!!
it aint edited i'm still at school lol
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