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Chapter 7

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After we got Shelly who was already signed out, we stood in the corridor wandering what we should do, maybe more like arguing what we should do.
“Come on Mary just stay at my house. It will be like old times” Gerard insisted.
I rolled my eyes, “No Gerard, please I won’t want o travel to New Jersey at the moment”
“Pretty please?” Gerard gave his puppy dog eyes.
“With cheesecake on top?” Dylan asked as his arm hung on the other side of Gerard.
“Maybe” I narrowed my eyes.
“Maybe?” Gerard asked.
“Cant us just stay at a hotel now, we’ll go later” I said. I really didn’t want to go back now.
“Fine Mary, anything you say”
I smiled.
“I just called Frank they’re waiting for Mikey to sign out. So I guess we should go to a nearest hotel and stay there”
“Oh” I stood there in silence.
“Ah… don’t worry, it’ll be fine. We made up remember?” Gerard gave me a reassuring smile.
“Wow, Mary you never told me that Gerard was so hot” Shelly said as she stared at him dreamily.
I frowned, “Yea…” I muttered in envy.
Gerard smirked at me but spoke to Shelly, “Thanks”

I yawned and crawled slowly into my hotel bed, we have finally reserved some rooms for everyone.
“Good night” Shelly whispered to me as she lay on her bed across from mine.
I nodded with my eyes shut. I was tired and didn’t care of it wasn’t night yet.

My eyes automatically opened when the hotel room’s door started knocking. I sat up and found my self alone in the room. Could it be room service? I slowly walked to the door and opened it. The light from the corridor blacked out my eyes for a few seconds. Gerard stood a the doorway; half leaningon the door frame.
“Gerard?” I rubbed my yes and let him in.
I noticed that he stumbled across the room and sat on my bed.
“Gerard are you ok?” I asked as I follwed him and sat next to him.
He didn’t say anything just merely gulped down the last bit of his beer and threw the glass bottle across the floor.
“You’re drunk?” I asked.
“No” he mumbled as he stared at the bottle on the floor.
“Yes you are” I nodded to myself, “Gerard, lets get you to sleep”
“No” he shook his head.
“What happened?”
“Mary don’t leave me again” he gazed on the floor.
I raised an eyebrow, “Gerard I …”
He instantly turned to me, “OPlease Mary, promise me that you wont leave me” he looked stressed out as he gave me puppy dog eyes that I ddint know if he did it on purpose.
“please” he begged and held my hands.
He looked so cute as he begged me, but doesn’t he already know that I cant stay? “Gerard I’m sorry. I cant promise you that”
He shook his head ans tumbled a little, “What can I do to make you stay? Should I leave you alone? Show love to you more?” his words were so flattering and I didn’t know if he memorized it or not.
“No” I shook my head.
“Please tell me” he leaned in to me.
This is where you need someone to barge in and take him away, “I cabnt”
“You will” his lips crashed on mine and pushed me down forcefully on the bed.
I couldn’t say his kiss was not good because it was but him forcing me on the bed and his hands feeling all over my body was not good. I tried to pushed him away but he wouldn’t budge.
He pulled away’ his eys held fury, “I’ll make you stay”
I shook my head, “Gerard, please just get off me”
He ignored me and his lips went down to my neck.
I tried not to moan but everytime I told himt o stop, it would always come out as a moan which made him kiss and touchme more.
His hand slid up my leg and under my dress. In no time he reached my underwear, pulled it down slightly and his fingers reached into my womanhood.
“Damn you’re wet babe” he whispered.
I couldn’t take it anymore; I didn’t want him to take advantage of me like this. My hand reached for something and it turned out to the glass lamp. I did what any woman should do in this situation, I smashed the glass lamp on his head three times before he collapsed unconscious on my chest. I quickly moved him off me and stood up and looked at him. His forehead was bleeding but I didn’t care, I just had to get out of here. I grabbed my purse and phone and exited the room. I ran down the hotel corridor, I didn’t know where to go. I wiped a tear off my cheek. How could Gerard do that? I ran and turned the corner where I bumped into someone and fell tlo the floor.
“Mary… I’m so sorry” Bob stuttered as he lifted me up. His eyes gazed to me for a while. “You’re crying. What happened?”
“Nothing. Just go to my hotel room and see if Gerard Is aright” I said
“Why? What happened?” he asked again.
“Bob it’s nothing really
“You’re crying when you cry it means that someone hurt you”
I stood silently.
“Come one tell me, lets get you back to your room”
“No not my room” I shook my head violently.
“Then where?”
“You room”
“Come on”: he wrapped his arms around me and gently squeezed me as if I was shivering from the cold but I wasn’t shivering because of that.

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