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Chapter 6

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“Mary” Dylan voice broke as I walked into the hospital room that he was in.

“Dylan!” I ran up to his bed and gently hugged him.

“Ew, you smell like dust” he said.

I stood and stared at him with my hand on my hips, “Nice to have your humor back”

“I’m sorry Mary. I shouldn’t have let you go in to that Twin Tower. I should have listened to you. Or I should have let you go out side and wait” he apologized.

I shook my head and held his hand, “No Dylan don’t say that. It was meant to be. This was meant to be. Don’t blame yourself please”

“Don’t blame yourself it was meant to be. Otherwise I wouldn’t have found Mary again” Gerard added.

Dylan nodded absently then looked up at Gerard with a confused face as if he noticed that he was there now.

“Um… Dylan, this is Gerard who’s friend of mine” I said.

“From New Jersey right?” he asked me.

I nodded.

“Oh totally cool. I’ve heard a lot about you” Dylan said to Gerard.

Gerard chuckled and smirked at
me, “Really?”

I sighed, “What ever Dylan”

“Seriously, I know a lot about you” Dylan said.

“Aww, Mary hasn’t forgotten about me” Gerard smiled and wrapped his arm around my shoulders.

I smiled, “Dylan are you hurting?”

He shrugged.

I rolled my eyes.

“Where’s Shelly?” he asked.

“In her room down the corridor” I answered.

He nodded just as the doctor came.

The doctor came to us first since we were next to the entrance of the room.

“How are you today?” he asked Dylan.

“I’m fine, just feeling tired and I have aching pains around my body.
Not much though” Dylan explained.

“Hmm…” the doctor looked at his paperwork. “That’s good… Dylan, may I ask you to get ready to go home? All you need is painkillers and a lot of rest. Sorry we have a lot of patients now”

Dylan nodded understandably.

“Are you hungry?” I asked after the doctor moved to another patient.

Dylan nodded, “Yea but please no hospital food. Let’s just get outta here”

“We’ll get you a wheel chair” I said.

“No way. I aint an old man!” Dylan said and slowly sat up.

I rolled my eyes. “But you just woke up, you’ll be in pain”

“Mary a lot of people are at sake here”

I sighed, “Fine”

Gerard went to get help from a nurse which took over half an hour by the way and then the nurse took all the needles off me and Dylan and signed us out.

“Let’s get Shelly” I said with Dylan’s arm over my shoulders.

Gerard carried most of Dylan’s weight as we walked down the corridor.

“Gosh, how much do you weigh?” I groaned struggling under his weight.

“Hey shut up woman” Dylan smirked as he watched me struggle. “Blame the cheesecakes”

“Wait till I band cheesecake for the rest of your life” I muttered under my breath.

Gerard just chuckled at us and continued walking without showing any signs of struggle under Dylan’s weight.


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